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Poor, Burdened Journalists Don’t Want to Cover Another Trump Term

The Hollywood Reporter has a new feature story out that will bring a tear to your eye…if you’re the type of person who cries over the plight of the poor, burdened American journalist. According to their interviews, THR determined that the League of Anti-Trump Journalists (which is to say, the entirety of the mainstream media) is so very tired of the day-to-day battle of covering this president. Despite rolling in the money thanks to the high level of interest that this president generates, they are ready for a “normal” president.

It’s funny: We’d think it would be far easier to sit around and make up fake news about Trump than it would be to, you know, actually do the hard work of chasing down the facts. But maybe after four years of pumping out hateful fiction for the masses, these journalists are beginning to miss the days when they actually did they jobs. Who knows.

Someone should tell them that there’s nothing stopping them from doing that now.

“I don’t know anybody who wants to do another four years of this news cycle,” a senior CNN producer whined to THR.

That’s interesting, because we don’t know anybody who wants to watch CNN’s version of “news” for another four years, either!

“As journalists, I don’t think anybody cares about what party the president of the United States is,” the producer continued. “What they care about is being able to live their lives normally again. I think there’s mental exhaustion around this presidency, and I don’t know anybody who is enjoying it.

“It’s not a matter what his political beliefs or his ideological beliefs are,” the producer lied. “The exhaustion comes from his behaviors. That’s it. His behavior is exhausting. I don’t I think have ever run into anybody who says they literally hate Donald Trump the man. They’re just exhausted by his behavior, and I think that’s fair. Nobody I know is openly rooting for him to lose.”

What a crock. Reading this guy’s nonsense gives you an insight to what the producers who run CNN (and the folks at MSNBC, NY Times, and Washington Post are no different) actually think about the American people. They have nothing but disdain for the collective intelligence of the public. That’s why they feel completely immune to the consequences of spreading blatant lies about Russia, Ukraine, the coronavirus, and anything else that will hurt Trump. As far as they’re concerned, the people are dumb enough to believe just about anything.

The fatigue journalists are feeling isn’t coming from the brutal schedule of keeping up with Trump’s tweets; it’s caused by their own rotting consciences. If they would just pepper their fake news assault on this president with a little bit of truth and honesty, they might find it refreshing.

We certainly would.

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    • Since truth has gone so far afield in the public news industry, who needs them. let them go and get real jobs.

  1. These “beleaguered, bored, and befuddled” non-journalists complain about having to cover another four years of President Trump should quit now, because most likely most of them will be fired by the takeover of new owners when their media goes for pennies on the dollar.

  2. Good to know, cuz we sure as hell don’t want you clowns gang raping our President continually! Gotta be some REAL journalists lookin for work.

  3. The guy says he knows of nobody who is openly hoping for Trump’s election loss. What this means is that the mainstream media hacks lie when they report the news and they lie when they’re having a simple discussion. It means everything that they produce can instantly be put in a file labeled “bullshit” and otherwise ignored. The guy is obviously lying, and I’m certain he knows it-but in the instance that his problem is not that he is a liar, but rather just plain stupid-I’m willing to make a list for him of people who are clearly rooting for Trump’s failure.

  4. First off I wouldn’t call them journalists, They are opine hacks who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them. And to all of those so called journalists, you can kiss my a$$ and lick the hole when you are done.

  5. “Poor, Burdened Journalists Don’t Want to Cover Another Trump Term”

    Correction to your headline: Poor, Burdened IDIOT CLOWN OPINION SPEWERS, Don’t Want to Cover Another Trump Term

    There are NO “journalists” left in the LSM!! PERIOD!!

  6. Poor babies, they just may have to suck it up and either quit journalism or continue reporting the same o same o lies about Trump, shouldn’t be a problem they know how to misquote, tell out right lies, and never tell important news that the public should be aware of

  7. If I were Pres Trump, I would disband the WHCA and invite ONLY Honest, friendly journalists in to any of the briefings. Personally I do not watch cnn, msnbc, cbs, nbc, abc. I do however watch Philly29Fox occasionally. OAN One America News i watch faithfully and daily for Honest news. Jim Acosta to me is repulsive and of course cnn approves of him so they too are complicit in his arrogant ignorant behavior.

  8. Media won’t have to worry about reporting on Trump for the next four years. They are ALL going to be arrested. It is in the works right now. Good riddance to rubbish!

  9. These lowlife creeps aren’t actually reporting the news anyway. All they’ve been doing since President Trump was elected, even before he was elected, is spewing lies and insults about him and those of us who voted for him. They need to go out and get real jobs for a living…..that is if they actually know how to do anything.

  10. Their anti- fabricate conscience must finally be coming to the surface. All the Trump lies are physically and emotionally exhausting.

  11. I loved it when Trump aacted like the Assignment Editor of yesteryear when he was asked about evidence that face masks were going out the back door at NY Hospitals! The Donald asked, You are a JOURNALIST aren’t you? Not waiting for reply, ISN’T THAT SOMETHING YOU SHOULD LOOK INTO?

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