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Trump Blasts “Fake Story” About Pardons in The Washington Post

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that President Trump, demonic force of authoritarianism that he is, was yelling at his aides about the wall not getting built quickly enough. “Steal the land,” he shouted. “Break the law!” And so forth. And when those timid aides gently inquired as to what might happen to them if they went on an illegal mission to confiscate private land for the purposes of building the border wall? Why, the president simply told them that he would issue pardons to anyone accused of committing a crime.

This is what passes for reality in the minds of a Washington Post writer (and for many of their readers, we’re quite sure).

Under normal circumstances, this nonsense would not be published in a major paper. Under slightly less normal circumstances, it might be printed, but it would be so farcical on its face that the White House wouldn’t even deign to acknowledge it. Unfortunately, in the fake news era that we find ourselves in, President Trump felt it was necessary to refute this garbage.

“Another totally Fake story in the Amazon Washington Post (lobbyist) which states that if my Aides broke the law to build the Wall (which is going up rapidly), I would give them a Pardon,” Trump said on Twitter. “This was made up by the Washington Post only in order to demean and disparage – FAKE NEWS!”

Naturally, several 2020 Democratic candidates took the Washington Post’s bait.

“Donald Trump is dangling pardons for subordinates who would break the law to build his vanity project on the southern border,” Sen. Kamala Harris said. “Let’s be honest here: Trump is a lawless president.”

Or…hear us out here…the Washington Post is a lying partisan rag.

“We can’t become numb to these stories: Trump has promised to pardon government workers who break the law to build a wall we don’t need,” tweeted Beto O’Rourke. “This is the consequence of failing to impeach him: He believes he’s above the law—and he’ll keep acting like it, until we hold him accountable.”

Hold him accountable…for what? Oh, right, this fake news nonsense. The same fake news you and your ilk were perpetuating for two solid years when it came to Russian collusion, right? Yes, let’s all get up in arms about something else improbable and unlikely.

This nonsense makes you want to nuke a hurricane!

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  1. Trump statement “Steal the land,” he shouted. “Break the law!” As witnessed by several people to me IS NOT A JOKE.

    The White House, in an effort to minimize the damage, has said the President was only joking when he told aides to break the law so he could cinch re-election. I’m not laughing, imagine if you will Hillary Clinton was the president and she said the same thing you’d be all over her.

    Lets face it this is not the first time Trump has said some dumb things and he always exaggerate everything he does.

    This is dot fake news:
    Check out:

    • Apparently you injected yourself with too large of a dose of your routine dose of Dimethyltryptamine or too little, why do you not step back onto your warped plane of existence and leave serious topics to those who reside on this one.

    • Have you lost your mind??? You are totally out of touch with reality! Step back and look at what you just wrote! Dude, you are talking like a lunatic. Get some help before you are hopeless.

    • Obviously you rode the short bus to your special needs school. Most teachers are trained to stop children from banging their heads into the wall. So it’s obvious your brain damage occured in the pre school years.

  2. What other people? Something stated bt the WP – a so-called news media ran by socialist that would not know the truth if it bit them on their backside. Wp has always been blatant about everyone who is not a demo.
    i cannot put truth in a lying news media

  3. Does everyone forget about all of the immunity given to all of the criminals of the Obama Mafia in the Hillary Clinton investigation (“MATTER”) for nothing in return.

  4. If “We The People” had representation in Congress the wall would have been up 2 years ago, However, we are not “Illegals” therefore, Congress refuses to OK the funds for a wall to protect us. President Trump should have told Congress he wanted the funds to protect the illegals and their children. However, since it was President Trump doing the asking and Congress has assured not just We The People, but the whole world also that our President never tells the truth, he lies about everything, therefore, they could not agree to give him the funds for the wall because their was no crisis. He was just telling another fabrication and after all, they have fences and armed guards around their homes, so nothing to worry about, it is just people!!! NO CRISIS HERE!!

  5. The idiot on the first comment posted is one of those mentally challenged, who would swear until his death that a lie was really the truth. They just can’t fathom what truth is. The Trump hate is so embedded into their brains that they would deny the sky is blue if it meant disparaging President Trump.
    God help us, in this time of mass delusions.

  6. No half way intelligent person in their right mind believes and of the lefts ridiculous and dishonest rants. They are REAL losers. Normal people just laugh at their lies.

  7. I find it ironic that the first one to suck down that nonsense was Kamala Harris who sucked dick to rise through the political ranks and make money doing so as well.

  8. “Witnessed by several people.” Who? What are their names? Where are their statements? Why should any weight at all be given to such vague and unverified accusations? How could any reputable person or organization make such claims with nothing to back the up? When did it become “OK” to be so partizan and wreck less? No wonder that the media and our public officials are not trusted, nor should they be!

  9. If people wouldn’t take what the President “says” to literal outcome. It would be much more humorous. He has the news person’s scrambling with everything he says. It’s quite humorous to watch. He has all of them right by the kahunas. He gets all the attention? Why, he is a New York businessman and a crass talker. That’s him, he is not a politician. Besides the fact all the other President’s want to play ball for themselves and get rich. Trump gives his annual pay to charity. This man takes care of himself doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. He has done more for all American’s than any other President. This man doesn’t sleep. His heart is for the USA. Remember he is a billionaire, he doesn’t need to take this job. HE has uncovered all the corruption in government. Let me remind everyone there is 3 reports coming out soon. The IG, Durham and Barr’s and it will show many years of the corruption. The Democratic Party will never have POWER again. They lie, cheat they are mean spirited, un-educated bunch of crap. Look at the Dem’s who run the inner cities and then tell me how they help the helpless? For example, Chicago, SF, LA, etc..? Nothing they have done NOTHING. Oh, and the new report from the IG about corrupt COMEY. Just because he is not charged he is a complete disgrace. The Russian investigation was started on Comey’s lie. Ok goo Trump landslide in 2020. Then his son’s and daughter in 2024, 2028

  10. Today’s News Media hides behind the “Freedom of the Press” nonsense.
    Knowingly spreading out and out lies cloaked as Fake News should require accountability and be punishable when proven false. The old respectable MSM used to substantiate their information while not supplying names of informants to protect their sources. Today’s unreliable MSM makes up the news as they go along instead of reporting it. Anybody believing and repeating Fake News should be held accountable too for spreading lies. But liberals will repeat anything bad about Conservatives and our President when fact checking is so easy. Research is only a touch away. Use it!!

  11. I for one think the media’s feet should be held to the flame , anytime they put out false information it should be questioned and if found to be false they should be fined millions every day they don’t tell the truth, I say we the people demand the truth and nothing less ,I’m tired of the blatant lies, it’s communism at its finest and it needs to stop !

  12. Voters should be required to possess two brain cells before their vote counts. Liberals could combine their brain matter to get to the needed two brain cells. This would take approximately 38 liberals.

    • sticking with the above subject must be very difficult for you when you have Viagra in your little head up your ass! what a dope head.

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