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It Took Intense Courage for Trump to Fire Comey


Last weekend, the Kennedy family gave former President Barack Obama their annual “Profile in Courage” award for some reason or another. Next year, they should consider giving it to Donald Trump. Because by firing FBI Director James Comey, Trump showed more courage than Obama showed in his eight years in the Oval Office.

Trump had to have known that it was going to look bad, politically, for him to fire the man in charge of investigating the links between his campaign and the Russian government. He knew that the mainstream media would focus relentlessly on that aspect, suddenly ignoring what had been, up till then, the only thing they talked about when they brought up Comey’s name: Namely, that he “cost Hillary Clinton the election.”

On Tuesday evening, the Democrats changed their tune in a hurry. All of a sudden, Comey was not just a man of the law, he was practically a man of the cloth. And Trump was the reincarnation of Richard Nixon, trying everything possible to avoid going down with the Carter Pages and the Michael Flynns. And even though biased, liberal journalists said over and over again that Comey’s firing would change NOTHING about the day-to-day Russia investigation, the Democrats apparently think that Trump is so dumb that he doesn’t realize that. They want us to believe that HE believes he can just…fire his way out of treason charges! Come on.

This really shows you how virulent Trump Derangement Syndrome has become. Maybe Democrats really are this unhinged. More likely, they think that because they have such a stranglehold on the media, they can get the American people to buy into their silly conspiracy if they just play it straight enough and hold enough ominous press conferences.

It would be so easy at this point for Trump to just keep his head down, give in to every Democratic Party pressure, and try to get in good with the D.C. establishment. And to their unending frustration, he simply refuses to buckle. Just when they think he’s about to crumble, he doubles down. We finally have a president who doesn’t give a damn what the media’s fake polls say about him or what the Democrats say about him or how crazy the slacktivists get on social media. He’s going to do what he feels is right, regardless. That’s courage.

  • Stanley

    First of all, Comey did not do his job when he had Hillary in his hands. He should have followed though and submitted his findings. Otherwise, he should have retired or resigned. He knew Hillary was a guilty as sin. Trump should have followed through and got the ball rolling again and put her away; and if Comey did not budge, he should have fired him then.

    • Craig Anderson

      He should have never been hired, for he spent eight years in the office and with all the crime going on in DC he never caught one person for anything, after in all other admin there had been at least one prosecuted, for something. Maybe now if we have a new director in the FBI, one that will bring out the truth, well Comey did tell the truth, only he wasn’t suppose to make the judgement he did and that is what got him fire too. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/72639438f0a5126359cb3f62dda0a24a5739e7c3fda663814df5fe5ed7627e5c.jpg
      There was none of these that rang a bell for him either as he was able to help wash all these away and you know that if it wasn’t for him he would never have been able to perpetrate his HOAX without Comey in the FBI, Brennen in the CIA, the three Muslim brothers he place in Homeland Security or even the people he stuck in all over the house, Senate, Supreme Court and even the oversight committee he could find. He now calls them his shadow army and there popping out all over with ICE clearing out the illegals and a new FBI director and some new who knows shit might happen now !

      • Stanley

        0bama should have never been given the key to the White House as well.

        • Craig Anderson

          Obama was issued in through the backdoor so to speak, by McCain and Kerry, for that was the strange thing about him when he did enter in several Rep and just about all Dem stood up for him and those Rep are the first of the traitors, with deep dark roots. McCain pending all that time as a voice for the Viet Cong in his youth and Kerry spending so much time in the mid-east in his. They had to have a lot of help with this one and if you don’t thing that FBI, CIA and the NIS including Homeland Security all had to look the other way for this one https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/72639438f0a5126359cb3f62dda0a24a5739e7c3fda663814df5fe5ed7627e5c.jpg

      • Annie

        bambam should be impeached. He is an illegal, muslim, gay & a fake. He stole more money from our treasury than anyone in history, He is a traitor to a country he really isn’t entitled to be in. He is the one who has let all these muslims criminals & ms13 gangs into America. He will go down in history as the worst criminal to ever e en step inside the white house. He should be impeached & sent to prison for life. And his friend hilldabeast…be glad she lost because bambam was going to make that a 3rd term for himself which of course is not allowed according to our consititution. She would have been his water boy. And these jerk dems think President Trump isn’t our president. They better be danmed lucky he is our president. No one ever had run & won who could financially save America like President Trump..

