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Muslim Progressive: Why I Voted for Trump


In their ivory towers in New York, the liberal elite could have never dreamed that there might actually be such a thing as a Muslim supporter of Donald Trump. Why, how could it be? My word, only hillbillies and oil billionaires are voting for that guy! Don’t they know he’s racist? Don’t they know he hates them?

It will be a while before it stops being fun. Those guys have been so wrong about so much, and they’re just now starting to realize it. If the lesson sticks, then we will have already made America great again.

But until that time, it’s worth highlighting the many, many exceptions to the prevailing mainstream narrative. Exceptions such as Asra Nomani, who in addition to being a former Wall Street Journal reporter, is a Muslim immigrant, a woman, and a bleeding-heart progressive.

And she voted for Trump.

“After Hillary Clinton called Trump to concede, making him America’s president-elect, a friend on Twitter wrote a message of apology to the world, saying there are millions of Americans who don’t share Trump’s ‘hatred/division/ignorance.’ She ended: ‘Ashamed of millions that do,'” wrote Nomani.

“That would presumably include me — but it doesn’t, and that is where the dismissal of voter concerns about Clinton led to her defeat,” she wrote. “I most certainly reject the trifecta of ‘hatred/division/ignorance.’ I support the Democratic Party’s position on abortion, same-sex marriage and climate change.”

Nomani explained that she voted for Trump because while all of those high-minded, coffee table ideas were fine and dandy, the fact remained that she was unable to make ends meet in Obama’s America. With health insurance premiums skyrocketing and federal mortgage plans out of her reach, Nomani knew she couldn’t afford another four years of a Democratic Party economy.

But, she said, that was only part of why she voted for Trump.

“As a liberal Muslim who has experienced, first-hand, Islamic extremism in this world, I have been opposed to the decision by President Obama and the Democratic Party to tap dance around the ‘Islam’ in Islamic State,” Nomani said.

Without fully putting her stamp of approval on Trump proposals like the Muslim ban, Nomani said she was frustrated and frightened by Hillary Clinton’s willingness to perform the same tap dance. A fear that was only heightened by the WikiLeaks revelations that showed how financially entrenched Clinton was with Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Muslim-Americans like Nomani have been vilified by Islamic activist groups and ignored by the mainstream media. They, like many Trump voters, are tired of having their voices silenced. Hopefully Trump’s election will change that and we’ll start having REAL discussions about some of the biggest issues facing our country.


  • Francisco Machado

    I used to commute fifty miles each way, come home in the middle of the night. Sometimes stop at a convenience store for coffee, especially if it was cold – I rode a motorcycle for its fuel economy. It was owned and run by a couple of Muslim immigrant brothers, one of whom had two daughters in public primary school. He didn’t celebrate the 9/11 attack – he cried, literally cried, over it. He thought he’d left that behind when he came to America, and it followed him here. No matter what Muslims think of Trump, what must they think of the Obama administration and the Clinton State Department over the anarchic saturnalia of blood sweeping the Arab countries of North Africa and the Middle East that have resulted from their policies? If you were here, driven from your country, from your home, because of our foreign policy decisions would you want to vote for the originator of those policies?

  • Frank R. Krzesowiak

    This is a wonderful story and although the exception rather than the rule, might waken up a few people(Muslims) who see Trumps actions as a negative towards them personally as opposed to Trumps concern for the safety of ALL Americans. The Media once again railroaded a group of people into thinking they are being persecuted instead of falling under the umbrella of protection.The Media will eventually become extinct if they don’t change their ways. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

  • Jeffrey Cahoon

    Sadly, I must once again say that muslims, whoever they may be or whatever position they hold, have ne place in that United States and certainly have no place in the government of We the People! Am I bigoted, a racist? Probably, some would call me that but, I am not very PC, and I am further, A man that does not care!

    • tracy

      WHAt if you had been born black or a muslim or a poor child of a crack mother?? Have you any imagination? Can you place yourself in the others’ shoes?
      No, you cant.
      You are cold.
      So, yes, you are the enemy of compassion and progress.

    • tracy

      you are a cold man. You are the enemy of progress.

    • Mary Thoeni

      The first casulty in the American Revolution was a Muslim. Crispu Attucks, an escaped slave. No place in the United States ??? They did not ask to come, they were drug here in chains and sold like farm animals.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        And they had the option to leave in the aftermath of the War of Northern Aggression commonly mislabeled the “Civil War”; they had a land purchased for them in Africa to go to, if they so wished.

