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Why is Trump Nominating a Pro-Amnesty Liberal for Homeland Security?


In recent Twitter comments, Rep. Steve King of Iowa said that Department of Homeland Security nominee Kirstjen Nielsen – in confirmation hearings to replace John Kelly at the head of that agency – should be dismissed from contention due to her support for DACA amnesty.

“Based upon the information in this article,” King wrote, referring to a Breitbart News report, “Kirstjen Nielsen has disqualified herself from leading the Department of Homeland Security. Pro-Amnesty is anti Rule of Law.”

According to Breitbart’s reporting, Nielsen’s track record on illegal immigration is a troubling one. Not only is she preferred and highly praised by many of the same establishment Republican groups who opposed Trump’s entire candidacy, she has several instances of coming down on the wrong side of the illegal immigration argument.

These are some of the most important issues facing our country today. It’s one thing for one of Trump’s military appointments to have a skewed vision of the Second Amendment, it’s another for his DHS NOMINEE to have a poor grasp of our immigration laws. We could have gotten a pro-amnesty Homeland Security chief under Hillary Clinton – this kind of crap isn’t acceptable in the Trump administration.

From Breitbart:

In a pre-hearing questionnaire obtained by Breitbart News, Nielsen explained how she would be “ready to work with Congress” on a plan to give amnesty to the nearly 800,000 DACA illegal aliens in the U.S.

Likewise, Nielsen chaired a committee at the World Economic Forum that promoted mass immigration to Europe and the U.S., claiming Western nations did not have a choice and needed to accept millions of migrants. That report, as Breitbart News reported, was co-authored by executives from multinational corporations and world banks.

Additionally, Breitbart News reported on Nielsen’s involvement with the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when more than 30,000 illegal aliens and foreign workers were able to come to the U.S. to take American blue-collar jobs which those devastated by the natural disaster had hoped to get.

Of course, part of the problem here is that Trump, too, has been on both sides of the DACA issue himself. While he did the right thing when he ended executive support for Obama’s amnesty, he has been publicly and privately pushing Congress to come up with some kind of plan that would allow the Dreamers to avoid deportation. That is not, by a long shot, the kind of thing he campaigned on, and it’s not the kind of thing his voters wanted when they pulled the lever for him last November. Amnesty of any kind only invites more illegal aliens to try their luck. There’s not a wall on Earth that can stop the flood that a Trump-authorized amnesty plan would unleash on our border.

We would encourage President Trump to take a second look at this woman he’s nominated for the Department of Homeland Security and, also, think twice about his support for an amnesty law granting “Dreamers” an unlicensed path to quasi-citizenship. This has nothing to do with making America great again and is, in fact, the kind of nonsense we had thought ourselves rid of when Hillary went down in flames.

  • An excellent piece, Andrew! All your points are spot on.

  • Stephen Howe

    Sheriff Joe would be a far better choice. David Duke would be a better choice. CHARLES MANSON would be a better choice.

    • Don Lindsey

      Old Charles would know what to do with them!

  • ray2hill

    No matter what some so called conservatives say, some things are inevitable, amnesty is one of those things. What will be will be.

    • David in MA

      Amnesty will help to destroy America.

    • Rodney Dietz

      Ray that’s a cop out designed to get these voices here to be silent. You are very wrong! No one believes this is an over night process. This illegal infiltration process goes back at least 48 years. One only needs to look at your previous comments to know your real agenda!!

    • Larry

      Only thing that is inevitable is that America will be destroyed from within by stupid America hating liberal’s like yourself! Keep your stupid azz in LaLaLand!

  • David in MA

    People just do not understand, she is nominated, so she will be rejected, so the person really wanted will be approved, when nominated later.

    • Fox5live

      You are probably right!

    • Terry Jensen

      I sure hope you are right on this…its horrifying!!!

    • Deborah Pratt

      I believe you’re right!! I thought that when I first read this article. She hasn’t been ‘elected’ into office simply because Pres Trump ‘nominated’ her!! He ‘is’ human, after all and bound to make mistakes on the way. However, when he does–we the people need to ‘correct’ him!! She is NOT a ‘good choice’!

