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Trump Makes Wise Decision in Naming Priebus to Top Position


You’ll notice that there are two groups of people criticizing Donald Trump’s decision to make RNC Chairman Reince Priebus his White House chief of staff. The conservative NeverTrumpers, who are eagerly pouncing on any scrap of news they can throw in his supporters’ faces, and the liberal media, which is playing the same game. Among Trump supporters, there is no significant outcry.

Why is that?

Well, for one thing, it’s because there is a strain of willful ignorance about Trump supporters, even now. Even after Trump’s victory, the condescension remains. One newspaper ran an op-ed titled, “We heard you, Trump supporters; We just thought better of you.” How arrogant can you get?

Because these people refuse, even now, to believe anything but the worst about their fellow Americans, they are apparently going to spend the next couple of months – or beyond – in a permanent state of mystification. They cannot entertain for a moment that Trump’s voters might have cast their ballots with their eyes wide open. That they might be a little more intelligent and informed than commonly assumed.

You can see this in the stories where pundits speculate on how Trump’s base will react when and if the president-elect fails to magically turn back the clock on American manufacturing. Make no mistake, this kind of thinking is no different from snide Republicans who made the same remarks about Obama’s base in 2008. Back then, such talk was called “racist.” Today, it is perfectly acceptable in liberal, mainstream, and conservative circles.

Trump did lose ground with college graduates as compared to previous Republican nominees, but he still won 43% of their vote. Furthermore, he beat Clinton among Americans making more than $50,000 a year, while she won with those making less. This statistic alone is a reminder for the pundits not to paint all Trump voters with the same brush.

There is considerable hope and trust in Trump that he will govern less chaotically than he ran. No one is interested in watching our politics descend into more gridlock and mutual disgust. It’s time to get serious.

By choosing Reince Priebus as his chief of staff, Trump is already proving that he is focused on bringing the same calculation to the White House that he brought to his business empire. It would seem that all the elitists in the peanut gallery would want to congratulate Trump on the appointment instead of mocking him with “drain the swamp” comments.

One of these days, they’ll wake up and realize that the election’s over.

  • My husband, son, daughter, son-in-law and most if not all my friends plus those willing to speak at church (evangelical) and myself…happily and with eyes wide open VOTED TRUMP!

  • Robert Dahl

    Priebus to “drain-the-swamps”? Swamps on Washington’s Mall? Been there, done that. In 1904 the actual muddy swamps on what is now the Mall—from Capitol building to Potomac River—was drained to make way for the construction of the huge Lincoln Memorial building. Hearing of this proposal, House of Representatives Speaker Longworth exclaimed, “they want to put it in the swamp”. First task then was to drain the swamps.

  • Linda Anderson

    The people who voted for Trump are the people who have not only been hurt by Obama’s policies, but are also the people who want their freedom back, not only for themselves but for their children and grandchildren. They are the very people who could see this country going in a very bad direction and a dark place. The people who voted for Trump want to still live in the land of the free snd the home of the brave. I am convinced that Trump won the popular vote as well as the electoral because of letting 3 million illegals vote. Illegals do not have that right under our Constitution. I am convinced it was George Soros who made that happen because he has money. He needs to be investigated by the Attorney General and brought up on charges.

    • Roger Mann

      Trump supporters are more educated than crooked Hillary supporters and many of them are proving just how stupid they are! Being in college doesn’t mean you are smart, most are still learning and being book smart will only help a person make money, to survive in the real world they need to be street smart! These anti Trump protesters are not street smart or they would realize that Trump was the better choice over crooked Hillary, the person that risked America’s national security!

    • Steven Powell

      Absolutely correct. Soros and Hillary can share the same cell…they deserve each other!!

