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Sessions to U.S. Attorneys: Time to Punish Criminals Again


After an eight-year effort by the Obama Justice Department to weaken federal sentencing guidelines, Attorney Jeff Sessions is preparing to roll back the clock. Carrying through on President Trump’s promise to restore law and order to the country, the DOJ sent a letter this week to the nation’s 94 U.S. attorneys instructing them to “charge and pursue the most serious and readily provable offense” when prosecuting criminal suspects.

While the attorney general’s office can only make recommendations, the new guidelines are expected to have a big impact when it comes to federal prosecutions throughout the country. Under Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, prosecutors were encouraged to go in the other direction. The focus was on emptying prisons, pushing back on mass incarcerations, and handing out lighter sentences for drug offenses. These policies, driven by a racially-influenced agenda, met fierce resistance from hardliners like Sessions, who believes that criminals should be punished to the fullest extent of the law – regardless of the color of their skin.

“This policy affirms our responsibility to enforce the law, is moral and just, and produces consistency,” the DOJ said in the letter. “This policy fully utilizes the tools Congress has given us. By definition, the most serious offenses are those that carry the most substantial guidelines sentence, including mandatory minimum sentences.”

Under the previous administration, Attorney General Holder enacted what he termed the “smart on crime” initiative, which directed prosecutors to withhold information – such as the amount of drugs found in a suspect’s possession – if it would trigger mandatory minimum sentencing laws. Holder recommended that U.S. attorneys keep this information hidden as long as the suspect in question was not being charged with a violent offense and had no connections to a gang or a drug cartel.

“With an outsized, unnecessarily large prison population, we need to ensure that incarceration is used to punish, deter, and rehabilitate — not merely to warehouse and forget,” Holder said in 2013.

In the Sessions memo, prosecutors were instructed to disregard the Holder-era policies and instead “disclose to the sentencing court all facts that impact the sentencing guidelines or mandatory minimum sentences.”

The usual liberals are pitching a fit about the memo, claiming that Sessions will lead the country back into the “disastrous War on Drugs” age that led to overcrowded prisons in the first place.

If, however, a policy that does nothing more or less than to direct U.S. attorneys to FOLLOW THE LAW is so monstrous, then the onus is on Congress to change those laws and eliminate mandatory sentencing minimums. In the meantime, it’s really extraordinary to see how eager these activists are to see the federal government ignore congressional law.

Oh, but TRUMP is the lawless tyrant…right, right.

  • Name

    Law enforcement – great! How about the corrupt judges?

  • Jmanjo

    Might be awhile but Trump s working on the judges too That’s why the immigration bans got held up, the liberal judges that do not know the Constitution or don’t care if we fill the nation up with criminals and foreign trash!

    • nancy miller

      Wonder if Soros is paying them off, too? Maybe a deep audit by the IRS is overdue.

      • Carolyn McK

        Way overdue!

  • Estell Newton

    Maybe if more people were put in jail and kept there instead of letting them go the riots might decrease. I say jail them too.

    • nancy miller

      The word “anarchy” hasn’t been used by the press in respect to them. But that is exactly what they are. Anarchists .

      • Estell Newton

        Most of the riots are in CA. Strange that they are ones to pass a law making it legal for communists to hold government jobs–up to and including governor. How much freedom do they think they are going to have if a communist is elected as governor? Then they will get what they ask for.

        • grafra102


  • Patriot47

    Go Trump and his administration. DESTROY all the liberal destruction of our nation of laws.

  • george briar

    don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Break the law go to jail for the maximum will make even the idiots think twice. So lock up Clinton and Obama and throw away the key.

    • Floyd

      But all demoKKKrats would have to be in a PADDED CELL. And keep them there until they join the dems leader SATAN. And Al Gore will find his global warming when meets SATAN

    • grafra102

      george briar: AND THE WHOLE FUCKING MESS WITH THEM!!!!!!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    hay sessions , when are you going to start locking up the criminals in congress, their getting away with murder these days

    • Rosech Levy

      If he could, he would but once outside Congress, he can. Goody, goody to see the Congressional creeps paying the “bill” for once.

    • R7Berry

      Why ask questions like this ? Investigation, grand jury, trial, conviction all takes time. Probably after all the Obama criminals have been to court.