  • I am a Trump supporter big time.
    By trying to find a resolution for the dreamers that have been here is a wise decision.
    I work in community’s with lots of daca recipients and these people are wonderful people.
    Creating a path for them is the right thing to do.
    This had nothing to do with illegals that are currently trying to get into the country and certainly has nothing to do with the wall which I’m all in on.
    Yes daca was and illegal executive order in last administration,however they are here and are wonderful people.
    Create a path!!!

    • joe

      I am so happy for you!

    • Rodney Dietz

      You realize just like all legalized immigrants they really represent at least 8 times themselves right? Once legal they can bring relatives. So 8 hundred thousand becomes 6.4 million. THERE is 6.4 million people that need a job RIGHT NOW! Why would we take more before we solve our own problems? These still illegals don’t deserve jobs and benefits over our children.

    • jamon377

      I don’t give a damn how wonderful all these people might be, the bottom line is they are illegal and they must be treated as such. There are wonderful people everyday that shoplift does that mean they should not be punished for the crime?

      • Kathryn Jordan

        Yes, these people should be punished for the crimes they commit just like any legal citizen would be.

    • CindyLouTerror

      Create a path for American citizens. They illegals are not all wonderful people and you are promoting leftist garbage. We have a lot of neglected and wonderful American citizens not illegals and their chain migration relatives. Send all illegals and refugees back to their point of origin. America first.

    • Larry

      Remove the illegals no matter the cost or we will not have a Country! Speaking of costs we could round up and ship out ALL ILLEGALS on the money we are spending to defend and support them..Do the math!

      • Deborah Pratt

        Did it!! Impressive results! We could build several ‘Walls’, with all the trimmings, for what they’re costing us each and every year!!

      • NoCoincidences

        Just cut off the taxpayer funds, money, and benefits, and like all starving animals, they will move to where there is food.

    • Larry

      Your last paragraph proves you are a liar and can not be trusted! You are a TRUMP and AMERICA hater!

    • Deborah Pratt

      If they’re so ‘wonderful’ why is it so many of them belong to ‘gangs’, terrorists organizations, have criminal records, march around with fascist groups and, in general, don’t hold jobs, go to school and are on welfare?

    • Clyde Ernde

      I Agree 100% with Rodney Dietz Americans First

    • NoCoincidences

      The only ‘path’ that needs to be created is a wide one LEAVING our nation. I don’t give a damn if you believe they ‘are wonderful people” they are not. If they were, they would have applied for citizenship- LEGALLY!! Your illegal invaders have had more than enough time and opportunity to follow the laws and processes to become Legal U.S. citizens; however, they could care less about being legal US citizens, much less, working for the privilege of such status.. That is the reason they do not assimilate into American culture, traditions, and definitely refuse our language-which is detrimental, not only to Americans, but, more so, for them. Let them dial 911 when they cause a fire, or other emergency, and they can’t speak or understand English inhibiting the response time to their location. All they speak is spanish, then they try to sue the city/town response teams because they couldn’t find the illegal invaders self-inflicted tragedies. If most of you fools that think these ‘wonderful people’ are just the opposite, the situations those dangerous criminals inflicted upon myself, friends, and pets, all would change your viewpoint and skewed opinion, in a heartbeat.. So, perform some legitimate research of actual occurrences and incidents involving these creatures. I hope you will not ever be a victim of illegals invaders you mistakenly thought to be ‘wonderful people’.

    • Cheg


  • My country

    Bleeding hearts it’s time you think about your own people ! If we don’t , do you think all those DACA replacements for our children will . It doesn’t matter if our hearts go out to others .Amerucans have always given more than other countries to the poor .We can’t afford to take care of the world . America is broke and we have Americans dying in the streets because the idiot who fooled all of you opened the door to all this illegally .Its not their fault but it certainly is not our fault either .They have a country to go back too .We don’t !!!! This is our country and he made sure that he turned the entire world against us with those stupid apology tours . But our own children have been sacrificed for the likes of others .Education is in the toilet .They are never going to assimilate and they are a drain on our economy along with all illegals .We spend millions on other countries children while our education system is doing things against our children that has never been heard of . Everyday there’s a nutjob teacher telling black children to hate whites.Or making them obey muslim prayer . So it’s time to stop this . Amnesty will destroy our constitution .And as always there are people who will be hurt and are very nice .But our focus must be on the future of our people and our country not one we have allowed to be turned into another country .

