Limbaugh to Trump: Start Handing Out the Pardons

Some of President Trump’s supporters think that the time has come to actively intervene in Robert Mueller’s biased, crooked investigation and forcibly bring this whole farce to a premature (and simultaneously, long overdue) end. Others, like many Republican lawmakers, think Trump should just grin and bear it and let the Mueller investigation come to its own conclusion.

But radio star Rush Limbaugh thinks the president should take another tact. While Limbaugh believes that an attempt to fire Mueller directly or indirectly would be a disaster in the making, he said on his show Wednesday that Trump had another tool in his pocket he could use to make Mueller’s investigation virtually worthless.

“The real thing Trump could do, if he wants to stop this, is start pardoning people,” Limbaugh said. “If you really want to stop the investigation, if you want to stop the distraction — because, look, this investigation is bogus to begin with. It’s an investigation into Trump colluding with Russia to steal the election. It didn’t happen. Am I broken record on this or what? The only collusion is with the Hillary camp and the DNC and the Russians.

“So this thing is a gigantic distraction,” he continued. “And it has one purpose, and that’s to get rid of Donald Trump. Firing people doing the investigation is not gonna stop the investigation. It’s just gonna transfer it to other people and probably extend it, because whoever replaces whoever gets fired has to start from square one getting up to speed. Firing these people is not gonna accomplish anything. But pardoning the people who have already copped a plea or are on trial soon or who are under investigation – you pardon people, that’s how you shut this down.”

Limbaugh’s advice comes on the heels of a Washington Post article in which Steve Bannon is apparently telling Trump – through the media and through White House insiders – that he should invoke executive privilege and cut Mueller’s informational flow off at the source. Both Limbaugh and Bannon have advised the president that it’s time to take a more adversarial approach to the investigation, which is apparently exactly what Trump is ready to do.

Whether the president directly shuts this thing down or takes one of these alternative routes towards cutting Mueller off at the knees, the time has definitely come to do something. This special counsel known no bounds, and he is out for blood. Trump’s innocence in the Russia matter will not be enough to save him. Mueller is going to keep digging in every hole until he finds something. One way or the other, Trump needs to put an end to it.

What do you think?

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        • Justice for what? The things KILLARY did, not Trump which are being twisted onto him to distract the truth and deflect it from KILLARY? Dabitch needs to be in jail!!!!! And Mueller along with her and all the others.

      • If pardoning people were obstruction of justice, Obama would be in prison! He couldn’t have been charged while in office but he could have been the day his term ended!

      • You do know obstruction of justice is not actually a crime? There is no such law? Mueller making things up/breaking laws in his attempt to take Trump down. Meanwhile, Hillary destroyed 33,000 subpoenaed emails, used bleach bit on hard drives, physically destroyed 13 cell phones while claiming only 1, and on and on.

      • There neds to be an ‘Injustice’ for it to be obstructed.
        The only injustice here is Mueller expanding his investigation so far outside the bounds of what he was supposed to investigate, For which he has found Zero evidence.

    • Well now let’s look at pardoning everyone. A pardon would suggest that they all were guilty!!! Now all of you trump supporters will see nothing wrong with that. If he passed out pardons to guilty people what does that say about him? Maybe all of the guilty really are sticking together. There’s one real way to end this, admit to what he’s done, sit down and talk answer all the questions, just get it over with. Stop running and dancing around the truth, stop placing blame on the ex president who is no longer in office because he can’t be elected president again. Stop placing blame on the Clinton’s last I checked she lost the election. Step up and be a man, own it or stop it. I’m getting really tired of all of those who has never served, I served my time in the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS, where men are made, I went to war and conflicts. One thing is very true about all of this Trump does have the power to stop this!!! Just sit down and answer the questions. Here’s some history for all of you supports the term witch hunt was made up from a group of people who believed in witches, there were no real witches. They killed innocent people, trump is not innocent, if he is ,he has nothing to hide do he?

      • You are so uninformed and clueless as to the gravity of this situation, it’s not even funny. You need to get a whiff of reality and stop with your surmising!

      • So much for ‘Innocent until PROVEN guilty’; the premise of American jurisprudence.
        You say, ” trump is not innocent, if he is ,he has nothing to hide do he?” Yet, this is not your own original thinking. In fact, this is the very same statement that was made to accused witches, and heretics, during the Spanish Inquisition. Some things are taught in school as what NOT to do. You obviously missed the point of the lesson.

        Colluding with a foreign government during an election is not illegal under U.S. statutes. Yet this is what Trump is being accused of doing, but as it is ACTUALLY illegal to do: when you PAY for information or services, to assist in a U.S. Federal election. Paying them for information IS illegal. Trump could have had lunch, and dinner, with Vladimir Putin, for three weeks running, and listened to how Vlad was stupping Hillary AND Bill, and then publicize it, to turn the tide in his favor, and it would not be ILLEGAL collusion. However, if he PAD for that intel, then it WOULD be illegal collusion, a prosecutable offense.