  • John McClain

    We have long been outside the founding principles of our Nation, the establishing of “The Republic” as a “nation with government under the rule of law”, and has always been the case, when “authority knows no boundaries”, whether because none are established and fixed, or even more pernicious, when they have assumed the perspective, they are above the law, and can ignore with impunity”, any people with any slight intent of keeping such as we have, reaching to recover at the least, some of what’s been lost, and in hopes of actually growing up, and realising the potential, unlocked by our Founding Fathers, never yet realised, we must re-establish the idea of “true equality”, that being “equality under the law”, by which we establish truth as the standard.
    “Truth” can no more stand in the face of special favor, granted for power, money, or influence, than it can when special favor is granted for social status, such as minority, immigrant, or poverty.
    The fact is, and always has been, it is only when “the rule of law” covers all, and those with greatest authority, also carrying the greatest loss, if they break the law and are held to account, sets the example for all of lesser status.
    While Mr. Sessions is exactly correct in his statements of fact and principle, when we have a subversive, criminal under-government, when we have literally hundreds of elected and appointed citizens, who have been grossly criminal, to the highest crimes of Treason, and allowed to be ignored, there will be no change made until “the rule of law” is applied, post haste, to those Treasonous mendacious elect and appointed, “applying the law as it is written” is merely the excuse to return to “status quo”.
    I accept no legal authority in the central, not federal government, because at this point, every crime committed by obama, has remained undealt with, not even properly investigated, with the certainty of the former president, having committed Treason, in down-classifying emails to Clinton’s private server, “expressly, as stated in some of them”, for the purpose of allowing HRC to claim not having classified documents on her illegal, explicitiy told by the NSA, not to have, “private server”.
    When a Colonel of Marines has committed a crime, has lost the respect of his unit, for having done wrong, and been allowed to get away with it, such a unit almost always falls apart unless a leader leads them into “effective mutiny” and charging the Colonel, forcing the agency, The Corps, to act. No prosecutions before him have any effect on morale, standards or the will to follow, until the ranking crime is first dealt with.
    If Mr. Sessions wants any respect, would have any “due”, he must begin prosecuting from the top, with the clearly criminal and treasonous complete State Department, first with HRC, but every single person in the command chain, well including Kerry, as he failed to secure documents as the law required, and refused, utterly, to comply with demands to open the State Department’s accounts of the immediate past.
    When the President of the United States has openly committed treason, he must be investigated, and the results of such investigation must be pursued to the utmost. The Highest Crime is the most important one to prosecute, and none beneath it need any attention until the Chief Executive of Criminals is investigated, indicted, and tried for each and every prosecutable crime.
    Until the “elite” have been charged and dealt with, it is criminal to even look at mere citizens. If our elect are called “leaders”, we must consider their “criminal acts” as leading citizens into the same, and the fault of the “elect”, first, as instigators, (surely you won’t die?” and only after all the leadership is cleared, and law-abiding, only then is it moral and ethical to even consider “the rule of law over common acts”.
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC

    • Libs R Loons

      Very well-spoken, and thank you for your service, sir!

    • nancy miller

      Thank you for your service.

    • Carolyn McK

      Amen! And 100 more amens!!

  • roninrus1

    And start at the top.
    Clinton and B-HO would be a good place to start.
    Otherwise it won’t mean anything.

    • nancy miller

      Not to mention that they have the evidence at hand now that Lynch and Comey are not there to suppress it.

      • pmbalele

        Does Jeff Sessions really know he works for Trump and not for himself? I doubt. This guy thinks he is the president in his office. People like Jeff Sessions forget they can be fired any time for they are political appointees. This guy thinks he can enact his own policies without recourse to his boss – Trump. Just look at his face. This guy looks angry; and we do not know why. We wish him the best before he is fired..

        • Carolyn McK

          He doesn’t think he is Trump. He knows Trump gave him the authority and what his goal is. You sound like one of the brain dead liberals. He does look angry, just like the rest of us conservatives and you all have earned every drop of anger you are getting from us!!!

          • pmbalele

            Well somebody asked me if we need the government like you Ms. Know-it-all. This is America where people of races compete. That is why we need government to ensure people of races have equal playing field. I do not want to be hired using Affirmative Action program. That angers you Whites. I should be hired because I competed and was appointed as an individual-not as Black person. Without government we Blacks are in trouble. There is a huge conspiracy against us we need to address and counter. We need more Black nurses, Black doctors, business people, computer scientists; lawyers – My ass was saved by a Black woman lawyer. As a whole we need people of races as Americans. I hope I made sense to you Nice face.

        • dan fondren

          about time we had someone with balls Sessions got them go get them sessions what ever you think you are.

        • Jeanette Wells

          Well, it’s about time there are consequences for criminal behavior! I support Sessions, and what gives you the idea that he hasn’t spoken to Trump about these things beforehand? Of course Sessions is doing the right thing. Something Eric Holder never did: seeking punishment for crimes.

