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Questions Remain After Sally Yates’ Testimony


Not since…well, since the Hillary Clinton celebration party…has the air been let out of liberal balloons so dramatically. Trump haters all over the country were salivating at the prospect of what former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates would say in her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee. Never underestimate a woman scorned! Yates was fired by Trump after refusing to defend his travel ban in court, and she was ready to have her revenge. She was going to blow the lid off the whole Michael Flynn/Russia/Traitor-in-the-White-House saga, and it would only be a matter of time before Donald Trump was facing impeachment charges.

As it turned out, Yates’s testimony was competent, reserved, and completely lacking in drama of any kind.

While Yates covered all the bases in her testimony – besides those questions she refused to answer because doing so would reveal classified information – she revealed very little new information to the public. The end result: She apparently gave the Senate what they wanted, but she certainly didn’t satisfy the curiosity of those who really want to know the truth on a number of key issues. Questions remain. Many of them.

One of the biggest questions: What, exactly, did Michael Flynn do that was so bad? On this subject, the general assumption in the media is that he discussed lifting U.S. sanctions with the Russian ambassador before lying to Trump officials about it. That resulted in Vice President Mike Pence and others going on TV to repeat Flynn’s untruths, presumably leaving Flynn open to blackmail by Russian officials.

But when the subject came up in the hearing, it didn’t seem quite so simple.

“The first thing we did was to explain to [White House Counsel Don] McGahn that the underlying conduct that General Flynn had engaged in was problematic in and of itself,” Yates said of her January meeting.

But when the senators asked her what it was that Flynn had done, she skirted the issue.

“My knowledge of his underlying conduct is based on classified information,” Yates said. “And so I can’t reveal what that underlying conduct is.”


This has gone underreported, but it could explain why President Trump is apparently telling his top aides to go easy on Flynn when it comes to public criticism. Trump was left with no choice but to fire Flynn in February – Pence would have likely resigned otherwise – but he has maintained all along that he believes his former national security adviser did nothing wrong. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with Flynn talking to the Russian ambassador during the transition. It’s debatable whether or not it was even “wrong” for him to bring up the sanctions, although none of us have seen the transcripts so it’s hard to say.

Also unanswered (to our satisfaction, anyway): Why Yates refused to defend Trump’s executive order banning travel to the U.S. from several Middle Eastern countries. She claimed at the time that it was unconstitutional, but we’ve yet to hear why she made that determination. Well, we should say, we’ve yet to hear any GOOD reason. The reason she gave – that she took Trump’s campaign statements into account – is unacceptable and has nothing to do with the Constitution.

It is, unfortunately, the very same extralegal foundation the courts are using to block the order, so Yates is in good company…

All in all, this was a well-hyped nothingburger, and it proved once again that the Democrats have next to nothing to connect Trump officials to the Russian hacks of last year.

Which brings us to the next unanswered question: How much longer will they embarrass themselves at the expense of the country?


  • dranalog

    Everything Democrats do these says is an embarrassment to themselves. Keep it up you morons, you are only hurting yourselves.

    • Allen Shaw

      I guess you have not been involved in past scandals.
      Read more than one publication, see more than one news station. keep an open mind.

      Something is wrong and something has gone wrong besides Benghazi and Mrs. Clinton’s E-Mails.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Shhh! Let them continue preaching to the choir. Normal thinking American’s are not fooled by their biased rhetoric.

    • Charles Covington

      There isn’t a damned thing i like about the democratic party, and you an go all the way back to LBJ, one lie after another.

      • dranalog

        It goes back farther than that. Try Woodrow Wilson, who was basically a Communist.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    they will keep this going for the full 4 years , oboma has it all planned out , create a scandle with no facts , to have an endless investigation, just to get in trumps way

    • kbmiller

      Yep, Just like Saul Alinsky taught em.

      • dux nobis28

        That’s right treating this scum with kindness is worthless crushing them and imprisioning them for a long time is the only solution! crush the Clintons all three of them no mercy!

  • gmeades

    and the question that no one seems to really have zeroed in on, how did Yates get these reports that had unmasked General Flynn..

    how did she know the Russians were in any kind of position to “blackmail” General Flynn, other than a construction of her imagination and pure speculation… and what was she and every other Obama administration appointee doing spying on Trumps staff and looking for ways to cause them harm all about…?

    Who gave the order to spy on Trumps team members…?