      • Roy Fredrichsen

        Craig – If the person known as O’Bama has no records, then he is an illegal and should be deported back to Africa where he came from. Why is he still here wreaking havok on the present President. All of O’BUMMERS’ records should be unsealed and he being investigated as an imposter.

        • Get over it just be thankful that he is gone but remember the person that helped him most to the Presidency was the current President Trump who called Obama a great President. Obama is irrelevant and now we have another leftist to deal with that is ideologically the same as Obama.

    • rothgar

      Except for the inconvenient fact that in Federal Court you need a crime or the ADA loses the right to appear in Federal Court. In the case of Hillary Clinton as a primary classifying authority (Sec. of State) she was empowered to use her discretion to protect sensitive documents. All her defense would have had to do is make the statement that in her opinion (supported by the many breaches of the State Department NIPRnet) using a private sequestered server to support conversations within the Department leadership was safer.
      Should she have used State Department IT people -maybe, maybe not given their performance running the rest of the Network.

      That defense is completely in accordance with the law especially since there is no available​ indication she was trying to get around Federal records rules.

      Sorry, but this is the reality of the rules. They are different if you are a Cabinet Member and thus a primary classifying authority. Not politically correct just legally correct.

      Five minutes into the case the defense asks for a summary acquittal and the disbarment of the ADA and 5 minutes later an ADA is looking for a job.

      • bttrap

        she should of been thrown out after her statement about the seals that were waiting for help

        • rothgar

          And this has what relationship to being tried for releasing classified material.

      • Lightning

        She gets to do her own classification? I say nay. You got some authority for this incredible claim, other than your lib/dem arrogance? (To you it looks like, feels like, assurance, but from here, after seeing how wrong you are so often, it’s arrogance for sure.)

        But even if she could, she didn’t. How inconvenient. Didn’t declassify anything before exposing it and breaking every rule for handling of classified documents.

        • rothgar

          She had authority under Executive Order 13526 various sections.
          See part 1, Section 1.3.c (3)

          Actually according to Dir. Comey’s testimony under oath to Congress in all the pages transfer there were 3 paragraphs that had (c) marking. This marking signifies either the Copyright Mark or a section of a document that is at the Confidential level.

          The material that was retroactively classified (meaning it was classified after it was handled by the State Department. As I recall the State Department disagreed with some (or all) of those retroactive actions.

          From unclassified descriptions of the material it sounds like in many cases these retroactive classifications may have violated section 1.7 (2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;

          So yes, she was Authorized to Classify documents. Given the mass of documents that were stolen off State Department Servers and released by WikiLeaks keeping a sequestered network for Departmental Leadership (Sec. Clinton and her aides) sounds like a reasonable plan.

          • Lightning

            Rothgar, you are either deeply confused or without concern for the truth. Likely both, which means I am wasting my time with you. Briefly:

            -Your comment requires a huge “suspension of disbelief.” She does all her Sec. of State business on an illegal private server and out of 60m emails only 3 paragraphs are classified? Secretary of State? What, they were all about yoga classes?

            – As Sec of St (“Agency head”) she surely had authority to classify documents, but nothing you cite gives her authority to declassify documents others had classified. And that is the issue at hand. Your assertion that she can is absurd. And she didn’t, so there.

            – You seem to think throwing around cites to an Obama Order is dispositive. Come on,, it’s Obama’s order to begin with. He could have given her a pardon, too, but that wouldn’t make her innocent.

            – Your first cite reads:

            ‘‘Secret’’ or ‘‘Confidential’’ original classification authority may be delegated only by the President, the Vice President, an agency head or official designated pursuant to paragraph (a)(2) of this section, or the senior agency official designated under section 5.4(d) of this order, provided that official has been delegated ‘‘Top Secret’’ original classification authority by the agency head.”

            So it deals with classification authority and delegation of such. NOTHING about declassification, which is the issue. But citing it sure sounded good.

            -Your 1.7 (2) reference and suggestion that these 3 (!!!!!) retroactive (??) classifications may have been aimed at embarrassing her – really!! Who did it? When?