    • Deborah Pratt

      I am very concerned about Pres Trump’s choice and can’t agree with it in this case. He promised ‘America First’ and has done much in that line. However, this does seem contrary to that agenda. I agree that we have many Americans that need care and much better education. Our whole educational system is ‘broken’ and needs immediate attention. Granted, we have many from other countries that study here on visas. That’s fine but the ‘Dreamers’ don’t fall into that category.

      • Cheg

        WRITE TO THE PRESIDENT IMMEDIATELY!!!!! He needs to hear from EVERYONE!!!!!!!

    • Cheryl Detar

      Very well stated.

    • paulrph1

      You cannot achieve greatness by compromising greatness. And yes there is a difference from compromising and helping others.

      • My country

        And even God commands you take care of yours first and then you give ..By giving our country away and putting others ahead of our own people we are damning our own children to be sacrificed for others Education is in the toilet .We have millions who want nothing but to take over what doesn’t belong to them .And don’t even mention we took America from the Indians .Because there’s no country in the face of the earth that people didn’t come from somewhere else to create another country . In the case of America the Indians and the blacks are enjoying the freedoms of which neither one died for . .Americans have always given to the world money and their lives .And now it seems those who do not take care of their own people or country are thieves at our doors .,

        • Michael Pritchard

          excuse me but Andrew Jackson killed thousands of Indians and herded the rest to reservations in Oklahoma giving them blankets that were infested with small pox. So they deserve to be enjoying the freedoms Thousands of them gave there lives for. I read a book when I was much younger the title of the book was “I buried my Heart at Wounded Knee”, on the cover was a picture of an extremely old Indian and it stated They promised us many things but they only kept one They promised to take our land and they did. The blacks didn’t have a choice either, however they weren’t systematically killed off as the Indians in my opinion I would rather be a died Indian than a Black Slave. The horrors the black people suffered are beyond imagination so don’t say either group doesn’t deserve the freedoms and both have died for. Ever been in the Army well I have lots of Blacks and Indians in the Army so you have been corrected, on the other note I agree No amnesty sorry I know the plight of the Dreamers but it was Obama’s dream

          • My country

            No you have not corrected anything .I didn’t say they didn’t deserve to enjoy the freedoms .But the fact is they didn’t fight in the Revolutionary War ! Blacks and Indians didn’t fight in the revolutionary war.Some did for the French and the British .Which made us a nation therefore our freedoms.And blacks and Indians have fought in wars since to protect us from our enemies. First off I am a history major .And I learned History before they changed the narratives to what they wanted . And if white people had not come to this country the Indian would still be in a loin cloth in the Bushes .And the same holds for black people too ! The Chinese played a big part in the development of America .And were responsible for a lot of the railroads being built . Black slaves were brought here by no virtue of their own .But you must remember not all blacks are from slave ancestry .And not one slave was ever brought to America by one southern ship .And what you know is mostly propaganda from the North who still pushes the .South creating the KKK .And yes that was Andrew Jacksons baby and he was a democrat . The South didn’t own ships ! .Excuse me I know about the Indians .Every great grandmother I had was a Cherokee .And yes it was greedy rich people who did this to the Indians .And I for one have been an advocate for the rights of Native Americans and they should be put before any body being brought to this country .And if it were not for white people coming and I guess you don’t know that white people who couldn’t afford their passage was put into servitude to the owners of the shipping companies , for as many years as it took to pay off the debt . And as for slavery blacks were not the only slaves to ever endure hardships .Africans sold their own people into slavery .For what reason we really won’t understand . Was it for money or to rid their tribes of the bad members or just to get rid of ones they hated . No one ever gets that part .And after the war they were given a choice to go back or stay and only 2000 went back . They call Charleston SC the seat of slavery .But there’s and odd thing about that .Before the war there were over 8000 free black slaves in Charleston and after the war there were 28,000 .You didn’t offend me .I want to see the American Indian have their place in Congress and the Senate and even the White House .Especially before any Muslim . One thing ever American needs to do is pick up a map and just look at where the reservations are .And talk about racism .Take a look at Custers name on everything in over 5 different tribes .And the Indians were not all sweet people either .Study what they did to people along the Missouri River .They also sold their people to other tribes .And they would steal the white women and burn their faces off . In every kind of people you will always have a good and bad . It is simply a matter of how one wants to stay in the past or move forward .And as it looks today they are destroying everything that is good and decent .