        • grafra102

          pmbalele: Really???? He is in the Presidents Cabinet , and he can do what President Trump allows, and all he needs is permission!!!! WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM ASSHOLE???

    • Tiger

      You beat me to it exactly. Law and Order begins at home.

  • Eric Hartman

    Nothing like returning to failed policies Jeffy!

    • R7Berry

      Going soft on them isn’t the answer either.

      • Eric Hartman

        Then Rush Limbaugh should be locked up.

  • Jr1776

    Wow what a novel idea !

  • Joe Pewter

    yep…start with clintons…maybe u will gain some credibility


    Our Justice system is a complete failure.

  • Rosech Levy

    Ride ’em, cowboy! Yep, and we applaud Sessions (and Trump) for MAGA step by step. Criminals need to be in prison but better yet than supporting them in comfort is to hang them (as apparently injections are not nice) and the sooner the better saving loads of money in trials, allowing only one appeal, and then off to the gallows.

  • Vince

    PUBLIC EXECUTIONS. Put some hangings on TV prime time. Criminals most know there is punishment for braking the law.

    • Yeah yeah yeah….like in Muslim countries… yea yeah like is instructed in Muslim Koran…. like Muslims want for America…and Europe …the Koran as government constitution….so show the people what the Koran actually does to society

  • Richard B

    The sad part of this is that there is no rehabilitation in our prison system. If there were, then we’d more than likely see some more positive out comes.

    • William Burke

      Oh, HELL YEAH!! Time “rehabilitate” weed users, tax resistors and vaccine resistors! LAW AND EFFING ORDER, you morons!!!

  • rick meek

    WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO VICTIM’S RIGHTS —— Man – They’ll really flip NOW —- Like they haven’t pulled out the big guns yet…..Campaign trail – they said he wasn’t a politician and had NO RIGHT seeking the nomination —- After WINNING – they said he and russia cheated – They compared him to hitler – Now it’s Nixon – the MSM going “OFF THE RAILS ON A CRAZY TRAIN” —- DC going off the rails —– I think people did good by electing a “monkey wrench” to throw at these elitist A-Holes…..THE TIME OF THE PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN AND ELITES ARE OVER……

    • grafra102


  • Edgar Duvall

    Innocent until proven guilty is not being observed. Nobody should be locked up until they are proven guilty without any doubt. Don’t let the jury say the judicial branch didn’t know what they were doing. Over crowding cut out completely. Cost to tax payers cut out completely. Cost for sentencing criminals paid by criminals. Judges and prosecutors should receive no gratuity for going easy on criminals. If there is video proof that can be validated there should be no trial just sentencing. Proven serial killers should be put to death to keep prison population to a minimum. Prison systems should be run where they are not a burden on tax payers but a profitable program contributing to government cost. All prisons should be Federal. Even drunk drivers and non support cases.

    • bttrap

      there is plenty of room on alcatraz

    • William Burke

      “Innocent until proven guilty is not being observed. Nobody should be locked up until they are proven guilty without any doubt.”

      Interesting comment. What are you, a serial killer? I’m sure Ted Bundy would approve.

      • Edgar Duvall

        No I am a law abiding citizen. I have even been associated with law enforcement. If it was left up to me every criminal caught red handed would be punished on the spot.
        As far as Bundy is concerned he cost enough for all of us to take a nice vacation.

        • William Burke

          He sure did.

  • Tony Barreda

    Sessions must have his head mired deeply mired in Trump’s
    Newly created swamp. Our prisons are so crowded that there’s
    barely enough room for him and Trump. It’s evident that prosecutors are not easy on criminals.

    • bttrap

      the clintons and obambie should be in there first before anyone else

    • Libs R Loons

      The FEMA camps Obama built are big enough to hold over 10,000-13,000 people each, and they’re still manned by security who are in effect doing nothing at the moment.
      There’s the answer to your “over-crowded prisons” argument.

  • Charlie

    Let’s return to the “status quo” of back in the day when brutal murderers and their accomplishes were publically hung within a week of conviction where lawyers were not allowed by leftist judges to appeal for years and years grounded on baseless triviality. Anyone want to bet that murders would not be reduced by at least 90%?

  • Jeffrey Bagwell

    The sentences are much too severe for non violent offenders and nearly half of the federal criminal code should be abolished. Former Attorney general Meese testified in front of Congress and stated these facts. The US has 26% of the world’s incarcerated with less than 5% of the world’s population. This is an abomination for a supposedly free nation. No one wants violent and evil people committing crimes, but it is quite obvious that laws need to be modified to not bee incorrect and decide on mass incarceration as an answer. Punishment never stops crime. Morals and hope and self discipline and righteousness does. Throwing people in prison for drug offenses for severe periods of time has never stopped the problem, only made it worse. Not many go to jail for illicit liquor today, as there is no profit in it. Take the profit from drugs and minimize the problem. Mass incarceration is a tool of tyranny and repressiveness, not a land of liberty. By the way, I abhor illicit drugs and find no redeeming value in them at all.

