Clinton Condemns Nice Attacks in Live News Calls

Hillary Clinton condemned the tragic attack in Nice, France in a series of live calls in to cable news programs on Thursday. Her comments came shortly after Donald Trump made several calls himself. Both presidential candidates referred to the “war” on radical terrorism.

Speaking in a phone interview on CNN, Clinton stressed the importance of strengthening America’s ties with alliesafter a truck drove through a crowd of people on Bastille Day in Nice, leaving at least 80 dead and 100 or more injured.

“I am sick at heart about what’s happened to the French people,” Clinton said.

The presumptive Democratic nominee said the U.S. and France, a long-time ally in Europe, are engaged in a “different kind of war,” referring to radical jihadists.

“We have to stand with our allies and not abandon them,” she said. Clinton called on the U.S. to strengthen its ties with allies, including NATO. Her comments were a subtle jab at Trump, who has criticized America’s role in NATO and its foreign policy.

Hours before Clinton’s remarks, Trump spoke on Fox News and said the attack in Nice meant “war.” Trump vowed to call on Congress to officially declare war on ISIS if he is elected president.

“We’re living in a much different world,” said the Republican nominee

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Written by Jacob Maslow

A native new Yorker, Jacob Maslow is a writer and marketing specialist who began his career as a payroll manager.

Maslow has founded a variety of news websites, including  Daily Forex Report and Legal Scoops. He is a frequent contributor to many authoritative publications including, social media today and 



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