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Trump Reminds NATO Allies That He’s Dead Serious About Their Obligations

One of the great pleasures of Trump’s presidency has been watching the media, Democrats, and our foreign allies get continuously and repeatedly surprised by the fact that Trump is going to do exactly what he said he was going to do during his historic campaign. Every time! Whether it’s putting a travel ban against terrorist havens, clamping down on immigration, pulling us out of the Paris Climate Agreement, or ripping up the Iran nuclear deal, everyone just seems agog that he is actually going through with his planned agenda. It really amuses us to no end.

Unfortunately, there is a flipside to this constant surprise; people seem to stubbornly refuse to believe that Trump will make good on his word until he actually goes through with it. We’ve seen this over the past couple of months when it comes to our trade agreements around the world. Canada, Mexico, and our European allies made no effort whatsoever to negotiate with President Trump. They didn’t believe for a second that he would exercise his right to impose tariffs on their exports to make up for the badly-lopsided deals the U.S. has been laboring under for years. And, well, they found out that they were terribly mistaken, didn’t they? Even some Republicans were surprised about that one.

And we have a feeling our NATO allies are about to come to the same realization when it comes to Trump’s insistence that they pay their fair share. For a year and a half now, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Norway, and others have nodded and smiled and shined the president on as he has talked about them living up to their national security obligations. Now, according to The New York Times, President Trump has sent each of them a “sharply worded letter” reminding them that he is dead serious about their failure to pay. And if these letters don’t get a proper response, they could find themselves in a world of trouble.

“As we discussed during your visit in April, there is growing frustration in the United States that some allies have not stepped up as promised,” Trump wrote to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “The United States continues to devote more resources to the defense of Europe when the Continent’s economy, including Germany’s, are doing well and security challenges abound. This is no longer sustainable for us.”

We have no particular interest in seeing NATO go by the wayside, but Trump is not the first president to express these frustrations. He is, however, the first president who has shown a willingness to actually do something about it. Our European friends can smile and nod their way through these warnings if they like, but we’d strongly encourage them to – for once – take this president seriously. Unlike his predecessors, Donald J. Trump means what he says.

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  1. Our President Trump is Right Again, Why should we pay for Their Countries Defense, I spent 31 months 12 days in the Army Defending One of these Countries, Only to be Hated and Restricted from Their Bars and Guest Haus, No American’s Welcome, I asked myself then, Why are we here protecting these Racist Bastards, This was back in the 1970s, Let them pay to protect their own borders.

  2. Being an EQUAL PARTNER in a defensive cooperative is one thing.

    Being treated as the “Thuggish BRUTE FORCE” to keep the stupid little children safe from their own ignorance and not being PAID FOR THE PROTECTION SERVICES, is an entirely different subject.

    • You are totally correct. Many of these European countries used to hire “mercenaries” to fight their battles because they didn’t want to waste their “blood revenues”. Providing mercenaries was how Switzerland and Scotland survived. The Brits were the ones that hired the Scots and Irish to send them overseas to fight. It was safer than having the Scots and Irish attacking the Brits.

  3. It must have come as a real shock to some Europeans when they realized that prostitution and espionage were not the only contributions to Western security which the U.S. expected of “old alliance
    partners.” Somewhere, we do remember hearing something about life being “hard but just.”

  4. As OUR President said…America will no longer be the piggy bank of the world………they crap all over us because of balls less leaders, but no more, we now have a LEADER in the White House….good for him…..and we, the 60 million who elected him to do the job we want him to do, are proud of him and we stand with him……………

    • Dave, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The more I read about Mr. Trump’s accomplishments the more proud i become of his way of operations. We will not be stepped on anymore from those worthless countries. Let’s see how they like it when the islamists invade their country. If they as the USA for help, they will have to pay up first and when that money runs out, they will have to come up with another up front payment for security. That is the way the ball bounces.

  5. It is observable, the only thing Trump is serious about is the cocaine he does lat at night to start his Tweet wars. Well he is serious about making Putin happy by busting up NATO, The WTO, out Pacific alliances all of which shift global power to Russia and weaken the USA. Trump is a Russian agent living in the White House.

    • Your lack of knowledge is astounding. Russia is at best a regional power. It’s influence in SE Asia, South America, and Africa is limited to non-existent. It would be highly beneficial to the US to establish better relationship with Russia. Something that Russia desires. After 9-11 Putin was one of the 1st leaders to offer substantive assistance to us. They assisted and facilitated the establishment of our troops in Uzbekistan to help with Afghanistan. Then we support a coup in Ukraine. Nice move there Obama. We said NATO would not expand and absorbed members of the Warsaw Pact. So it is Russia that should be nervous about us not we of them. In pursuing my PhD I wrote a dissertation about this area and our relationships.