      • Peter Charles

        Attiuks was a slave and killed in the Boston Massacre along with others. He did, as best we know the first of the 5 to die, but all were hit in the barrage the Brits fired. I recall no information regarding a religion. Where did you get that part?

      • Toni Stimmel

        But before they were drug here … they were drug to the coast of Africa by Africans and sold as slaves to ‘brokers’ who then sold them to ship’s captains who then brought them to the new world and sold them to whoever wanted to buy them as slave laborers.

    • Vailjack

      This thing about Muslims is difficult because they are so many things.As Trump said; we have to be able to separate the evil ones from the good ones. Obama is not interested.
      Many people have been put off by the way the democrats distort things that people say.
      What is it that Trump has dome that is Racist ?

    • upaces88

      No, Jeffrey, you are anything but bigoted. Many, MANY countries know that Muslims know how to stand before them and LIE without flenching.

      I do realize this is a simpleton example. Years ago in Dallas, I was known as a Promoter of nightclubs with the promise I could get your nightclub up in the Black (Profit) within 30 days; OR, you didn’t have to pay me.

      Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (“TABC”) called me to help two Muslim brothers who just bought a nightclub in Dallas. I met with the two brothers. It was a one page contract and recorded (they knew that we were being recorded.)

      The nightclub was a HUGE success. It was time for me to leave. I asked the brothers for my $. They replied, “We don’t have to pay you because you are a woman.” I grinned reallly big and asked: “Are you sure this is what you want to do?” That’s what they wanted to do!
      I went home and called TABC to tell them what happened. About 30 minutes later, they asked me to meet them at the club. TABC had ripped the Liquor License down. The doors had been bolted. TABC handed me a HUGE bag of $$; and I went home.


    MOST PROBABLY there are a LOT more Muslims that feel the same way but ‘fear’ to speak out due to retribution from other Muslims! ~ I would not doubt that there is a ‘silent majority’ that are being kept silent by….FEAR…which is a key mechanism of control in Islam!!!

  • David Shelby

    Media entities would like to portray all whites as racist, inbreeders who are not capable of coherent thought. The TRUTH (which will most likely NEVER occur to the media), is that regardless of SKIN COLOR, RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION, SOCIOECONOMIC STATUS we are all INDIVIDUALS..WOW WHAT A CONCEPT…INDIVIDUALISM WE ARE NOT SHEEP..WHO BLINDLY FOLLOW CNN, CBS ABC or PRINTED MEDIA SUGGESTION…

  • Bruce Andrews

    This article said she is a muslim immigrant. It never said she was a devout person of islam. She is described as a bleeding heart communist. Even these evil people were smart enough to vote for Trump.


    • Mary Thoeni

      Islam is the second largest of the world’s religions.
      The Middle East is but a drop in the ocean.
      The atocities are cultural, not religious. Christians committed worse attrocities in the past. They still do in some parts of the world.

      Examples being America, where they murder doctors and bomb clinics. They also murder homosexuals and bomb churchea. Oh, I almost forgot the wonderful Oklahoma Christians. They kilked two Sikhs because they wore turbans.

      Then there is the Central African Republic where Catholics are killing everyine who will not convert.

      Yes, religious bigotry in the nation founded on religious freedom. Is it not beautiful to behold. We have hate and bigotry toward Blacks. We have hate and bigotry towards Latinos. We put Asians in concentrarion camps.

      We put the mentally challenged in closets. We have more prisons and prisoners than the reat of the world combined — including Russia and China.

      Is there anything Americans do not hate?

      • Joe

        Read the Koran. They are still vil and antichrist at core. Islam is evil totally. If is a demonic inspired cult. Read koran or dont share your opinion.

      • You’re throwing out accusations but not facts. There maybe individuals who are committing such atrocities but are the churches, Catholic and Christian, committing these sins against others. Where are the Catholics killing those who will not convert….I think you have that backwards where the Catholics are being killed if they don’t convert.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Not so; they are entirely based on the ideology of Islam; and it is that which is our enemy; which must be eradicated, because it is the enemy of the rest of humanity!

      • Vailjack

        If anything you say is true it surely isn’t supported by the Pope.

      • Freda

        Why do you live in such a horrible country….MOVE…we don’t need u here!

      • Skip rosa

        I wonder how much of what you write is fact.

  • David Shelby

    THE media has now espoused the belief that their beliefs are correct..THE MEDIA missed this election because their HEADS are firmly PLANTED UP THEIR BUTTS. The average voter cares about the national debt, the economy and many problems America faces..The average voter could care less about the prospect of MAKING HISTORY by voting the first woman president..THE average american saw what electing the first black man did..racial over tones all eight years..Mr. Obama did not/does not understand being a leader..this is not his fault..HOWEVER his FAILED policies ARE. TOO much has been said about his LEGACY..IF MR. OBAMA cared so much about his legacy, he should have done more positive actions in office instead of relying on his pen and phone.