      • Cheg


    • sally

      My country,
      I agree with you 1000% I heard that Kelly recommended her!! I also am worried about his daughter she is one of those Bleeding hearts in my opinion. I can only hope the President realizes that. I know he has no one he can trust in that swamp. We will see what happens what Congress. He does have the ability to sign or not plus he has a line veto also. Amnesty is not an option for our country as it has been sold out, he is are only hope.

    • Cheg


    • Cheg


      • My country

        Already have ! Everybody needs to write . And needs to email also .

  • Jmanjo

    Let’s hope Trump knows what he is doing because giving amnesty to the DACA people is not what we prefer. Illegal is exactly what it says it is! Just because our former jerk off president broke all the rules and created the DACA issue doesn’t mean we have to eat his crimes forever! If those people came here illegal then regardless of what heart pounding stories the liberals dream up it won’t make it right! It is time to right the wrong and enforce the laws of America as they are written and not as a bunch of liberals would like to twist them!

    • RockyMtn1776

      If Trump gives amnesty in any way, shape or form to the DREAMERS, he will lose all of his base voters, he can forget a 2nd term. He will be finished, we will be finished and so will America. Past Presidents have handed over the keys to America before, none on the level of Obama with his ” Let’m all in” policy but enough to change our language, culture and American way of life. We may have already passed the point of no return on the immigration issue, both legal and illegal.

  • Gene Sanders

    If DACA is going to happen then we need to demand for concessions. We need to demand that Congress pass the RAISE Act, mandate E-Verify nationwide and its enforcement and funding for barriers on the Southern border (wall, fence, vehicle barriers, etc). I’d also like to see all of the various Visa categories looked at and reformed. Like an end to the Diversity Visa and an end to Chain Migration, doubling the minimum salary of H-1B which would incentivize American companies to look 1st for citizens. An enhanced effort to track down and deport Visa overstays. There’s a lot that can be done and neeeds to be done to reclaim our country. Do all this and 800,000 minus those who have broken some law would be a drop.

    • CindyLouTerror

      It’s a lot more than 800,000 if you include chain migration. No DACA. America first. My heart bleeds for my country.

  • annelouisegelinas

    Could of , should of, would have.
    What difference does it make?
    President Trump is the pilot seat not Hillary.

    • Deborah Pratt

      He may be in the ‘pilot’s seat’ but with the co-pilots and the ‘crew’ trying their best to sabotage the entire plane–THAT’s the ‘difference’!!! What seems to escape these ‘idiots’ attention is that, if the ‘plane’ goes down–so do they!

  • It is becoming very concerning, that POTUS Trump makes all these great speeches about keeping America safe, sovereign, solvent, and free, then constantly appoints people to his cabinet who are known to be in opposition to his stated policies.
    What in He__ is going on?

    • Cheg


  • Rodney Dietz

    I can tell you in Texas we are being completely over run with Illegals. I have actually done my home work and found a network of offices around the state full of lawyers and advocacy groups that exist simply to assist illegals to use government programs, beat deportation cases, which counties are illegal friendly, assist them to find government subsidized employers and direct them to legal and I “suspect” illegal documents. None of this is conspiracy, I have actually seen and read the organization web sites services. There not hiding it.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    This nation spends over three hundred and thirty-eight billon per year in American tax dollars on illegal aliens.

    • CindyLouTerror

      Because the left wants to destroy America and add more demoncrap voters. Same for taking Muslim “refugees” aka terrorists to enter this country, re-enslaving African-Americans under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and inciting hatred and violence and promoting moral depravity.

      • backtofront

        Exactly! The Demos and RINOS are just plain EVIL.

    • Larry

      It is because of Sanctuary States like California, Illinois,New Jersey and New York that protect and harbor illegals at taxpayers expense, and now are wanting extra tax write offs to aid and abet these criminals. WHY must taxpayers from the rest of the country pay for your politicians bad judgement whom YOU voted for by using your own bad judgement!