    • Libs R Loons

      Maybe you didn’t know, but many of those other countries don’t have such a high population of “incarcerated” because the accused get executed instead.

  • Joe Pewter

    I just recently spoke to the new MN U.S.Attorneys office about a possible real estate ponzi scheme involving millions.. including fed $$..a city and county doing the handling of this property..a non property tax repayment agreement is happening…citizens directly paying at 100% bond an mortgage costs..soon as the junior U.S.Attorney attorney heard city and county…she got stammering scared to talk anymore at length …just saying U.S.Attorneys Office does not investigate..telling me to call FBI..and I will soon as FBI is determined in DC..this incident has been going on for many yrs…but with NO ONE to make a complaint to in the past…I am GLAD TRUMP Won …Comey was FIRED!! Please someone out there that may know how to get this to AG Sessions… let me know how to get it fowarded or forward it urself Thank You

    • Libs R Loons

      There should be a website for the AG’s office that includes a phone number….try just calling him.
      I’m proud to say that I met Jeff Sessions back when I worked in Alabama, and he’s not only a brilliant man, but he’s the kind of guy you could enjoy a BBQ with.

  • Walt

    Americans need to try Obama, Clinton, Comey, & Lynch and others that have done criminal acts & broke the laws many times. They need to be tried for Treason, Perjury, & other criminal acts. Lock them up, they are not above the law.

  • Albedamned!

    Lock up the political loonies in NYC and NYS. Remember, this is where Pillary got her political clout. They made her a typical democrap do nothing and a senator at the taxpayers expense.They democraps here, believe they do no have to answer to the voters. Schumer stinks and Gillibrand replied to me that basically, if you are in the automobile hobby, or lobby, go F–K selves. A bunch of loser do nothing, nut jobs.

  • William Burke

    “Time to punish good citizen potheads,” you mean?

    • Libs R Loons

      Is that an admission that you’re a pothead?
      Whether yes or no, remember that Colorado elected two democrats who promised to decriminalize pot, but behind the scenes they advocated putting pot users on a national registry as “drug addicts” so they could never legally buy a firearm for home defense.
      That’s what got them ousted in a recall election shortly after taking office.

      • William Burke

        “Is that an admission that you’re a pothead?”

        Maybe I’ll confess, after you explain how you got from A to X without passing through the alphabet. Your comment has nothing to do with anything being discussed here.

        • Libs R Loons

          Just making a point, which was evidently wasted on you.
          After all….”Time to punish good citizen potheads,” you mean?” was in and of itself an admission.
          Personally, I don’t care what you do on your own time if you aren’t working for me.

          • William Burke

            Actually it sounds like you very much DO care.

  • Stanley

    I’m all for it. Let’s begin with Hillary.

    • grafra102

      Stanley: HONEY GIVE ME THE WEAPON!!!

  • jazrobean

    It’s ABOUT TIME – – thanks

  • Ron Brooks

    Need to also stop rewarding them for their crimes by calling them victims of some lame social justice made up instigator such as parents, or where they grew up. They should remove cable t.v., remove yard time, remove weight benches so they will not be willing to go back to prison. The main reason there are so many repeat offenders is because they aren’t made miserable when in as they should be. The only people punished right now are the real victims of the crimes.

  • feduptohere

    I pray we are really going to see a change in the handling of criminals. locking them up, with comfortable beds, good food, exercise time, and so much more, for them, it is like going to college. They take courses there, at our expense, and on release, get the jobs one of our sons was hoping for. Really punishment alright. Time to get down to the real treatment of convicted individuals.

    • grafra102


  • Libs R Loons

    Just to throw in a reminder here…..
    Obama built over 300 FEMA camps in the US, claiming they were to temporarily house “illegals awaiting deportation”, but they were intended for law-abiding Americans who disagreed with him if he declared martial law.

    (And thank GOD he didn’t, although he created enough division in our country in hopes that we’d all rise up and give him an excuse.)

    They were all built to hold 10,000-13,000 people each, and that’s some of what Obama did with the $ 1 Trillion in “stimulus” money he conned taxpayers out of.
    They’re still manned by security troops who are literally doing nothing at the moment.