      • Excellent response Bob. I liked it. Ray Hill should refrain from making comments on subjects he knows nothing about, which covers a wide area of subjects. You said it like it is. More power to you.

    • Hey Pal, you’re really confused! Obummer Baracka is the progeny of communist thought.
      If you find this a tad shocking, why don’t you go look up the political proclivities of Saul Alinsky, mentor Frank Marshall Davis, Baracka’s parents as well as those of Stanley Dunham. Applicable is the saying: As the tree is bent, so shall it grow … Ray Hill needs his meds, the Aurora is very bright in his room …

    • You are a DEMON-CRAP SPINELESS POS! Kiss my (_|_) and get the hell out of my country. You do not belong here.

    • You are still an idiot Ray Hill. Your accusations and insults of the man who is saving your country and mine from becoming a communist hell hole run by osama as head of the globalist UN is not welcome. Until you can see through to the BIG PICTURE and accept todays victories you need to close your mouth, open your eyes and listen. You have heard that before haven’t you, l through school.

      You may not understand what you see but if you will stop, look, and listen you might learn something. You have never seen a man at work like Trump. He is very, very smart and intelligent.

    • You gotta be a flaming Liberal to post trash like that. Your ignorance of President Trump and his accomplishments is thorough and bespeaks of a Liberal education where truth is considered lies and lies the truth. You appear to be suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome or DST. It has afflicted all Liberals, Leftists, Democrats and loonies. So sad for you that you can’t see the great things that is happening to our country and would gladly put a corrupt (aren’t they all) Democrat back in power so we can become a socialist country. So sad.

    • Bendecido.. Just one comment to your post… that is NOT Mr. Trump’s… that is President Donald Trump’s… He won the election… He has and is proving himself honorable to his promises he made … Please give him the correction title… as the President of the United States..

  6. Hey pal, you’re obviously confused. It’s Obummer Baracka who is the progeny of communist thought. If you find this statement shocking, I suggest you look up the political proclivities of Saul Alinsky, mentor Frank Marshall Davis, Baracka’s parents, Stanley Dunham and parents.
    As a tree is bent, so shall it grow. Have you been taking your meds, Ray Hill? Is the Aurora in your room very bright?

  7. LOL! Ray Hill, You ARE stupid, aren’t you? IF the President had time, I’m sure he’d devote it to something of MORE value than to do YOUR favorite pass time!

  8. How do you tell a Communist ? It’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin.
    How do you tell an anti-Communist ? It’s someone who UNDERSTANDS Marx and Lenin !

  9. First thing he should do is take back the land and building of the UN and then charge them THE GOING RATES FOR THEIR LAND AND BUILDING IN MANHATTAN AT MANHATTAN RATES, INCLUDING PARKING. The same way President Trump is fixing the illegal alien problem he must fix the candy store mind set of all the nations who are mooching off The USA. Let them feel what hurt they need to feel to realize what The USA has been doing for them!

  10. seeing how nato is run by far left radicals and 3rd world countries , why do need to be in it , we have nothing in common with them , they sure don’t do anything for us, they have their own militaries so let them clean up their own countries and if they need help , let them pay us for it

  11. I love our conservative friends here. You all speak the truth except for Ray. I have been watching youtube and how Europe has open borders. They are suffering with Muslim immigration with the refugies. Tbe Muslim are spreading like wild flower with no go zones. Thank God for President Trump for caring about our borders and the approval of the supreme court to Trump’s Muslim travel band. A safer America under Trump.

  12. I love what President Trump is doing! It’s about time we had someone as a leader who will stand up to the imbalance in the world we have endured for so long. Next on his list should be abolishing ALL foreign aid!

  13. The free ride at the expense of American taxpayers is over NATO countries and you pay up or America will pull out and you can fight your own battles!! It is time for us to say “the American piggy bank is closed when in it comes to NATO for just like the UN, we pay the most and get the least from both of these organizations and it has to stop”!!! Do you realize that American troops have been in Germany since 1945 the end of Workld War II, isn’t it time they came home after 73 years????

  14. Not only can europe they protect their own borders instead of “Picking out pockets”, I want to know why our military, which was created for the soul purpose of protecting America’s borders and citizens, is now spread all over the world and protecting over EIGHTY FOUR other countries and yet is now not allowed to protect our own, when that is its single actual reason for existing!

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