PBS Hack Journalist Clips Trump Quote to Make Him Sound Racist

At this point in the game, we don’t need any further evidence to conclude that PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor is a hack Democrat whose purpose is less about reporting the news and more about campaigning against President Donald Trump.

A few months ago, Alcindor embarrassed herself by claiming there was no “evidence” that “anarchists” were responsible for the looting and rioting in Minneapolis. A month later, she knocked President Trump for saying that protesters don’t even know whose statues they are tearing down, even though it is starkly obvious that they don’t. This woman constantly hides behind her gender and race to smear this administration and this president. It’s made her a hero to the left, but she’s a symbol of the fake news media to anyone who isn’t suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

No, we don’t need any more evidence to convict Alcindor of crimes against journalism, but she insists on providing more nonetheless. This week, the activist correspondent took a quote from President Donald Trump, stripped it out of context, and framed it on Twitter to make the president sound like a racist.

The original quote, which came during Wednesday’s White House press briefing, featured Trump criticizing Joe Biden for wanting to flood the suburbs with low-income housing.

“And just so you understand, 30 percent plus of the people living in suburbia are minorities- African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans – they’re all minorities, 30 percent,” Trump explained. “The number’s even higher, they say 35, but I like to cut it a little bit lower. You know why? That way I can’t get myself into too much trouble with the fake news.”

Reading that, what do you imagine Trump meant? We’re pretty sure that anyone with a functioning brain can figure out that Trump is saying that he likes to quote the smaller statistic so that the fake news media doesn’t come back and say, ACTUALLY, only 34.9% of the suburban population is minority, so we rate this quote PANTS ON FIRE. Trust us, the Washington Post and PolitiFact have done worse.

But to Alcindor, Trump’s quote meant something completely different.

“A moment to behold. Q: What do you mean by an ‘invasion’ in the suburbs if VP Joe Biden is elected? President Trump: ‘They’re going to destroy suburbia. And 30 percent of the people in suburbia are minorities. They say 35 percent, but I like to cut it lower,'” Alcindor tweeted.

Now, if you read THAT, you would think that Trump is saying he’d like to make it so there are fewer minorities in the suburbs.

“Yesterday, President @realDonaldTrump said he wanted to protect suburbs for ALL Americans of ALL backgrounds, but the unconscionably dishonest tweet below omitted the vast majority of his actual quote to make it seem like he was saying the opposite,” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted.

In a normal world, Alcindor would be fired based on this alone.

Alas, this is Clown World. All bets are off.

What do you think?

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    • But trump is really trying to steal the election. He knows he’s losing and going off wall to steal it by stoping votes. Smh.

      • A reply with no basis in fact. Just what we have come to expect from prevaricating communists! The left, what is left when you strip away knowledge and truth, nothing!

  1. It is painstakingly obvious to ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS, regardless of political party affiliation, that what has taken place in our country the last four years, the underhanded, deceitful, dishonest acts of the Democrats and their mouthpiece fake news media, as well as the talk show hosts who nightly chimes in spreading fake news, lies, fabricated untrue stories and condoning, in fact helping to promote this kind of reprehensible behavior, even including the cover up of vital information, burying factual stories-ie: the Real Quid Pro Quo committed by the Joe Biden when he threatened to withhold a Billion Dollars in aid from Ukraine if they didn’t FIRE the PROSECUTOR that was investigating corruption in a company called Burisma, a company his SON HUNTER Was working for on their board and being paid roughly $83,000 per month with Zero experience and Zero Knowledge of the business. Joe laughed as he addresses a panel and small group and chuckles- hell it only took SIX HOURS AND THEY FIRED THE PROSECUTOR! and… unlike the Fabricated Quid Pro Quo by the Democrats against President Trump, where their leader Compulsive Liar Schiff CHANGES the words of the phone call transcript between President Trump and the Ukraine President and reads his version to Congress and the American people.. LYING TO ALL, he also his EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE, lies about having multiple whistleblowers, and lied repeatedly about having damming evidence against the President… the BUDEN QUID PRO QUO IS OUT THERE ON VIDEO FOR ALL TO SEE AND HEAR.. The video the MSM, the corrupted, 100% Democrat Biased media BURIED… when uncovered and put on social media- the Democrats has to do something- this the phony fabricated case against President Trump. Just like the Fake Fabricated Russia Collusion, built around a Hillary-DNC paid for Phony Steele Dossier… with FBI involvement up to the top dog- another phony, liar and Democrat loyalist Comey… A modern day attempted COUP. With participants all the way up to Obama & Biden. The fake, 100% Biased Trump Hating group of investors called the MUELLER MADE UP PHONY TEAM- that UNCOVERED DAY ONE THAT THERE WAS NO RUSSIA COLLUSION… let me repeat this.. The very first investigating period, basically day one, they all KNEW BEYOND AND DOUBT THAT THERE WAS NO RUSSIA COLLUSION ON THE PART OF TRUMP OR ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH TRUMP – HIS STAFF OR CABINET- ZERO COLLUSION… yet because of Democrats corruption and FBI corruption and a desire to keep AMERICAN CITIZENS ALL CONFUSED AND DISTRACTED – deliberately keeping the FACTUAL FINDINGS HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC, FOR TWO YEARS! TWO YEARS OF CONSTANT LIES AND BETRAYAL TO ALL OF US- until they accomplished their goal of FLIPPING CONGRESS .. the putting our country through this made up nightmare of relentless pursuit of trying to unseat our duly elected President… and sadly it still continues- the riots and looting and destroying property of innocent people and sadly even killing innocent citizens, the entire time standing idly by encouraging these acts of violence against innocent Americans in their effort to hurt the President and discredit his administration every chance they get and at any price… even sacrificing our freedoms and safety… these are despicable people and they should all be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE… Stop listening to their lies… and the MSM’s as well. TRUMP IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN REBUILD OUR COUNTRY BACK TO GREATNESS… he’s done it once.. he’ll do it again… ❤️🇺🇸🙏

  2. No Trump isn’t trying to steal the election Biden and Harris are trying to steal it. I won’t watch PBS or send they anymore donations as they advocate socialism / communism

  3. If the Demorats don’t steal our election by mail fraud, illegal voters, etc., etc. We need to start defunding groups like PBS. The same goes for all federal workers whose unions pour millions to just one group. Same goes for all the universities where most professors are teaching our kids to hate our country and love communism! The list is very long! Trump 2020!

  4. So, you actually believe that the American voters , on election day, will pick Mobs over Jobs. A doddering old racist over the man who created more wealth in the minority communities than any president ever and all the while has been labelled a traitor and conspirator by a, now proven conspiracy started by the previous administration. Surely you are not that ignorant of the facts? Maybe you get your news from PBS. If so, then that explains your issue.

  5. For Alcindor to ‘adjust’ the text to try to damage Trump is patently dishonest (her comfort zone based on history), but her action here that would help Biden is truly disgusting given his history in the Senate and as VP where he is continually racist in his demeanor.
    How does she reconcile that given that she is black/African-American and she is basically putting on her KKK gear in her Biden support??

  6. What makes Hunter Biden’s former position more hilarious is that the average gas station owner knows more about about the gas/oil industry than Hunter and Joe combined.

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