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SAVAGE: Trump Just Exposed Pelosi for the Phony That She Is

When a historian goes back through the many classic things President Donald Trump tweeted throughout his candidacy and presidency, he might want to linger on this one from Monday when determining the top ten list. Because this was a Trump in rare form indeed. In less than 140 characters, he exposed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stance on the border wall as the absolute nonsense that it is.

“If Nancy Pelosi thinks that Walls are ‘immoral,’ why isn’t she requesting that we take down all of the existing Walls between the U.S. and Mexico, even the new ones just built in San Diego at their very strong urging,” Trump tweeted. “Let millions of unchecked ‘strangers’ just flow into the U.S.”

If Democrats had any wits about them, they would excuse themselves from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s classes on how to use Twitter and take a seat at the foot of the master himself, President Donald Trump. Because this was an expert class on making your political opponent look like a hypocrite and a fool.

Pelosi will undoubtedly choose to ignore this tweet, because she has no other viable choice. The options are to either agree, and prove to the country that she really is the rabid, open-borders loon that her critics accuse her of being – and that’s a politically unstable position that would surely cost the Democrats the 2020 election, to say nothing of the shutdown victory. Or she could disagree and explain to the nation why walls across the southern border are just fine, except when they are TRUMP’S walls. Good luck finding a nuanced and politically-viable way to put that position into words.

But even without Trump’s pointed tweet, it’s clear that the walls – so to speak – are closing in on Pelosi. In the past week or so, several Democrats have come forward to disagree with her stance that it is “immoral” to build a wall across the southern border. One of those just happened to be Steny Hoyer, the number two Democrat in the House of Representatives. Another was House Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS), who admitted Sunday that he “would not rule out a wall in certain instances.”

Then there was the bombshell last week when Obama’s own Border Patrol chief, Mark Morgan, acknowledged that a wall is exactly what the U.S. needs across the border.

“I’m here today breaking my silence to tell the American people that the president is correct in what he’s doing,” Morgan told Law & Crime. “The wall works.”

Yes, yes it does. It works so well that Pelosi herself supported building it. Only now, with Trump in the White House, has it become “immoral.”

She’s a phony, and Trump just proved in one fell swoop why she’s one of the most unpopular politicians in Washington.

What do you think?

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  1. Nutty Nancy peloser is showing just how evil she is. She cares about nothing but her money and her gavel. She looks at it like she is worshipping it. She is delusional! She is narcissistic! There is nobody in this country knows what is best for the US but her. She is a huge liar, but the worst of it, she lies to herself and refuses to believe real facts. It is only what she thinks that matter.
    She is going to take a huge fall soon and it will probably burn the very last brain that she now has.

    • Yes! Confiscate her bank accounts and put the money towards the wall. She gained her millions at the cost of American lives!!

      • She continues to show her irrationality, with her stance against anything that has been promoted by President Trump. Her hatred of the President proves she will do whatever it takes to destroy the man, including betray the people of America, and turn it into a 3rd world country. She favors allowing the UN to control the American people, which is another indication of her corruption, greed and total disregard for the safety and well being of all of us. If there was ever a time in her Congressional career, when she worked for America, that time has long passed. The best thing that could happen is that she be removed from office ASAP, before she succeeds in the complete destruction of the US which she seems very happy to do.

        • Trump just ran into a political WALL stronger than anything he has run into his entire life. A woman that put him in his place and hopefully back into realty. Not all Republicans think a large wall is the answer. We need a comprehensive solution to this problem that requires ALL parties to work it out WITHOUT have having a government shutdown. Remember Trump had control of both the Senate and the House and failed.

          If you are looking a what the rest of the country thinks of what just happen check this web page with the current poll numbers included.

          • Oh Allen you really think Pelosi has the best interest of WE THE PEOPLE? This is about her ego and by the way she and Schumer are boasting and bragging how they got one up on our President? Thought this was about WE THE PEOPLE. See you don’t want to see what is obvious…WE THE PEOPLE aren’t her concerns it’s about her chip on her shoulder which by the way will very soon be knocked off. Wait and see

          • Evidently you haven’t watched your 4 year old daughter being raped by illegals! Then, after they kill her, they rape your wife and son! THEN, maybe kill you! How’s that? You like?

      • Indeed, seize all her family ill gotten wealth. Look into just how much of California has been purchased by Communist money. Long Beach Harbor was once the base for our Coast Guard;but, under democrat rule was transferred to the Chinese Navy’s Container Division—-hmmmm

    • She is all that but ill physically. When she talks on the media, she loses track to what she is saying and at times adds a number of uns, ahs and begins to say something but her mouth stop a wording or a statement of her thoughts.