            It would have been someone in her Agency or at least in the O administration, and it would have been before the private server and mishandling of classified material business ever came up. Unbelievable as to the source, and then irrelevant because of timing.

            Plus, according to you, all she had to do was wave her wand and unclassify them. All this amounts to is a demonstration that you simply regard her as all-powerful Queen Hillary who-can-do-no-wrong.

            -Finally, the suggestion that her private server was more secure than the government servers because Wikileaks got a lot of access – they got that from her vulnerable server. And regardless, the rules of handling classified material are what they are, and she violated them grossly. Anyone else who did what she did WOULD BE IN PRISON NOW. Never mind that the reason she did it was to cover up her pay-for-play communications, in which she sold, for millions and millions, access to her as Sec of State now, and as presumed President in the future.

            Could she be any more crooked? You’re a real wonder.

      • Craig Anderson

        But to change it over to what was more or less a party line was not what they meant by a secure line, anyone with aa smart phone could have hacked that server. I think that this server was used for a much more nefarious reason or she wouldn’t have gone to such length to destroy what she could. The destruction of evidence is also a admission of guilt. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/18295f31239791a7fcf7dbd8d062efbea4bbc892706df26ba8dd4201def2e827.jpg
        And if Comey couldn’t find anything on Obama he sure had to have the fix in, not to be able to find something on Hillary, after her nearly a half a century of criminal activity.

        • Tosh Keune

          A presume the point that NO ONE CREDIBLE has been able to provide ANY evidence that the Clinton Server was hacked is not convincing to you.
          It was being managed by a major Denver IT service provider – this was not a “homebrew” system as some like to claim. They were using first tier commercial tools for their security and other services. Further, this server was within a location actively protected by the Secret Service. At this point it is hard to not claim that that server WAS MORE SECURE than any of the normal State Department NIRPnet resources. Especially since State Department networks span the globe including touching down in plenty of Countries that would love to breach that network. You do understand that NIPRnet is for UNCLASSIFIED DATA – Right?

  • Jmanjo

    Trump should have fired him sooner, I agree! Hillary should be in jail along with a hall dozen or more other Dem crooks at the top of their food chain. Overnight they went from hating Comey to adoring him as the epitome of law enforcement. Give us a break! He turned a blind eye to the Clintons. Couple that with the lawless 9th Circuit and you can kiss our rights goodbye! Yates is another worthless liberal as she thought she should be the last voice heard on our immigration law. Wrong! The FBI is supposed to enforce the law not make the law.

    • rothgar

      So loyalty to the President is unnecessary for the FBI Director but that is part of the reported reasons President Trump fired him.

      Had he fired him on Day 1 the story wouldn’t look nearly as smelly.

  • bill sinni

    It took courage for Comrade Trump to fire Comey? I don’t think so. He did it for several reasons. In his mind, he thinks everyone in the FBI hated Comey (wrong). He thought Republicans and Democrats would applaud him (wrong), and most of all he fired Comey because the FBI is starting to investigate the Comrade’s nefarious financial dealings with Comrade Vladimir Putin and the Russians.

    • bttrap

      who cares what you think comrade bill

  • dank440

    After all three top FBI guys say he should have been gone and he himself said he should have been fired!
    Our president has nothing to hide and he did he made yet another great decision!

  • The only thing that Trump illustrated was paranoia. I do not want the head of the FBI to have loyalties to anyone but the American people. The Truth and the Constitution should be his guide.

    • george briar

      your the one that’s paranoid and looney as well so get help soon.

      • Trump would have never been elected if J. Edger Hoover was the head of the FBI.

      • Wake up…it is not OK for the POTUS to give top secret intell to the Russians. What must trump do for you to man-up as an American and demand impeachment? He deceived you and millions of other Americans and now it is time to show your wrath and have a show of loyalty to America by demanding that Trump resign and be tried as a traitor.

  • annarose13

    Comey deserved firing, President Trump showed the strength, courage & dedication to our country w/ his swift, absolute actions. HE is the kind of president USA has needed for a long time, the past 8 LONG years have been beyond a joke, it has been close to treason,

    • Comey was just doing the job he was hired to do. The questions about Trump’s Russian connections were legitimate and the appearance is that Coney was doing his job better than Trump wanted. Trump is very paranoid and the appearances are that he should be based on his history.