        Donna Brazile admits in her book, that the DNC was $13M in debt in 2016. She further states that Hillary bailed out the debt *with her own money*, in exchange for total control over the DNC. Then, under Hillary’s control, and with Hillary’s money, the DNC sent money to a law firm, who then gave it to a former spy, who then gave it to Russians, foreign agents, *in exchange for information* to be used against Hillary’s opponent in a U.S. Federal election. That meets all the criteria necessary to have breached U.S. Federal Election law, by committing ILLEGAL collusion with a foreign power, so as to sway an election. And now, those who believed that she would become their boss, and went so far as to exonerate her of any wrongdoing, when clearly she broke the Espionage Act (which states explicitly that intent *is not exculpatory*, despite Comey saying it was), are pursuing the overturning of an election result, after the fact. All of the evidence is there. All of the testimony is there. Yet, the multi-millions of our money, being paid to Democrats attorneys, to make a career of this, would suggest that Attorneys Against Trump should become an office to which one gets elected. They have been pursuing this.. the FBI… since *before the election*. They had already gotten wire-tap warrants, and engaged intently on discovering evidence. In two years, the finest investigative agency in the world, has found nothing, and has already said so. To suggest that there is actually something to be found, is to suggest that the FBI is incompetent in their mission. Even with wiretaps, and teams, all while the subject believed he had nothing to hide from an investigation, since he was told he was not being investigated (when he was), would suggest that the FBI needs much, much better people to do the job. Or you believe that Donald Trump is a Moriarty-styled mastermind, so skilled and capable as to thwart, confound, and frustrate the sleuths of the FBI, and dozens of investigative attorneys, for years. A they climb up onto the mountain of evidence against Hillary, to shout their accusations against Trump. If ever there were a ludicrous travesty in the U.S. justice system, this would clearly be exemplary.

    • Limbaugh usually has the right answer. Cut the Legs out from under Mueller and Federal prosecutors hounding innocent people. Absolve them of all crimes known and unknown to date.

    • Pardon them for all crimes known and unknown to date and cut the legs right out from under Mueller and Federal Prosecutors coming up with BS to scare people into false testimony against Trump.

    • Of course in order to be pardoned, you have to admit that you committed a crime. Sheriff Joe was astounded to learn this. Let Mueller’s investigation continue. If Mueller does something legally impermissible, the federal courts will deal with it. That is how the rule of law works.

      • Unfortunately your assumption about the federal courts is wrong. Mueller has basically admitted that there is NO Trump-Russian collusion. That was his charter and he needs to write his report and shut up shop. Not only that, but there was never a crime when he was assigned to be the special counsel.
        Mueller’s team and Mueller himself have screwed up many times with people going to jail and dying in jail before the higher courts found those people were innocent.
        Mueller himself pushed his anthrax case for 5 years trying to put the wrong person in jail until it was found out that person was really innocent and it was someone else.
        Andrew Weissmann destroyed the Arthur Andersen accounting firm, then the “Supreme Court unanimously overturned Arthur Andersen’s conviction.” However, it was too late and 28,000 jobs had been destroyed.

      • rule of law, does not work for this guy. The dems have already broken every law they come up on. Pardon is the way to go, if your not looking into a broken law, then you can be pardon on that mess. either that or just fire the whole gang and see what happens. Then start working on the swamp in his party, like McCain, McConnell, Sessions, that second in command of the FB I who is running the whole thing. Remember either they are for the President or against, no middle ground. Clean house, what can it hurt your on your own anyway.

      • The federal courts are teeming with mueller-like judges, who will not deal with anything mueller does – legal or impermissible! The rule of law is relative i.e. depends on who we know and/or how much money we have. Hillary comes to mind as I speak.

  1. Rush Limbaugh is 1000% right. Every time criminal Mueller announced the name of yet another victim of his witch hunt, trump should sign a pardon to that person!!! This will end mueller for good. Elegant and beautiful.

  2. More likely…. Rush should be added to the list of those ‘complicit’ in ‘Obstruction of Justice’, along with Hannity and others. Trump will be proven a criminal… and will have no power to pardon other criminals. (Although, he seems to have gotten away with one… with Scooter Libby, who took the fall for an act of Treason. Instead of the ‘death penalty’, which is on the books for Treason, Bush ‘commuted’ his sentence with a slap on the wrist…. then Trump gives him a friggin’ pardon. Disgraceful. Then again, it’s disgraceful that the entire Bush Administration isn’t in jail.

  3. Fire that SOB Herr Mueller now! Then arrest him and Rosenstein on charges of conspiracy to bring down a duly elected President on ‘trump’ed up charges.

  4. He’s never going to find anything, because there’s nothing to find. If you’re looking for something that isn’t there, you can look forever & never find it. This means that the taxpayer money keeps flowing in by the millions, Mueller is fat & happy as the center of attention, & the attention to the Clinton Foundation crime ring, bogus FISA warrants, flagrant violation of Government security regulations that everyone granted a clearance is trained & tested on yearly (including Hillary), & the uranium One treason is kept way back on the back burner. Rob is protecting himself & his buddies from prison time & getting rich at public expense while doing do. Why should he stop now?