      • Sadly, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer believe they can micro manage the entire DNC, with the many contridicting views. They try to paint a veneer or unity over this wall issue, even when their past voting records are opposit. Inversely, those on the Pro side of the wall needs are not receiving full support of some RINOs, like Senator Rubeo, who play both sides , depending upon their own political needs, at the time. It appears that the Army Corp of Engineer working our border emergency is the best answer. This will likely have to go through a couple of layers of activist judges rulings apealed to the Supreme Court. But, it can be fast tracked, while the President holds Democrats’ feet to the fire by refusing to sign any bill that does not start a defensive wall to control invasive flow of undesirable, unvetted, disease infected, terrorist, criminals, and drug mules.

        • Our Army Corp of Engineers build all over the World (at taxpayer expense) and are reasonably priced and very fast & efficient.

    • Yes, and she has shown her true colors. Never to be trusted. Nothing will get done.
      Trump might as well Trash it. Let us all start over, and fund those poor ppl that are not
      working or working and not getting paid. Let us not use them as pawns. This is not right.
      She is a real nutjob.

    • I swear, if this ding-bat had two brains; she’d still be a half wit ! If the Dems had any balls, they would dump this idiot! Wake up America, get rid of her.

    • Correct…how about, if she was sincere, taking down the wall around her property? Why does she hav a wall? And Obama’s? And Waters? The list can go on and on. They are so possessed by hatred, in spite of Nancy’s catholism, that they have become spiritually, mentally and physically captured by hatred of what is right.

  2. If walls are immoral, why doesn’t she tear down the one around her house. You know, the same one some illegals climbed over and pitched a tent and she called the cops on

  3. Lunybird Nancy is underminig the democratic Party to make sure that they will loose in 2020 ,all because she thinks she is now above the law !

    • Actually Nanny Pelosi said that she is “equal to the President”! Yep, she thinks, because she is 3rd in line (God forbid) to the Presidency, that her power is now equal to the President. Now let’s think about that for a moment… We all remember the movie where the President and VP were taken hostage and Morgan Freeman’s character was the Speaker and that was all well and good. BUT, can you imagine a worse disaster for Americans than Nanny Pelosi having actual Presidential authority? Because I can’t!

  4. Pelosi has just stopped a Constitutionally required event. The SOTU address. SHE now owns this subversion of our Constitution !

  5. Heaven has a gate you must go thru to enter. A gate is an opening in a wall and therefore Heaven has a wall. Not all who show up at the Gates of Heaven will get to enter, What is great for Heaven should be great for America.

    Maybe the House of Representatives should hold another election to vote for a different Speaker of the House. Nancy is not doing the job at all.

    • Her district in California has huge numbers of homeless people living, defecating and throwing used drug syringes on what were once nice streets in thriving areas. She is doing NOTHING to solve that problem either. People mean nothing to her. Power is her only goal.

  6. the wrinkled old bitch should take that mallet and use it on her head–get rid of the toilet face before I get in my Sherman tank and run over her

  7. Pigloser is dearly costing the American people who work for the government, NOT President Trump! She has put herself so high on the pedestal that her mentality is taking a serious dive! The wall double standard is incomprehensible, ok for her against terrorists, but NOT ok for the American people who who have to pay her lavish and ridiculous lifestyle? She’s nothing but a selfish, egotistical, sociopath who cares NOTHING for America or it’s people! She only cares what she can steal and lie to get from us!

  8. Pigosey will eventually lose this contest of wills. She is an amateur compared to Trump, but she is too dumb to realize it. If democrats had any principals, rather than just supporting party politics, they would over ride her. But most have learned the Washington survival ethic; go with the party line, or risk punishment by the democratic party. Maybe there are a few somewhere in the dumbocrat party that still live by principles. (Let’s hope so for the sake of the country).

  9. Now Nancy Pelosi wants more gun control. She wants to punish decent, honest citizens for the actions of the criminals and crazies that are allowed to run loose in modern America! The citizens will be defenseless. The criminals will still have guns. Look at Chicago! They have strict gun control laws. Chicago is a crime ridden sewer. Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts want to turn all of America into Chicago!

  10. I think that anything Trump says or writes has to be taken with a grain of salt. He tends to misrepresent any issue that doesn’t fit his agenda. Why should we believe anything he says? He is a habitual liar and his own worst enemy.

  11. If walls are so immoral, why does she have a wall around her property? What a hypocrite! Build the wall nancy! You have met your match and you are loosing miserably!

  12. several years ago, there was a news item telling us that Pelosi’s husband, owner or restaurants, refused to accept union workers. Interesting that Malibu rich folks are against Trump’s wall…what those rich Demos seem to prefer are household and businesses that deny a living wage pay scale…for of course immigrants illegally nm the US….URIM

  13. Nancy Pelosi needs to be impeached. How can this happen? Can President Trump fire her? She can’t even pick up the gavel let alone make any serious issue decisions. (mostly because of our Presidents is be attack stupidly by underground). I am sure Pelosi is protecting herself also from the evil behavior of the Democrats and paid very good and well then what she makes now from Soro’s No doubt. It has been shown quit a few times. Has anyone see George Bush Jr anywhere? Seems like a few more disappeared. Hopefully it is a sign.