  • Dave

    There is a difference between radical Muslims or radical Islam believers but the Obama administration has failed to accept this fact. As a result of their unwillingness to accept that radical Islamists are the principal sponsor of terrorism in the world, which is now in the USA, those of us that voted for Trump wanted a change in the administration. Donald Trump has promised to slop the influx of refugees and to acknowledge that we have a problem within the Islamic community and we need to change our policies, at least until we have a chance to size the problem and what actions are appropriate. I believe that there are patriotic Muslim Americans who are not into the radical beliefs of the Islamic terrorists but they are caught up in our strategy to handle the terrorists. They are going to have to hang in there until Trump works out a workable plan and gets it implemented.

  • ted

    Just because dogs have four legs doesn’t mean that all four legged animals are dogs.

  • Evelyn

    The security in our country is the first responsibility of the federal government! Therefore more people with that Muslim Religion, which is not in compliance with our constitution should not be accepted into our country for safety reasons of our citizens! The Muslim religion has to go through a reformation to bring it into the 21st century in the entire world, they seem to be stuck in to the year 900.

  • if you saw our lynchings in Jim Crow, you would never want the USA to survive

  • Russell Falt

    If you really wanted crime to come down immensely then bring back the electric chair. This will deter violence and crime in a big way. The hard core criminals would have that fear in them that if they killed anyone then they would be heading to the chair and not a paid room and board for life plus benefits.

  • Mary Thoeni

    Yes, lets go back to a Republican economy, the one King Bush II left us with. Let’s see, 1 million jobs down the tubes every month. Then there was the tripled Food Stamp applications. Double the welfare applications.
    No. don’t come insulting. Check the facts. Then there was his plan to fix unemployment — two wars. His plan didn’t work, our military was very wekl trained.

    He only succeded in murdering about 4.400. On the other hand, he hugely increases the debt. Those he injuted and maimed wil be increasinf the debt for the next 40 to 60 years, maybe longer.

    • Vailjack

      What century do you think you will stop blaming Bush for the economy ?

      • Richardb

        Well, it’s the economy he passed along to President Obama. Surely he must have had a hand in it. Mr Bush left our nation in a miserable state. He was a great disappointment.

    • Mary, please get back on your meds.
      You will need alot of help if you dont

  • Joe

    Read the Koran. They are still vil and antichrist at core. Islam is evil totally. If is a demonic inspired cult. Read koran or dont share your opininion.

  • The first obligation to the Federal Government, the USA, is to protect us as citizens is to keep Refugies from the Middle East (Syria etc.) out of the USA for some time! The Muslim Religion first has to go through a REFORMATION to bring that Religion out of the 9th century to the 21st century throughout the whole world.

  • Chaly

    This is not insulting but when you, as most liberals do, bend facts to fit their personal narrative it is serious. You must be under the porch again!

  • Jack

    Looks like Mary needs to leave the country, along with the Muslims. Oil and water don’t mix.

  • Jack

    The two religions is like Oil and Water, they don’t mix.

  • Nikita 63

    This woman has shown exactly why they should all have been voting for Trump or at least have considered it. Islam has a terrible reputation in all Western Civilization for their bloody and totally inhuman excesses. Those who are in fact, “moderate,” and are dismayed by the perceptions of the actions of Islam radicals or Sharia believers in THIS country but do not condemn it and say nothing are a major part of their own problem in this country. I agree wholly and equally sadly with prior commentor, Jeffrey Cahoon. And, if indeed we must consider ourselves to be bigoted and racist, then it is with very good reasons for it which involve mass murders , the killing of all non-Muslims as a method for establishing a world Caliphate and the slaughter of innocent children , even beheading of them for simply being Christian or Jews or anything but Muslim. You are known by the company you keep. There are plenty of not so noble things in Western civilization as well but most Muslims here now did not originate here but came of their own volition. We are a nation of UNIVERSAL TOLERANCE when the laws on the books are enforced and backed up by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. You cannot come here and be allowed to violate the religious beliefs of all others as Islam does and THAT is why there is no place for Muslims in this country. period. This Administration has tried unabashedly to diminish or forever destroy that reality. The result was a total repudiation of it and the PROGRESSIVE democratic agenda. Those so involved should take a deep breath, lose the angst and look at and examine their own consciences and motivations if they are capable of so doing. The problem is : most of them are not and: IT SHOWS!