    My point in bringing this up is that there’s plenty of places to incarcerate the ANTIFA/BLM rioters and anarchists, along with those who lead, fund, enable, support, and give sugar-coated airtime to…..all the way up to the highest levels in government- many of them hold-overs from the criminal Obama administration.
    This is a fact that disputes the liberal outcry of “Our jails are too full…..we have to free the small-timers!”.

  • Ron

    You are correct Sessions. It is time to go after the Clintons and obama and it would be a good time to take a look at Comey. After all of that, take a look at Holder. Once that is done, I’ll l give you a few more names. Oh, how about insider trading? Pelosi.

  • dan fondren

    Start with obama, the clintons and right on down to the lowest. send them to jail to see how they enjoy the environment.

  • jcgreen2

    Thank Heaven for Trump and Sessions! I again have hope for America’s survival.

  • Homer Bosworth

    To solve the problem of over crowding in the prisons, execute murders, drunk drivers who kill people, people who intentionally transmit AIDS, Rapist, and anyone who sells/ manufactures dope. That will free up plenty of room in our prisons and keep our streets, homes, and communities safe.

  • kassa1

    Sessions is right they should prosecute criminals that are civil servants what domestic terrorist whatever the case maybe, I needed to start what is left to work for subs but the Democrat party will not denounce I’m sorry the Communist Party

  • HadEnough

    Thank Goodness, President Trump and AG Sessions are bringing back (Law and Order)

  • Wayne Smyer
  • nancy miller

    I cannot help but notice the expression on Jeff Session’s face. Before he took this thankless job he was always seen smiling. Now he is so serious and must have found very troubling problems. He will need all the support he can get by the vast majority of the FBI agents and workers. I know he has the support of the White House.

  • rick meek

    Yeah —— Start in DC and work out……

  • rick meek

    DC has never walked among the crosses at Arlington – seen the memorials at Normandy – Holland – france Germany – etc…… BUT THEY SURE KNOW HOW TO DISHONOR THEM…….

  • Shandor1280

    The damning fact, the nail in the coffin of statists like Obama and his minion Holder, is indeed that enforcing the law is to be avoided. Obama hit his stride by not enforcing righteous laws, and talking his way out of any guilt. After all, it’s much harder to convince Congress to change laws. It’s also easy to appoint “czars” to command the various Executive Branch agencies and boss the career criminals that staff them from administration to administration. But now there’s hope as We The People watch the bureaucrats and Globasocialists writhe in anger at their catastrophic political losses: they scream accusations and insults because the people spoke. The days of laws based on principle have returned, and the days of laws based on mere precedent are waning, thank God. Now someone please explain the difference to the reporters!

  • Nancy Anderson

    Prosecute and eliminate them. Anyone proven to have taken a life should be put to death. Cremate them and scatter their ashes in new growth forests. Then they would finally be doing the Earth some good. It’s time to stop putting them in prison, then giving them college educations, free medical and dental and everything else that the very people they would have killed had to work and pay taxes for. Take away ALL of their computers and make them work if they have not committed a capital crime. Bring back road crews and make them build the wall and repair bridges and whatever else they can be used for, for free labor. Don’t pamper them. And don’t give them gyms. They can work and that will build them up. By the time they get out they will have muscles and a job skill. I’m sick of my taxes paying for them to sit in jail or prison and “demand” all of these things. We would save a lot of money on road repairs, and build our country back up again.

  • Constitutionist

    Sessions has to do as he says. Obama, Hillary and most of the Dems have left so much crime in Office to let it follow over int o the Trump Presidency. That 8 years has become the norm as most have gotten use to there bad ethics. To stop crime it has to be from those that were in the Government before. They allowed riots of all kinds of distraction to go on. This breeds more crime. When the criminals see what those in Government get away with it shows the Nation how the criminals outside of the Government how much they can get away with. If Hillary and many in the Obama get away with crimes they know they will also. The apples in the box are now are all rotten.

  • Carolyn McK

    Has the liberals lost their friggin minds. They want to destroy us by bringing in terrorists and loosing criminals on society!! They want to put us deeper in debt to bankrupt us so the Illuminati can takeover. Sound like Germany not so long ago? If we forget history, we are doomed to repeat it. We need to get Soros and his group out of our political system. It may mean some pretty nasty times, but we are Americans and have taken on the world before. I am 65 years old but would not hesitate to take up arms against people who want to destroy us.

  • rick meek


  • Craig Anderson
  • grafra102


  • Tiger

    It will be a shock for all the lawless people wearing black robes now a days and all the lawless attorneys who are in cahoots with the lawless black robed crowd. But good luck and would really like to see it in America again.