  14. Nancy Pelosi is one very vindictive bitch! She has no place in today’s American Government as senility has already set in on her. Her behind the scenes relationship with Schumer is one that deserves investigation, they’re just too chummy to be only friends.

    Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein and other Democrats are not working for America! Why we keep letting them prolong the misery they’re causing our country is beyond my comprehension. I recently read an article alleging that Pelosi was, in some way, involved with Mexican Drug Cartels! If that allegation has any substance, at all, who’s covering up for her and why haven’t those allegations been investigated by the FBI?

    • I read awhile back that Pelosi had an affair with Mueller! I think someone should really investigate this to see if it’s true. That would be a big bombshell.

  15. They were not illegals they were a group supporting the angel moms. They did try her front door and it was locked. they were not arrested but will likely be fined. iF Nancy has her way possibly prison.

  16. Nancy & Chuck need to remember, this is not Trump’s Wall, this is The American People’s Wall. They are shooting themselves in the head. But the rest of the party need’s to find their spines, & stand against the two Evil Morons & stand with the People of The United States of America. If you added up 1/4 of Tax Payers Dollars that they have squandered, & stolen in the eight years of Obama, we could build a lot of Walls to protect Americans. One trip, for Nancy, & her family, & friends, paid for by the American taxpayers, would go a long way toward building our wall. Witch, wake up & realize, those who go up against our President, & what he is doing for the American People, do not do well for very long. Prayers are powerful, & there are Billions, & Trillions of them going up to Heaven for our President.

  17. I’m from Arizona, and you can see from the map that our whole Southern Border border’s Mexico. Please build the Wall. I’ve witnessed first hand the danger, especially for drug’s.
    One person told me I couldn’t be that ignorant or am I paid to be that stupid. Seriously shut the door. (or Border)

  18. Any contest that features TRUMP vs. PELOSI is going to be a slam dunk for POTUS. She works herself into corners from which there is NO escape. So let’s BUILD THAT WALL and raise the quality of life for Americans. Give it up NANCE, you are OVERMATCHED …

  19. It’s hard to imagine just what the dems are doing. Pelosi is refusing to help build the wall with no rational reason. They put a muslim anti-Semitic freshman congresswoman in the committee of foreign affairs. They put AOP in the finance committee. A woman who if had half a chance would bankrupt the country with her outrageous ideas. Her new green day plan is the most ridiculous plan I have ever heard of. It seems they hate Trump so much they want to do whatever damage they can to our country.

  20. I’ve said it on numerous occasions: Pelosi is a spoiled, very wealthy woman who just want the limelight. She likes to bask in the spot lights and glow of supporters. Somehow, it seems to validate her as the the 1st thing (wealth) doesn’t. She’s definitely mentally unstable.

  21. She is so two faced her own family has trouble standing up for her. Nancy is a disgusting excuse for a human being and her face looks like it sure is working for her with all the brain freezes and all the wrinkles on her face and neck. She thinks she has the control with the gavel but that is a joke and I know that all the new members will eventually see right pass her and all the trouble she brings to the DEMS.

  22. This is more Demorats’ corruption. The did the same thing to Reagan. If he would stop the shut down, they would secure the border. He stopped the shut down and the did nothing. Reagan said it was the bigest mistake of his life. NEVER TRUST A DEMORAT LIAR.

  23. She would not even meet with the widow’s and mothers who lost loved ones to illegal’s. Hiding behind her walls of her office. Hmm she has walls there too!! Her and Schumer both said they would not vote for anything Trump proposes. Now that shows she doesn’t give a hoot about the normal United States citizens she is suppose to represent. She took an oath to the people and doesn’t care about us. I think we should storm the castle and escort her and Schumer out the door.

  24. The wall needs to be built. This isn’t east and west Germany, this is a civil country being invaded by a corrupt country that is so bad even those in power are being forced to look the other way. Until Mexico can get it’s own law enforcement under control and put their citizens to work in decent paying jobs there will always be those who flee to our country, smuggle drugs into our country, and since they have no life they don’t care if they rape, steal, murder or all of that in our country. We go to war with Iraq, Iran, and others thousands of miles away when the greatest danger is along our own border with Mexico.

  25. Nasty Nancy – the old hag who needs to just GO AWAY. She’s all wrinkled up, looks and sounds retarded. It’s a good thing she has others thinking for her cause she certainly can’t think for herself. Retire quickly please…..

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