  • jdbixii

    There was a time when, on the inauguration of a new president, all government appointed officials, as a matter of courtesy in recognition of the change in government administration, tendered their resignations. If the new president wished them to continue in their duties, their resignation was rejected. If not, they went quietly off to the private sector.

  • Courage and Trump just does not belong in the same sentence. Trump was a draft dodger and has no personal courage or shame. He is truly a dispicble human being.

  • george briar

    great article and correct. The only ones that wanted Comey in there were the democrats because they had him in their back pocket. He was nothing but an obstructionist like all of them. Trump will continue to move forward and improve this damaged country that the democrats were slowly ruining so they could control it forever. Trump wanting to make it great again is their biggest fear.

    • Rosech Levy

      For some ill-informed, they should open and read this information to know who Comey really was and is:
      http://canadafreepress.com/article/james-comey-and-the-stinking-fish-factor Yes, Trump knew all sorts of hell would break out from hypocrites in Congress and the MSM. He did it, and we thank him for it. Now, President Trump let’s have the new FBI head in in spite of the Senate democrats and democrat republicans trying to stop your employee. There will be hell to pay if they do! You hire them, you can fire them and screw Congress.

      • Trump just could not handle a conservative and a Republican with integrity as his FBI head. Trump would have fired J. Edgar Hoover simply because he was a man of integrity.

  • rick meek

    Man – They’ll really flip NOW —- Like they haven’t pulled out the big guns yet…..Campaign trail – they said he wasn’t a politician and had NO RIGHT seeking the nomination —- After WINNING – they said he and russia cheated – They compared him to hitler – Now it’s Nixon – the MSM going “OFF THE RAILS ON A CRAZY TRAIN” —- DC going off the rails —– I think people did good by electing a “monkey wrench” to throw at these elitist A-Holes…..THE TIME OF THE PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN AND ELITES ARE OVER……

  • Annie

    All of the dems are stupid little peanuts. They can’t agree on who get

    s to go to the bathroom first. They can’t be trusted. just look at the damned black ass who thought he had a right a 3rd term most likely because he wasn’t done stealing America blind. He was actually an illegal, a muslim & a gay criminal. Last year they were creaming that hilldabeast should have won & comey was god incarnate. There has never been an honest dem I don’t think ever. They are only for them selves. They fight like little turds on a playground.They finally got rid of ass hole harry now they have crooked chuckie the cry baby. They are all making such stupid fools of them selves. Next round of elections I hope all of the dems lose. they are as crooked as bambam who got a courage award. Well that is one award that no American would ever want to accept. They gave it to a criminal, theif, ilegal & a muslim. That bambam did more harm to this counrty then any president we have had. He hold a candle right up there next to hitler for his crimes. And hilldabeast has more dead bodies at her expense than Al Capone. So why aren’t the dems chasing that crook right into gitmo for life.

  • John Siemens

    Comey should have been fired in July 2016 when he failed to do his job in recommending indictment for Hillary. Obama should have been impeached for not firing Lynch and Comey last summer.

    If the Dumb-o-crats continue with their violent attacks on Trump and conservatives, they will eventually find the civil war they are seeking. My patience is wearing thin and I am sure others are really, really tired of their crap.

    • Impeachment proceedings need to start soon against Mr.Trump. Giving our intell to the Russians and turning his back to our allies is the last straw for me. I am really surprised that the Democrats are for the most part silent and are letting us conservative Republicans lead the way in solving this problem of Trump the loose cannon. It is a sign that Americans are coming together against our common enemy from within Donald Trump.

  • BBski

    You’ve got to be kidding…..

  • Trish P

    I have seen comments that there is more nefarious things Comey has done, making him untrustworthy, which was the instigator for Trump to fire him (related to murder of DNC guy).

  • Roy Fredrichsen

    Trump only discovered another incompetent official not doing his job and fired him to find a replacement that was qualified to do the job right. During his testimony Comey described himself as weak and easily influenced by outside officials like Loretta Lynch. “call it matter instead of investigation”.