    Did Flynn just happen to be the fall guy, or would anyone on Trumps team have done to make up some kind of salacious story about and cause Trump and anyone on his staff embarrassment and the appearance of not picking good solid personnel…?

    Was this attempt to discredit Trump pervasive throughout the Obama administration and for how long was this spying going on in an attempt to come up with some kind of dirt on someone, anyone, in the effort to embarrass and discredit Trump and members of his staff…???

    Why weren’t any of these questions asked….?

    • Allen Shaw

      You will get your answers when the Republican stop stonewalling the meetings. This investigation is going to last a long, long time.

      • Allen

        And all you democrats are doing is wasting my money.

        • Allen Shaw

          So you are that rich that you are paying for this investigation by yourself.

          Why do you insult the name of “Allen” like you do.

          “Allen is a surname of Scottish and Irish origin, coming from aluinn meaning handsome. Allen is the 42nd most common surname in the United Kingdom . It is reported as 27th in a list of common surnames in the United States. In Ireland, Allen is the Anglicization of the Gaelic name Ó h-Ailín.”

          “The name Allen is a Celtic baby name. In Celtic the meaning of the name Allen is: Harmony, stone, or noble. Also fair, handsome. Originally a saint’s name, it was reintroduced to Britain during the Norman Conquest, remained popular throughout the Middle Ages, and was revived in the 19th”

          “The name Allen is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Allen is: Fair; handsome. Also both a (noble, bright) and an abbreviation of names beginning with Al-

          • kbmiller

            For you, it should be spelled, ” ANUS “.

          • Allen Shaw

            or arsehole, asshole, balloon knot, butthole, cornhole, dookie hole

            All the same. It is still a name and what do they say about a name?

            A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

          • kbmiller

            Only to your boyfriend. Do you prefer Anal? I mean as your name, not with your boyfriend.

          • Charles Stilwell

            lol.now thats funny !!

          • kbmiller

            And true.

          • Herb1949

            And who, besides you, gives a damn. Nice try at derailing the discussion, like a good little lib troll.

          • KingDon

            My thoughts exactly. Who gives a rat’s pa-toot about the name’s origin?

          • Allen Shaw

            Well don’t you believe a little laugh might be just right now.

            While it is not true that I am a liberal, I am a pragmatic Conservative that believes in the original meaning as expressed by Ronald Reagan.

            The ultra conservative want a Christian, White society; however, does not have a clue that the White race is becoming a minority in this nation and soon will be an oddity. Those who practice the limited “anti Bible Christianity” will also soon be a thing of the past.

            So burn your candle at both ends so you can burn up quickly.

            The United States will be a nation that is for all of the many different races, nationalities, religions, ethnic groups and even regional differences.

            We will provide health care for all of the citizens, no matter what circumstances prevail.

            Get used to it unless you are planning to die from old age or some medical problem which may afflict you before reason is established.

            Enjoy this short period of ultra conservative enlightenment.

            Nothing could be better for this nation than the hog wash that is spouted on this site.

            Open up and let the light shine in!

          • Patricia T.

            So what?

          • BH

            Boy, you have thinner skin than Obama. And as to GOP stonewalling, I’m not sure where you get that idea. Dems are the ones saying there was Russian illusion, so where’s the proof? We are waiting with baited breath. The FBI has had over 9 months to discover something, but haven’t. It’s​ all part of the deep state to try to destroy Trump, even if it destroys the country in the process.

        • bttrap

          that’s the only thing they know how to do

      • dux nobis28

        You opinions commie are not welcome Venezuela is waiting for you!

    • Jeanne Stotler

      #1-this is a good question, what is her security clearance? #2&3 Orders were given by both Obama and Hillary, #4 YES, the one convienent at the time #5-From the time Pres. Trump was nominated, the Obama/ Clinton machines went into gear so as to discredit anything he said or did. #6– Liberals are loud and obnoxious, BUT not very smart, and WE CONSERVATIVES, live by the adage ” DO not throw stones” we believe in Christian values, BUT another adage :THE NOISY WHEEL GETS THE GREASE”, time to take that wheel apart and throw it on the dump.

    • dux nobis28

      Excellent points!

  • greenlantern1

    4 questions!
    Remember Benghazi?
    Thanks to Loretta Lynch, and her DOJ, Ahmed Abu Khattala is in custody!
    The charges?
    The murders of Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards!
    What did Putin know?
    When did he know it?
    What did he tell Trump?
    Will Sessions recuse himself from THAT?