      • Jeronimo Dan

        Larry, don’t point the finger and say “You” when it comes to me and anything Liberal, Left, or Democrat as I don’t vote are condone anything that is proggressive, socialist, or communist, but only that follows our laws and are set down for all to follow. I say build the Wall, export Daca’s, support ICE in their in devours and replace the current Head of Home Land Security. Also dismiss Sessions as Attorney General, for someone that will enforce our nation’s laws.

        • Larry

          Sorry Dan, but the comment was aimed at Libtard,Commie loving Dimocrats and not at good citizens like you!

          • Jeronimo Dan

            No problem, we know we’re on the same page!

        • Michael Pritchard

          AMEN Dan You’ve hit the nail on the head and sunk it slam dunk

      • backtofront

        It is a lot more than bad judgement. These politicians are building up their base with illegals Who do you think the illegals will vote for? Yes, Democrats and RINOS>

        • Larry

          Correct ,and exactly why we need to rid the country of both!

      • Deborah Pratt

        We shouldn’t go blaming ‘wholesale’, Larry!! There are many areas over-run with liberals and ‘voting’ illegals! That doesn’t speak for the rest of their population. I was referring especially to Virginia. I’m hearing a lot of people in that state were not ‘happy’ with the voting results. They simply have a liberal population that outnumbers their own!! I know there are a lot of Californians equally unhappy with their governor. Same thing there. Is anyone really ‘vetting’ the voters? We desperately need ‘Voter ID’ in every state!! ASAP!!!

    • Deborah Pratt

      Well, there’s a good ‘chunk of fat’ that can be ‘trimmed’ from the budget-huh?! It would certainly pay for that ‘Wall’, and then some.

    • McFerguson

      That’s an excellent question, Jeronimo Dan. It’s like asking how anybody could be against the Photo ID law for voting. Why would anybody be against making sure a prospective voter is who he says he is? Both questions fall under the purview of democrat leaders and their dopey voters who seem to have no respect for the rule of law. Most of the latter are getting tons of free stuff from the taxpayers and couldn’t care less where the stuff comes from or who pays for it. While the democrat politicians seem to endorse a steady flow of ILLEGALS into our country from 3rd world countries and count on them being future democrat voters who raid the precincts on voting day. We sure could use that $338,000,000,000 for the hard working, tax-paying citizens of this country who make it work. We need to hold democrats and ILLEGALS responsible for everything they do to diminish this country. We need to support the Trumpster’s AMERICA FIRST! program. And in doing so, we will Make America Great Again!

  • James kelley

    TRUMP can loss my vote with any support for amnesty for illegal aliens. No citizenship, no welfare, no right to vote period. No anchor babies no chain migration. If you want them to stay. They must be employed a d pay the same taxes as a citizen.. No school lunches no free medical insurance. Treat them like we treat visitors with a travel visa. I would perfect that they leave voluntary but deportation is always an option. Break the law suffer the consequences

    Remember they have had multi years to apply and get it right but choose welfare instead.

    • Larry


  • joe joe

    TRUMP that is NOT what got you elected!!

  • Kathryn Jordan

    We do need to think about our country. We, as a country, can’t always come to the rescue to other countries. Otherwise we will always be broke. We have veterans, who served our country, that are homeless. We have our own children to look after, educate. I do believe that any nut job teacher who tells black children to hate whites let alone obey a muslim prayer, we need to stop it and begin to educate our children.There will always be people who will speak with “forked tongues” when it comes speaking about focusing on onto our country rather than the illegals, I would like to the wall built.

    • nocbsfan

      Pretty good Kathy!

      • Kathryn Jordan


        • nocbsfan

          You are making really good post anymore, proud of you

          • Kathryn Jordan

            I try.

          • nocbsfan

            LOL Iike you tries

          • Kathryn Jordan

            have you seen my other posts?

          • nocbsfan

            Kathy I read your post all the time when you do real good I am compelled to tell you Cause I am proud of you, you have come such a long way and doing so good.

          • Kathryn Jordan

            thank you.

      • Kathryn Jordan

        I try to make good responses.

  • Carolann Enkhaus

    Remove her from consideration as she is unwilling to follow our immigration laws and orders from the President.
    She has proven she is not qualified to the job properly!


