Muslim Progressive: Why I Voted for Trump


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  1. This article said she is a muslim immigrant. It never said she was a devout person of islam. She is described as a bleeding heart communist. Even these evil people were smart enough to vote for Trump.

    • Islam is the second largest of the world’s religions.
      The Middle East is but a drop in the ocean.
      The atocities are cultural, not religious. Christians committed worse attrocities in the past. They still do in some parts of the world.

      Examples being America, where they murder doctors and bomb clinics. They also murder homosexuals and bomb churchea. Oh, I almost forgot the wonderful Oklahoma Christians. They kilked two Sikhs because they wore turbans.

      Then there is the Central African Republic where Catholics are killing everyine who will not convert.

      Yes, religious bigotry in the nation founded on religious freedom. Is it not beautiful to behold. We have hate and bigotry toward Blacks. We have hate and bigotry towards Latinos. We put Asians in concentrarion camps.

      We put the mentally challenged in closets. We have more prisons and prisoners than the reat of the world combined — including Russia and China.

      Is there anything Americans do not hate?

  2. Yes, lets go back to a Republican economy, the one King Bush II left us with. Let’s see, 1 million jobs down the tubes every month. Then there was the tripled Food Stamp applications. Double the welfare applications.
    No. don’t come insulting. Check the facts. Then there was his plan to fix unemployment — two wars. His plan didn’t work, our military was very wekl trained.

    He only succeded in murdering about 4.400. On the other hand, he hugely increases the debt. Those he injuted and maimed wil be increasinf the debt for the next 40 to 60 years, maybe longer.