  • Peter Charles

    She believes so much that is just wrong she had to get one right….I suppose.

  • Nellie

    There is good and bad in everyone, doesn’t matter the nationality. Our government is suppose to follow our constitution and our laws. Obama’s debt, exclusive orders, going over Congress head or Congress and Senators gave him a pass. No one doing their job for our country and Citizens. Hillary taking money from foreign countries is wrong.
    Our country with out guns would put us in same situation when Hitler took over Germany.
    Obama allowing Refugees here without being screened is why we have terrors. Women under Muslim laws are not any better of here than there home country. If they want to wear American style clothes, they v will be killed. They want to keep there laws and turn this country into another Iraq or Syria. Even Saudi Arabia the women have no rights. Trump has to screen the Refugees and send back all illegal criminals. My area is one big crime area. Birth right laws. If mother is illegal the baby is illegal. STOP FRAUD.
    Obama brought in 1 Million refugees and about 3 million illegals crossing our borders. Housed them in sanctuary cities. These towns taken over by drug gangs. San Bernardino was a sanctuary city. Terrors taken off watch list. News isn’t even coming close on how bad it is at borders. Murder. Home invasions. Drug Gangs. Rape kidnapping. Arson. Stripping homes. Killing our officers. We need more citizens with gun permits. Backing law enforcement. I vote Trump and his cabinet. He will bring back our laws. Our constitution. Muslim religion is a hate terrors group. There are good in everyone. There is also bad and criminals have a choice of what they want. But Muslim laws have no place in our country. GOD HELP US AND TRUMP. WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION.

  • Dolores

    I am so happy, Maybe now the Muslims who were appointed to the White House positions by Obama, who had Security Clearance , will finally be out of there. I firmly believe that Obama is Muslim and he truly sympathizes with them!! Thus no serious movements by the POTUS against Isis!!

  • Tom Brady

    Why you voted for Trump………………because you are an idiot! Plain and simple!

  • Nikita 63

    Asra Nomani MAY be one of more than a few Muslims that claim to be less than dedicated to the worst of Islamic principles but, until they show a willingness to be TOLERANT of other religions and their RIGHT to exist and worship as they please, here, then they still have no place in this country. Nomani’s objections to the worst eleements of Islam are marginally encouraging but, I would have to agree with Jeffrey Cahoon that as long as it as a movement continues to be as it is in EVERY country it enters , then there is no place for them in any civilized society. This is OUR country. The principles upon which it was founded have been utterly abandoned by the left and THAT, above all other characteristics, is why they lost this election. Millions of us have served in our military and taken the oath to defend and uphold our Constitution and the freedoms and choices it permits us ALL. If you have no intention of peaceful co-existence; and Islam is not so predicated and indeed is FORBIDDEN to do so, then it cannot be allowed to remain here or in any country like ours. period. Either comply or fly since if you push us far enough YOU will die because given us choice between us and You who come here inimical to us, our tolerances , freedoms , choices and culture and all these things left as a future of freedom and choice for OUR children. This is not so of only Muslims: this holds true for ALL illegals wherever they may originate from and any others inimical to this country and what it represents and how it lives. Either accept your opportunities as presented in COMPLIANCE with, not VIOLATION of American law or either do not come her or EXPECT to be deported as you have NO LEGITIMATE BUSINESS HERE. PERIOD! Sharia is no compatible with Constitutional law and in this Country, Constitutional law takes pred\cedence over Sharia for all non -Muslioms as we are not and NEVER will be subject to it.

  • stevenl

    Muslims who REJECT the Sharia law should be considered!
    Amazingly the Democrats/Republicans have NEVER shown any interest in truly moderate Muslims!
    Time to reconsider.

  • Amerigo M. Cimino

    “Muslim Progressive: Why I Voted for Trump”
    Now; everybody wants to get in on the “ground floor”!
    (It starts with “one”).
    We were a great nation; until the advent of the Obama Presidency!

  • WTF?
    Please change your Diaper for goodness sake it’s overflowing and crusted with 12 years of George Bush and Dick Chaney hate.
    Your Prince of hope and change and a transparent government put us in a divided nation deeper hole.
    Nothing is for free you have to work for it, I just am tired of working for pennies on the dollar after taxes and Obama worthless insurance.
    I am always amazed what world you ever progressive contradictory Hippocrates live in, you never try to meet in the middle it’s always Me, Me, Me disguised as We never care about the rest of the country!!
    You put every one who apposes you and your progressive thinking as Bible thumping NASCAR gun toting ignorant rebels.
    You have more hate than any terrorist I know.