    • Allen Shaw

      Maybe Mrs Clinton was everything you want to say she was; however it is not going to help the Trump Administration overcome their error.

      She is no longer a part of the active politics.

      Time marches on.

      • Ed Anderson

        I guess the fact that she just formed a defacto election committee doesn’t qualify as being active in politics.

      • Patricia T.

        Where have you been lately? Hillary came out two weeks ago and said she’s forming a PAC fo help fund “the resistence.” She wants to help lead it. That appears to be politically active to anyone with a functioning brain.

        • Allen Shaw

          Why are you wasting your time talking about Hillary.

          It is doubtful that she will run for office or be selected by the Democrats who took a shellacking in the many states in the south and central states.

          Even though she loss with small margins in the swing states, it is highly unlikely that the ambitions of the younger Democrats are going to wait for her.

          The Progressive people of this nation will press forward with Berni or someone like Berni.

          We will have universal health care and the traditional Democrats cannot deliver that major change.

          Watch for an upheaval similar to the start of the Republican Party. The rich are just going to have to pay for the poor to have a decent medical program.

          As the good citizens of the red states realize their parents are going to be knocked off of Medicaid and not stay in those wonderful rest homes they are in, they will change their minds.

          They thought they were talking about some lazy black people and “illegals” getting Medicaid. How could they know that so much of the money was going to take care of their older family members.

    • KingDon

      You can’t count. You asked 8 questions.

  • Gammi2Anna

    I have not seen or heard anything that makes me believe that there was ever a series of hacks, e-mails or interference from the Russians during the past year. Certainly nothing has been revealed that would lead one to believe the Russians influenced our 2016 elections. If that was so, then why were so many of the deranged, mean, angry, spiteful old fossils in the Democrat party re-elected? I’m confused with the Democrats ridiculous accusations that had it not been for the Russians, Hillary Clinton would be President. Where were they all throughout the campaign? Did they not hear us? If not, then let me reiterate the facts again. #1. Anyone with a brain had already made it very clear that Clinton would not get their vote. #2. I have not heard one person mention that they voted for Donald J. Trump because of any influence from the Russians. #3. I have heard so many of us make the statement that it was Hillary Clinton and her entire campaign staff that referred to us as stupid, under-educated, old, stupid, rural, and deplorable as being the cause for the HUUGE increase of people who came out to vote for Trump, just to shove her words back down her throat. Name calling is not recognized as a method to gain supporters. #4. Many of us that voted for Trump did so because we still see Hillary Clinton as a evil old witch that lied to the families of the four tortured and murdered men in the 2012 Benghazi attack on our Ambassador Chris Stevens, Diplomat Sean Smith, and Retired Navy Seals providing Security Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. There were several other men who defied the stand down order Clinton gave them and went in to attempt a rescue, who received permanent, disfiguring injuries. She has lied about every aspect of what happened even to this day. FINALLY #5. WE the people are sick of the Clintons, their lies, feelings of entitlement, criminal activities which never get adjudicated and the one final reason we all thought to be just absolutely unacceptable. Everybody agreed that we could not tolerate 4 years of her chipmunk cheeked, hyena cackle some thought was laughter. It was not. it was like someone dragging their fingernails over a chalk board. Hillary Clinton would have lost no matter who the candidate running against her was. Same goes for the next attempt to slither back into our White House using daughter Chelsea Clinton. Waste of money. Never gonna happen.

  • Allen Shaw

    i do not know the answer to any of the questions; however I cannot help believing that there is some type of coverup.

    In the end I am afraid if President Trump does not force a suitable answer his entire 4 years is going to be loss.

    Politics is an unforgettable enemy of deception, and somewhere in the Trump Administration some serious deceptive errors have occurred. If he does not get to the bottom of it he is going to have a failed time when even his Republican allies will abandon him.

    People only support a winner.

    • Ed Anderson

      Since you admit that you don’t know anything, your beliefs are based on what?

      • Allen Shaw

        If I say I do not know, that means that I do not know.

        What beliefs are you talking about? Do you mean the coverup?

        If their was not a coverup, the first story would not have been told and then when it did not fly a second story based on nonsense was told.

        All the President had to do was call the man into his office and fire him.

        • Ed Anderson

          If you want to know what beliefs I referred to, go back and read your comment. In the opening sentence, you wrote: “…I cannot help believing…”

          • Allen Shaw

            Pay attention. That is what I asked. Now what else are we talking about?
            I actually think you are telling me that I do not know what I am talking about, yet you offer no rebuttal of anything I have said.