    Dear President Trump

    How can you even think of nominating Kirstjen Nielsen to lead the Department of Homeland Security. She is pro illegal immigration, and pro amnesty. Her beliefs go against your promises to the voters. I believe you should re-consider your choice. The Republican Party is in enough mess as it is.

    Carl Bujan

    • Larry

      This woman will go no where!

      • Disqus=muzslimes censoring US

        McConnell, is that you hiding behind that “Larry” name tag?

  • Big Ed

    It appears Trump is settled on satisfying the establishment instead of the voters who put him in office. He killed DACA, but it was something that had to happen because the courts said DACA was illegal. He then set terms for the enactment of a legal replacement bill, which included building the wall, enactment of e-verify and elimination of chain migration. So far none of the preconditions have been agreed to, but everyone is working on a replacement for DACA-and now, Trump is nominating a pro-amnesty person to lead the DHS. It certainly sounds as though the establishment is pretty much getting everything it wants and the voters-not so much. For the last fifty years, this has been pretty much par for the course.

  • rick meek

    Why Her ! — because the disgustocrats and repukicans want open borders and illegals – UNTIL AMERICANS GET TIRED AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM…….


  • Does the man not look into the background of his nominees or is that the point – he is – look at DeVos!

    • Cheg


      • I have been doing that since he pulled DeVos out of the dirt bag – they don’t want to know.

  • Charles Wilkins

    I seem to have read somewhere that Ivanka supports amnesty. I’m sorry I don’t recall the source. Perhaps this is where it is originating.

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    I think TRUMP is fu*king up doing this.

  • alpambuena

    notice how there is all this talk about amnesty and chain immigration…yet not one brick has been laid for the wall….its like the wall keeps being pushed back farther and farther…and even if they do give all these daca adults amnesty….why cant they cut it off right there….what are we doing….make amnesty for those that have not even crossed over the border yet…..and I thought the wall was going up before daca and any talk of amnesty was even mentioned..

    • Cheg


  • Terry Jensen

    GOOD gawd this is ridiculous…..this would give me GREAT pause here…not happy to hear this so I am hoping it is ‘fake’ News again!!!!

    • Cheg


  • Frances

    DIDN’T THE DEMOCRATS SEND MCMASTER OVER TO HIM. MY LORD AND MY GOD. IS IT TRUE THAT McCane, Ryan, Lindsey, and the Republican has all been paid off. I believe Sessions has been also..Then you have Mueller fighting to get him out or dead. JEB Bush said Trump will be out by December. They are trying to say he is mentally ill. WHAT, does he want out?. I know he isn’t a normal politi. But this is a bit much if it’s true. It would be nice if he had someone , at least ONE WHO WOULD get behind him. REP. SAY HE ISN’T REP. AND HE BEAT ALL THE GOOD OLD BOYS. THEY HATE HIM. DON’T CARE HOW MANY GREAT THINGS HE DOES. THEY WANT HIM OUT AND WILL KILL HIM. JFK was cleaning house. Maybe he hopes if Rep. Wont help maybe a Dem. Will. OMG

  • deertick

    Please take another look at this woman !!! She’s big trouble, she wants to give amnesty to 800,000 illegals, can America afford that !!!! No way. Do not confirm this woman…

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well if he doesn’t deport them , only 3 more years , till his election and like carter he will be a 1 term president ,and it doesn’t matter how much we complain congress doesn’t listen to us any more , for 8 years they let oboma do what he wanted and they did nothing, counting on congress to fix any thing is like waiting for a miricle from god, you’ll die before it happens

  • Cookie Vranish

    I don’t know, but it is a mistake! I hope Trump pulls the nomination back! There have to be people that will support Trump’s agenda!

  • Mary C. Blood

    America first. English spoken. No DACA, Dreamers, chain migration, illegal immigrants of any nationality or anchor babies. President Trump needs to refresh his memory of the campaign promises he made.