  5. Bdog, do you live in California? I think you probably do because you sound like a libtard who is pissed off because Trump is making America Great. So sorry you are so depressed. Maybe you can call Pelosi up and have a spot of tea.

  6. Sure Trump can pardon…But how does that stop Mueller from continuing on with the Witch Hunt…If and when Mueller finds the overdue parking ticket or the underpayment of tax;’s or other nonsense..that the crazed Democrats (who will own the House soon) .. the Democrats will STILL try for impeachment….although I doubt they can win. Pardoning his lawyer doesn’t do anything to stop the Witchhunt directly does it ?

  7. I think it’s time to fight fire with fire. If that bastard Mueller won’t play fair, yes pardon everyone. Stop the son of a bitch.

    • AMEN TO ALL ABOVE who think our PRESIDENT is getting screwed to the max..the liberal democrap left are dip s–it diots who are infested with hate and do not LOVE OUR COUNTRY..would be happy to donate to a fund to ship all their sorry asses to another country..third world would work for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. President Trump should ride out the storm fueled by Mueller’s investigation. He should use the presidential pardon only when necessary to keep those targeted for political reasons from serving time in jail. Most people know this entire special prosecution ordeal is a travesty of justice because there was no Russian collusion on the part of Trump’s campaign to influence the election. The Dems were so close, they thought, to closing the book on the New World Order, that they just can’t accept the truth that the majority of American citizens don’t want a one world government. In spite of all the hoopla, America is still a country composed primarily of Christians. However, thanks to the efforts of the many socialist and communist leaning leaders, that fact is regrettably changing.

  9. I did not read that far to find out what Rush said, my comment pertains to the entire crock of an investigation and letting that criminal Mueller continue you with it and wasting the taxpayer’s money, nothing has nor ever will be found to incriminate the president after 18 mos. of investigation end the joke of an investigation and end it now.

  10. If the investigation is to continue then those in control of it should be made to reimburse every last cent spent on this phoney investigation once it is established that all claims made are and always have been nothing but a means by which to slander the POTUS.

  11. I believe in the President and will support whatever he decides to do. I am so disappointed in the Dems and can not believe I was one of them many years ago. The party has turned into a socialist /communist hateful party that dislikes the American flag, it’s citizen’s, Police authority, God loving Christians, but instead supports abortion, same sex marriage, and truly only care about themselves first as in the ways of the World. God forgive us all as sinners and help up to treat our brothers and sisters as you would treat us. We as Christians are not stupid and realize what’s going on and we voted and will continue to support President Trump. The USA is upside down in its’ direction of self destruction and must be corrected. No Man has all the answers, but God does. Blessings, Larry

  12. Rush Limbaugh’s comments are always of great value but in this case, another tactic may prove even more valuable to President Trump’s administration. Stay the course with respect to Mueller’s investigation and use the presidential pardon only to keep those accused for political reasons from spending time in prison. Most Americans know Mueller’s investigation has only one primary goal and that is to remove President Trump from office. The Dems were dangerously close to succeeding in taking our country from a constitutional republic to a communist dictatorship in the form of a new world order or one world government with liberals in charge of everything and freedom and liberty nowhere to be found. We must peacefully resist while we still can.

  13. No. You don’t have to admit to a crime you never committed. It’s enough for Arpaio to admit that someone falsely and abusively charged him with a crime he never committed — he merely did his job. The president commutes a sentence, whether just or unjust, not the admission to guilt.

  14. Rush is 100% CORRECT. The best part is that innocent people will be getting pardons. Unlike Osama Obama who pardoned terrorists, killers and a traitor.

  15. So trump pardons his “loyal” buddies & of course the nepotism n the West Wing, all that does is confirming if I u aren’t trump’s loyalty, if u r 4 America & loyal 2 our flag u will immediately hear “YOU’RE FIRED” & by text goes 2 send the message is tacky, unpresidential & cowardly. If he pardons his buddies & family, it’s proof trump IS complicit & obstructing justice! I hope he does cuz it’s the FINAL step 2 impeachment. trump is an embarrassment 2 those of us who ARE LOYAL TO OUR NATION & 2 the majority of other nations!!!!!!!!!! Limbaugh should b trump’s press secretary so the spin can b continued.

  16. President Trump please pardon Stephen Avery. Law / police Corruption and courts convicted Avery of a crime he never did.
    Stephen Avery served18 years in prison for a crime Courts found guilty and Avery kept denying his innocence. He was innocent and police corruption withheld evidence.
    Avery was freed and was suing for wrongful conviction of an innocent man. Police and same courts people convicted him of murder that he claims innocence.

    I watched “Making of a murderer”. I believe Stephen Avery. To me police / law Corruption is wicked.

    President Trump he’s served more years after 18 years of being proven innocent so please free him. He lost his wife and kids years ago.
    Please free Mr. Stephen Avery and pardon him! Please make good justice here.

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