            You are tying to be a smart aleck.

          • Ed Anderson

            You didn’t ask anything in your original post. After you stated your belief, I asked what your belief is based on. I was just trying to start an information exchange and find out what you know that maybe I don’t know about a cover up within the Trump administration. Instead, I got called a name and had my intelligence insulted, which is what liberals do when they think someone is challenging their ideas and they don’t have an answer. One other thing, and it’s something we should all know well: just because something is reported in the mainstream media doesn’t mean it’s the truth. The primary current example is President Trump’s supposed collusion with the Russians to affect the outcome of the election. So far, after about a year’s worth of investigations and a bunch of government eavesdropping and illegal unmasking of the names of US citizens, there still is not one shred of evidence that I’m aware of. So, let me ask you again, what are your beliefs about a cover-up based on?

          • Allen Shaw

            “i do not know the answer to any of the questions; however I cannot help believing that there is some type of coverup.”

            I do not need any reason to believe what I believe. Now wait until the investigation is over.

            Whatever I would comment would be a reason for you to come back and tell me I am wrong.

          • Ed Anderson

            Seems like your belief system is on shaky ground with no foundation. Let me ask you another question: What state do you come from?

          • Allen Shaw

            The state of mind that:

            “we should wait until this problem is solved by those that have facts”.

            You do not want me to do anything but say something that you can shoot down.

            As I said originally, there is something wrong and it needs to be ferreted out.

            I fear VP Pence so much that I can see the current President staying in office, rather than letting Pence be President.

            I do not have to satisfy you about anything. You do not have standing in this world to question others. You just want to be argumentative.

            Unless you have something that is helpful, I will not respond further.

          • Ed Anderson

            I think what needs to be “ferreted out” (your words) is the liberal media’s journey from merely reporting facts to actively trying to influence outcomes, and their unabashed efforts to discredit and, ultimately, bring down President Trump; those efforts extend even into printing or broadcasting unsubstantiated statements and outright lies to accomplish their purpose.

            The comments that are posted in response to these online articles constitute an exchange of information and ideas. Often, there is more to learn from the comments than from the articles themselves. By posting comments, we put our ideas and beliefs out there for others to see and either agree or disagree with. Sometimes we learn that we’re right and many others agree with us. Sometimes we learn that we are wrong and we may have to become better informed and/or adjust our thinking.

            It’s true that you don’t have to respond to anything. But, when you post a comment, you must expect that others will respond to it and either agree with or challenge what you say. If you’re afraid of receiving those challenges, and having to defend your ideas against them (and, yes, even being insulted, labeled or called names), then maybe you shouldn’t be posting in the first place. But don’t just post your statements and then get defensive and run and hide when someone asks you to back up what you say.

            And by the way, since you brought it up, what is it that you fear about Mike Pence becoming president?

    • Patricia T.

      It seems you’re assuming that President Trump and his administration are guilty of something. Actually, the smell leads straight to the DNC, O and his “shadow government”, and several others. You can bet Soros is involved at some level. Lots of allegations. No proof yet after nine months of investigation.

      • Allen Shaw

        Welcome to the head in the sand group meeting. I assume nothing. “the Donald” should have left the FBI Director alone after he failed to let him go when he came into office.

        This would have been sorted out quicker. Now it is just going to drag on and get some Republican members of the House of Representative kicked out.

  • Bishop351

    The big difference in all that matters now, is that Trump isn’t a wishy-washy career politician who’s life hinges on re-election goodies. Good or less than perhaps perfect, he simply doesn’t care what Dems do….which appears to be nothing at this point except (here it comes) continue the rampant obstructionism of yore. Trump is doing what he was elected to do – period. All the Warren, Shumer, Pelosi, Yates BS isn’t going to change that. Does Trump say things off the cuff that he perhaps shouldn’t? Sure – who hasn’t (except of course the morally superior PC crowd).