  • Clyde Ernde

    President Trump Millions of Voting Americans put our Trust in You to make America Great again, But these last two choices, are not the right choices for our Country our Second Amendment is being trampled into the Ground, More and More States are attacking this Amendment, and as far as these DACA are concerned these people are here because of Obama, and your choice to head this Group is by far one of the worst choices there is. We put our trust in you to lead us in the right Direction, Because we knew what direction Hillary Clinton would have lead us down the road to destruction. Please reconsider your position for these positions. We are behind you, But we need leaders that are going to work for the Millions who Voted for You. We have a five to four Supreme Court who will not here these Unconstitutional gun laws, We are lead by a conserve ate senate, Congress, President, Supreme Court. but we are being defeated by these Liberal Democrats and Rhino Republicans, This has to change or we will have Voted in Vain.

  • crazyfreddie


  • cathylovesyou

    Trump must keep Democrats, Communist, Ultra Liberals, Libertarians, out of the White House or on the hill. They can’t be trusted and who knows who the players are?????????

  • Ron Dapo

    Mr.Trump: this is NOT what you promised. Please be the FIRST President in the last 40+ year’s to do what they SAID THEY WOULD DO. Remember the swamp? Don’t get any
    on you sir…


    I’m really starting to believe President Trump is or has become part of the swamp. If he wanted to he could make Sessions file charges against Hillary Clinton, Comey, Obama, Soros et al. Why in hell would he appointment this liberal leftie to administer this department. Why is all this allowed to continue, for pete’s sake get rid of Sessions, Rothenstein and others that are against the conservatives and are not doing their jobs we elected him for. I’m really disappointed in Trump, maybe he will still do something he was elected for but wondering.

    • mrpoohead

      Psst, President is an administrator not a legislator. Yes, he lied to get your vote, does not have the power to do as promised – wall, ban, deportations and repeal. Funny as! Who’s the dimwit?

      • AL ELLIS

        mrpoophead, YOU!!!!

        • mrpoohead

          Well my info is correct – yours is somewhat skewed. Essentially you don’t really know who to be mad at as you’re a bit stupid – an’ then some!
          Didn’t vote for either – Trump/Clinton, pig or a cow, what a joke.

  • Alphonso Tate


  • Paul

    It appears that some key advisors are steering the President wrong.

  • V.

    Sounds like a REALLY, REALLY BAD IDEA.

  • Clyde Ernde

    I Voted for and Supported President Trump on many Occasions, But draw the line on his choice for all of these DACA, he campaigned on Immigration and this would be A Big let down to all the Millions of people who Trusted and Voted for him, So I ask You Mr. President, please reconsider you choice for Immigration, and also Please push back Harder on protecting our Second Amendment as we are losing more and more ground every passing day.

  • Cookie Vranish

    It looks as though Trump is making another mistake. Damn, I always thought Trump was so good at reading people. After Sessions. Flynn and a few others. I might be wrong about Trump. In any event, this women is a big mistake!

  • TruthBeTold

    I have had a lot of trouble agreeing with a number of Trump’s personnel decisions – including this one. One pattern are his choices based on loyalty rather than embracing his MAGA agenda. So we got Reince Priebus for helping him so much with his campaign. And he supported Big Luther The Strange One because he voted for the Obamaroidcare health replacement bill – even though he was a RINO fed by Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell. Then there is the deep state operative HR McMaster, who calls him a moron and never met a muslim he didn’t support. I could go on and on, but those listed above are bad enough.

  • Sharon Windus

    This is NOT the type of person we need in DHS. We need someone who is for AMERICAN CITIZENS and LEGAL Immigration FIRST! Invaders..aka: ILLEGAL ALIENS are not needed and do not belong here. They have each and every one of them committed at least 1 felony crime against the USA…most have committed other crimes in gaining jobs, driver’s licenses, homes etc. They need to either self deport or be deported back to country of citizenship along with their illegal families.

  • 615GEJ1

    “NO” to Neilsen! I am also getting the disturbing sense that there is no will or intention to stop chain migration, which is the deadliest part of this debacle!

  • Cheg


  • General “Bull” Krapper

    Nielsen claims “Western nations did not have a choice and needed to accept millions of migrants.”
    We do have a choice & that would, & should, be “F NO!!!”


  • Consultant

    We must keep in mind, this isn’t about what the nominee thinks, it is however, about what the President Directs the Nominee, when confirmed to do. … . If she fails to implement his policies, she then would be Fired. … .
    Just as President Trump, Fired then FBI Director, James Comey,he would Fire her. … .

    If this woman is a Professional, she’ll act accordingly. … .