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Trump Destroys Biden’s Campaign Platform in Rose Garden Remarks

Boy, did you see how quickly the mainstream media got onto the same page about Trump’s Rose Garden press conference on Tuesday? It was almost as if all of these reporters conferred with each other when the conference is over and decided to write the exact same report. Or, you know, as if they all got the same marching orders from a higher power. Whatever the case, all the stories read the same: Trump was “rambling for an hour.” Trump was “way off script.” Trump was “scattered.” You know, the kind of stuff you write when you don’t actually want to talk about what Trump said.

There’s a reason they wanted to avoid that subject. It’s because, in his remarks, Trump dismantled Joe Biden from top to bottom and back again. And with serious doubts throughout the Democratic electorate about Biden’s viability as a contender, this was the absolute last kind of message the media wanted to amplify.

Well, where the NY Times and the Washington Post fail, we come through. So let’s take a quick look at some of the most damaging comments Trump made about his so-called competition.

“Joe Biden’s entire career has been a gift to the Chinese Communist Party,” Trump said in one of our favorite statements. “Joe Biden and President Obama freely allowed China to pillage our factories, plunder our communities, and steal our most precious secrets.”

That’s a powerful (and true) accusation at a time when the U.S. is directly suffering due to a disease that China allowed to escape its borders.

But Biden’s fitness for office is hindered by more than his cozy relationship to the commies. Trump, on a roll, took a hammer to the former vice president’s latest package of proposals, most of which came directly from the office of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“This is Biden. Biden’s gone radical left,” Trump said.

He noted that Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are sitting on a panel in charge of coming up with Biden’s climate change platform.

“In other words, he wants to install the Green New Deal into our country,” he said.

Trump also took aim at Biden’s new promises on immigration, which include giving 11 million illegals a path to citizenship.

“Mass amnesty, everybody gets amnesty,” Trump said. “Think of that. They’re going to rip down the wall. It’s hard to get that built, and now it’s almost completed.”

Near the end of the press conference, Trump said simply: “There’s never been a time when two candidates have been more different.”

You can say that again.

Now let’s hope that the American people make the right choice.

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  1. “Now let’s hope that the American people make the right choice.”

    Well if we don’t, America as we’ve known her will no longer exist

      • You’re talking about the democrat party. I guess you’re blind to all the crime of Biden and Obama. Biden’s been in office for 48 years and did nothing for people except send 40% blacks to jail and make sure people were dependent on welfare. Every time Trump does something he says he’s going to do it. History tells you he’ll tell you what you want to hear. He’s flip flopped in every state. Do you think he has the guts to debate Trump. No they’ll lie. China sent this virus along with the democrats. Yes it got rid of everything they couldn’t compete with. All your rights will be taking away. They’re openly doing it now. Get ready for civil war II. Biden probably won’t even remember if he does win. Look at all the violence in democrat cities. They are not peaceful. Look at videos of Biden talking about the wall and immigration and blacks. Funny how people ignores these. He only cares about lining his and his family’s pockets. Vote if you want socialism and to double your taxes

  2. Biden is a puppet and pelosi is pulling the strings. She will theow him under the bus so she can take his place and Biden is so stupid he thinks he has all the answers but little knows he know everyone is feeding him what they want because he can’t think for himself. tell him the sky is falling and he would run with it.

  3. What is sad is the Dems had 20 people running for office. And this is the best they can do! An old man with (CRS) can’t remember shit. Does not even know where he is. Or what he is talking about. AND YOU WANT THAT RUNNING THE COUNTRY!? Give a break, really!

      • They’re running with Sanders and Warren’s ideas and platform, why didn’t they pick one of them? Because they knew nobody would vote for them. Now Biden is saying whatever they want to hear so he can get their base followers. Anyone with brains can see this.

  4. Trump DISMANTLED Joe? . . . He NUKED him! There was nothing LEFT but ASHES. One Hilariously Humored Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. Trump may be ignorant at times but he has the will power and guts to call a spade a Spade and where to tell China to get off the horse.No means,No and China is getting the message.That is from the South China Seas to the garbage they are exporting to the Covid-19 they are sending us and the bull shit they try to send from a Communist Party where they have NO rule of law and I mean No Rule law and one that only suits the Communists Party.

  6. Joe Biden was in the senate for decades and did nothing that improved the country or its people. He became wealthy through corruption in accepting money from lobbyists who represented all the evil in greedy corporations, enemies like China, exploitation of wars throughout his career, the uranium deal with Russia, and helped perpetuate the Obama-Uranium pact are some of the major unscrupulous and fraudulent acts he fomented. He is now suffering from late stages of Senile dementia or possibly Alzheimer’s disease both of which are horrible as the penalty for his hypocrisy and crimes against our country.

  7. If left up to American’s I have no doubt Trump will win. My fear is that the “powers that wanna be” are pushing mail in voting and there will be voter fraud. That is the only way sleazy uncle joe and his ventriloquists could win.

  8. What planet are you on. Trump has you marching along like zombies in Germany after Hitler.
    He even sent in his storm troopers into Portland.

    Wake up A merica and stop being the laughing stock of the free world.

    • You must be pretty stupid to not see all the violence going on while the democrats who run these cities do nothing. Do you think the hardworking law abiding citizens want that? They’re ruining people’s livelihoods. Stop drinking the koolaid idiot!

  9. gm-26jun20
    The MSMedia or better known as the MSMafia spread false narratives, to induce fear and incitement among the masses to plant seeds of distrust and hate among one another, and the MSMafia sit back and laugh at their control of people’s minds and the weakness they possess leading to confusion and chaos and to finally do their bidding. When we see any news anchor or journalist, challenge them wherever you see them, for one thing they won’t like it one bit for the guilt they carry. Whilst, across the States remain divided, fake news have parties and celebrate victories over the people and sucker politicians across the aisle in disbelief. Its time to hold MSMafia accountable for not reporting news as they see it, verbatim. We the people call out, “NO, PROPAGANDA!” OR “FACE CENSORSHIP!”
    msm: cnn, msnbc, wp, nyt, cbs, etc.

  10. Everyone is so concerned about how Biden will run the country, that he is not mentally fit, that he can’t remember things, that he doesn’t even know which state he is in, but none of this really matters. The reason that it doesn’t matter is that at best Biden will be President for 6 Months, tops. During those 6 months, he will be relegated to kissing babies and ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the new Walmart. He will be given a few papers to sign and told how great he is doing as President. At some point in time, the Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists will enact the 25th Amendment claiming that Biden no longer has the mental capacity to perform his duties. He will be out, whoever the VP is will move into the Oval Office and Pelosi will be the new VP. At that point, the country will be in its final death spiral, and on its way to being the Newest Socialist Country and Third World Country, the name will be changed from the United States of America to North Venezuela. God Bless America for if we ever needed his blessing we surely need it now.

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