  • Donna Hanson

    Allen Shaw and others with the same line of belief. I am an independent and I do not understand, why !!!! of all the thousands of times that Clapper, Comey and other top Officials have said “there is NO EVIDENCE of collusion by the Trump administration” that the liberals can’t seem to “stop beating a dead horse”. The liberal Government, the liberal Media and liberal Hollyweed elite, if for no other reason, should be extremely happy that the POTUS has helped them greatly in their portfolios to gain more in the way of financial standing due to the upturn of the stock market since before he was president, which by the way, gives them more money to pay others to make it look like there are more people that believe their way, or these violent protestors who destroy others’ property, fight, and hinder innocent people trying to go about in their daily lives. It sickens me to see Congress (grown adults) act like children (for the world to see), hindering and/or downright stopping any measures to make our country a better place to live and feel safe when we leave our homes. Why don’t they spend their time investigating their own (i.e. Clinton (all of them), Obama, Weiner, etc) If, Flynn did something so bad that the liberals find distressing enough to investigate him, why didn’t they get rid of him early on during Obama’s reign as King. I’m done ranting now.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Because they are a vacuum in the arena of ideas.

  • Jmanjo

    Yates, in spite of being respected around Washington D.C., is still a liberal and her responses before Congress certainly show it. She dodged any question that would have helped explain any of the liberal rhetoric. She hides behind classified info the same as the fired Comey! How could she have defended Obama restricting entry from the Muslim countries and not Trump for the same reasons. Hypocrite and liberal reasoning that’s why. They should have charged Hillary and impeached Obama and they did not. They would like to do that to Flynn and Trump when there are no reasons. It all boils down to the liberals cannot believe dumb lying Hilary lost the election. But, that’s what happens when you are so smug as to think you have it in the bag! As for the media, they cannot believe people did not vote the way they reported that they should. Now, no one wants to believe them because they are lying just like old haggy Hillary!

  • Agostino

    Obama should have fired Comey back in July.

  • cathylovesyou

    I am tired of Democrat dishonesty, setting off false fire alarms to distract the public the congress and the media and only insinuate never charge or admit either it is classified or they take the 5 TH. The un- American Nationalist Socialist Democratic Party has no place in a Republic. You are all so unhappy Get out and live stress free in France, or Venezuela. You have raised warped minds and only those believe your lies.

    • Allen Shaw

      Golly Gee I did not know that only one opinion counted.

      Why can’t you wait until the investigation is over before you deport half of the citizens.

      Are you afraid of the results.

      Who is in the The un- American Nationalist Socialist Democratic Party?

      • cathylovesyou

        You must be very young and didn’t study History in school. So at least watch AMC once in awhile instead of Communist networks like CNN and MSNBC

      • dux nobis28

        Communist opinions are not welcome all illegals must be deported Puerto Rivo must be made independent and its inhabitant current and former expatriated from the Us Let’s finish the job and get rid of all parasites!

    • dux nobis28

      For your information ANP are patriotic Americans unlike communist scum like you!

      • cathylovesyou

        Typical Democrat, knows zero and only debates using fowl language. Wise up or you will only agree with people that think like you and what you think was taken from un Americans. Don’t forget use racist to shut people up and extreme (oh no Schumer got caught on open mic promoting that word) Read Read and find out who you really are now get some soap and wash you mouth out.

    • dux nobis28

      Do you know who the ANP is? try a little research and use spell check

      • cathylovesyou

        I nicely stated and shocked you understood the insinuation

  • Michele Loth

    Sally Yates told the truth, which is the main reason she was fired along with Comey. Anyone close to exposing Captain Twitter is being let go. If this continues, his whole family will be the only ones left in his cabinet. You inbred rednecks who voted him in will soon find out that the only one he will take care of is himself. His new motto is “Make Trump the Greatest”.

    • bttrap

      sounds more like obambie I’m glad I’m a inbread redneck if that’s all it takes to keep you democraps out of office stop crying over the election trump is the president not hitlery and 8 years is a long time to cry

  • Ed Anderson

    Is it just me or does Sally Yates look a lot like Elizabeth Warren without glasses?

  • dux nobis28

    Now that Trump is finally getting rid of the clowns and traitors can we look foward to seeing the Clintons in jail along with the traitor Onozo and his lying cronies Lynch and Rice The best thing for America is not mercy for these criminals bit harsh justice!

  • LJJ1937

    Thank God she is no longer in the position as our top cop. She is a hack!!!!!! When will the Democrats wake up. Its a non starter and the American people are beginning to see it……..Please read Gammi2Anna below, it states it all!!!!!!!

  • Joe Pewter

    yates would fail a polygraph..its easy when u are ALLOWED to lie..fraudulant worthless c/nt

  • rick meek

    Yates was and is IN on it……