Trump on John Bolton: He’s Got a “Very Strong Criminal Problem”

The Trump administration is pushing back hard on former national security adviser John Bolton and his efforts to sell a new book about his days in the White House. President Trump said Monday that his administration would take Bolton and his publisher to court to prevent what could amount to an unprecedented leak of classified information.

“He’s broken the law,” Trump told reporters. “They’ll soon be in court.”

Trump said that Bolton’s manuscript could include “highly classified information” that has not been cleared or declassified by the national intelligence apparatus in Washington. He called Bolton’s attempts to publish the book without full vetting “highly inappropriate.”

He also maintained that Bolton’s account of his time in the West Wing could easily be filled with lies.

“Maybe he’s not telling the truth,” Trump mused. “He’s been known not to tell the truth. A lot.”

Sitting beside the president, Attorney General William Barr said that Bolton “hasn’t completed the process” of getting approval from the federal government before going to press, and he said that a book of this nature about a sitting president was nothing short of “unprecedented.”

Asked what the Department of Justice might do to block the book, Barr said, “A number of things. But the thing that is front and center right now is trying to get him to complete the process — go through the process and to make the necessary deletions of classified information.”

Trump’s argument went further, declaring that any talks he might have had with his former adviser remain classified.

“I will consider every conversation with me as president highly classified,” Trump said. “That to me is a very strong criminal problem. And he knows he’s got classified information.”

Whether or not Trump will actually be successful in bringing legal charges against Bolton for publishing this book, we have a feeling this will wind up being one of those “hot news one day, forgotten the next” books just like all the other Trump-insider tell-alls. Liberals are already shaming Bolton for not testifying during the impeachment trial, so there’s really no one left to hype this thing up. We’ll see a handful of juicy, behind-closed-doors stories (all of which will, of course, paint John Bolton in the best possible light), and then we’ll all move on.

At this point, the amount of interest left in the Ukraine controversy is too small to be measured by a microscope. Whatever else Bolton may have to say about it – truth, lies, or somewhere in between – he missed his opportunity to make people care.

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Written by Andrew


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  1. Trump sounds like the scared loser he is. Last 2 weeks he seems to have lost any credibility he had. Sad but deserving.

  2. Bill, you are REALLY “full of it” like ALL insanely STUPID Left Wing Liberals. YOU are the one who is RUNNING SCARED, for you KNOW that POTUS Trump WILL win REELECTION! And your GOOFY ideas WILL be swept away, like ALL garbage into the DUST BIN of TIME. One Hilariously LAUGHING Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. Time for the idiotic damn dem libs and their Ilk to put this country first…..
    money, power and fame or infamy….go away………traitors

  4. In my over 60-years of following politics.
    Bolton takes the cake. His book should be destroyed
    and he should be spend the next 20-years in Federal
    Prison System …
    He is scum, to take the very important job, and have
    our Presidents ear … he is disgusting piece of garbage.

    Pray people ignore and not buy his book

  5. I have met John Bolton. I have been at a dinner party where he spoke. I have no respect for this liar and money and fame hungry man. He is narcissistic egomaniac. I was shocked when Trump even considered him on his team. Bolton has no place in government as he is totally out for himself. He obviously wrote this book full of lies in order to make money since I doubt he will ever be considered by either party for a job in government again. Hopefully, he has cut his own throat.

  6. When no one else wanted Bolton and he had been fired for some time–Trump gave him a job. Bolton seemed to be so grateful for the chance to be working again. He just could not control his war mongering ways and President Trump has all of the power which Bolton had to learn the hard way. Bolton will probably never work again in a political job and he can look in a mirror to look at the person who put him in that position. He had a seat at the Trump table right next to Trump until he tried to take over Trump’s seat at the table.

    • Bill, how many elections have you voted in? I have voted in 15 and I know my presidents, and political parties and we can consider ourselves damn lucky to have President Trump – especially during these times. We, who have voted for all these presidents and have ‘seen it all’ are smart enough to be able to see the pattern of games, ploys, deceptions, exagerrations, desperate moves, power grabs, unbelievable corruption – and fear of the democrats – of Donald J. Trump. He’s coming for them, and they are the most desperate pack of hyena’s I have ever seen in 50 years!

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