    • upaces88

      Linda, the Illegals couldnot vote…until Obama declared it so. It backfired. I worr​ied because I live in Texas. Excerpts: Judge Andrew Hanen issued a ruling against Obama’s directive for DHS to stop deportation procedures against illegals. His 123-page opinion states clearly that the DHS was not given any ‘discretion by law’ to grant 4.3 million removable aliens ‘legal presence.'” Judge Hanen wrote, “In fact, the law mandates that these illegally-present individuals be removed.” —.The state legislatures of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona …​​http://eaglerising.com/21377/can-the-illegal-vote-in-2016-be-stopped/



  • John Beach

    People object to the provable dysfunction of government and the specific reasons for it, regardless of how representative it is of the diversity of the country or the world. The fact is that certain principles (like laws and popular obedience to them) work and others do not. When normal, beneficial, effective function is disrupted, it must be corrected to achieve the goal of the purpose for it. If we protest pervasive disobedience to the law, it is because of the cost and consequences of that disobedience. War is the consummation of diversity over the imposition of the rule of law in its most primitive, however technologically-advanced, form. If establishmentarian rule is the goal, the means to maintain it is controlled by the establishment. No politically-correct definition can change the meaning of that. The imposition of the rule of law, force, is the means by which that is accomplished, if and when willful obedience is absent. Establishmentarian rule has come into question because of the implications to sovereignty and constitutional law and rights which would be lost by loss of sovereignty. It is liberals who are most frequently conflicted over the rule of law, with the abuses of freedom of choice relating to security.

  • Earl Williams

    Those that protest and create disharmony and damages on the streets and boardrooms of America
    are the one that stand to lose the most.`Those who were raised in a Socialist atmosphere created byDemocrats and Presidents Clinton through Obama which breeds government dependence on the state for entire generations, and repeats itself in future generations.

    Illegal Immigrants enjoy free housing, healthcare, education, transportation etc. while our homeless veterans enjoy no such litany of benefits. These programs of dependency bankrupt our nations and our Souls. Our charity must begin and end with American Citizens who through no
    fault of their own need short-term assistance should get it, and there must be a 90-day limit .

    We must end our entitlement programs, along with free educations to one group over others, food
    stamps, and WIC, as well as Welfare. Welfare may well be the only remaining benefit with a 90
    day maximum limit and only administrated on a town by town basis and not reimbursable from the
    Federal Government. The program is purely a local funded program with funds from the city or town where all the monies is that of its own citizens. Let those who can work, work. As we did in
    the 40’s and 50’s.

    There is a lot to be done to make this Country great again, and all these protestors including BLM,
    LGBT, Illegals etc. We must take backi our Country, our out of control Government and return our
    constitution to its rightful place of the Law of the Land. All funding for special groups, or executive
    orders must be ended as well as all executive orders.

    There is much to do in foreign policies, the first being the meeting of President Elect Trump and

    Vladamir Putin. We need to talk and work on common problems and solutions, not line their borders with armies, tanks, missles, cannons, aircraft etc. It would make me pissed off if I awoke
    one morning to see the reverse in reality and would serve to anger and provoke fear throughout
    the citizenry. The Russian Federation has borders with the Muslim ME and would work together
    with us to wipe out IS, ISL, ISIS etc. its a safety reason for Russia with the crossing of their borders by Muslims.

    We would be best served if we worked to instill a Christin foundation and work to help Trump.

  • Ed

    The Trojans also thought it was a wise decision to bring in the huge wooden horse that had been built by their Greek enemies and left outside the city walls. They probably no longer considered it a wise decision after the Greek soldiers hiding in the Trojan horse sneaked out and opened the gates to the city, resulting in the defeat of Troy.

    Any resemblance of Reince Priebus to a large, hollow, wooden horse is purely intentional.

  • Floyd B.

    Democrats are ignorant to what is actually going on, plus they love to support Communists or any one close to being a Communist. They call themselves “Progressives”. They are too dumb to know that is the new term for Communist !!

  • I understand these die hard ,poor loser Democrats. They have absolutely no idea of what America is about. No knowledge of the constitution or the Christian Bible. They only envision what they think government is going to give them not knowing government has no money to spend but our money. They do not understand the importance of open borders and what it means to their soverenity. They can not see that ISIS is being intentionally brought into this country to ambush our citizens. and MORE. They are guillable peoplewho think if it was on TV it has to be true. Lack of knowledge is the purpose of the electoral college.