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Congress: Terror Threat at Highest Level Since 9/11


According to a report from the House Homeland Security Committee, the U.S. faces an Islamic terror threat today that is at its highest level since the September 11, 2001 attacks. The new Terror Threat Snapshot says that one of the biggest threats to national security comes from Americans being radicalized in their homes.

Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul issued a statement laying the blame at Obama’s doorstep.

“Make no mistake: we face a deadlier threat than ever before not only because our enemies have gotten savvier, but because we took the pressure off them,” said McCaul. “For eight years, the Obama Administration reluctantly played global whack-a-mole with terrorists rather than leaning into the fight with decisive leadership.”

The report says that the Islamic State is backing away from its original caliphate messaging, which aimed to draw radicals into Syria and Iraq. Instead, they are focused on encouraging sympathizers to carry out terrorist attacks where they live. This message is accompanied by a concerted effort to use refugee pipelines to gain access to Western countries where their soliders can wreak havoc on innocent civilians.

In his statement, McCaul said the country just got a first-hand look at this kind of lone wolf radicalization. “The attack last week at Ohio State University is further proof that our homeland remains in the crosshairs of Islamist terrorists,” McCaul said. “Groups like ISIS are radicalizing new operatives from within our borders, and just this week, their new spokesman called for more inspired attacks by supporters ‘all over the world’.”

Thankfully, the devastation at Ohio State was not as tragic as it could have been, but it’s only a matter of time before we’re confronted with another Boston Marathon, another San Bernardino, another Pulse nightclub. Another horrific event that steals dozens of lives, rocks our communities, and puts hundreds of families into unimaginable grief.

The difference next time – assuming we can make it another couple of months – is that we’ll have a president who won’t respond to the attack by lecturing us on the evils of Islamophobia. A president who won’t try to use the attack to push his gun control agenda. A president who will not be afraid to look evil in the eye and call it what it is.

Rhetoric alone won’t keep us safe from terrorism, but rhetoric can precede a new course of action. And when it comes to the war on terror, a new course of action is desperately needed.

  • Lin Phillips

    Our government should have been wise enough to take steps to address Islamic extremism within our own nation, but the current administration in particular was too busy being politically correct. I recognize it’s sensitive and complex, but we needed to address the problems at home first for the sake of our nation and our children’s future. One of the hard decisions had to be around our current immigration policies. We also should have enlisted help at our Mosques and dealt with those who are unwilling to cooperate. It begins with strengthening our own borders first.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Well, let’s see now. The NY/NJ Metro region is always first to be attacked and tah dah! No terrorists threats of any significance. Just Republican BS artists doing their usual “smear” game to make sure President Obama leaves office with something, anything that can make the joy boys of the GOP look like the successes they never have been. Time for all good little boys to grow up before mommy has to spank their bare butts in public squares. Or worse, deprive them of our Dem state funding until they get the message to shut their mouths.

  • Will

    To have decisive leadership you first need a leader. Waiting for pools to tell him how to lead is being wishy washy. He wishes he could lead, but is just a washout. This is Americas lost decade, the Obama presidency.

  • What has been happening in this country and others should be a wake up call to everyone who owns a legal gun to carry every day and everywhere! Myself, I always carry my weapon everywhere, “It is better to carry your weapon every day and not have to use it than not have it the one day you need it”!!!

  • Yvonne Fileccia


    • Mary

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

    • John

      Take away obos security and see him change his mind

  • Dr.Phil and Pam Cota

    Would you be so kind to UNSUBSCRIBE my husband and I from such propaganda. Our name is DR. Phil and Pam Cota. WE do not want your newsletter. Thank you.

  • Elvis Presley

    Ya! In Obama’s eyes Terrorism is Christianity and Catholics. What else would a Islamic Terrorist from the Manchurian Candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood be against. Barack Obama is the Muslim Brotherhood # Terrorist.

  • ronald fischer

    This is the reason way Obama left our Borders wide open and you can bet he knew what was happening,like the FBI said there are almost 3 thousands Terrorist that are spread out in almost every state in America do to Obama leaving the Borders opened for them to get into our country.And they are still coming in every day like Obama once said that everyone was welcome to come in to his country no matter who you are it was like a invitation from Obama for the Terrorist to get into our country.This is the guy that started ISIS after he took our troops out of IRAQ and knew dam well what he was doing to start all of the Terrorist groups to go to all the countries and but havoc on there countries and kill has many people they can.And you can bet that the Terrorist that are in our country right now well be ready to attack and kill thousands of American people for one man that left our Borders open for them to enter our COUNTRY in the last 7 years what we had was a Government that where the Enemies within our own Democrat party that was trying to take over the American people by the Dictators that ran this country to Destroy it within THANK GOD that Top Secret(Killary) lost or else this country would have gone straight to HELL in no time at all.

  • Allen Shaw

    In my life experience there seems to have been a two way street.

    Maybe if we did not treat other as thought they are inferior and take their resources without proper compensation they would not strike out at us.

    There are many anti-Muslim comments made against others that are not justified. It may be true that some Muslims and some Christians and some Jews and some individuals of other religions are bad it is not true that all of any one group are bad.

    There are over a billion Muslims and there are not that many dedicated Christians to carry out such a fight.

    • songstress250

      I can understand your sentiment. However, Anyone who claims to be a devout Muslim follows the laws and commands of Muhammed. I strongly suggest you read the Q’uran, as well as a basic primer of the life and visions of Muhammed. You will then understand the very basic tenet that drives ALL Muslims who practice Islam. There is no whitewashing involved here. You will find that there are many levels of Islam, but that the true followers’ final stage, ALWAYS, is to carry out Muhammed’s commands, by Any means and at whatever the cost. Those of us who do not trust Any True Muslim are not Islamophobes. We are basing our beliefs on what Muhammed himself required (and still requires) of ALL who follow him. Some may not even yet know they are being groomed for their final “glory,” but the results of practicing Islam are, in Fact, based in reality, not fantasy.

    • Norm Wilson

      All muslims are terrorists. Prove otherwise.

  • The author of the article on radical Islam has hit the nail squarely on it head. Obama and him alone is responsible for what has happened to many innocent Americans in this country and the thousands of Christians in Syria and elsewhere. We are all counting on Trump to end this cat and mouse game that Obama and his minions have been p[laying with the lives of the American citizens.

  • songstress250

    You have never posted any of my comments.
    Yet some of those posted are foul or inane.
    Apparently you are not looking for educated conversation.
    What a disappointment.

  • John Beach

    Obama’s heart was never in his job because he suffered from a duplicitous mindset, conflicted over his personal experience in two different religious heritages, to which, he thought, he could, somehow, be a reconciler of those differences. American, foreign policy regarding the “war on terror” was flawed from the outset. Do you think for one minute that America’s Christians would tolerate an invasion of Islamic forces whose mission was to quell all opposition to the establishment of an Islamic Republic in the United States? That is exactly what American, foreign policy proposed to do in both Iraq and Afghanistan. It was and is a fool’s errand and we have done the U.S. military a grave disservice (literally) in asking them to perform it.

  • rbentrdr

    And Concealed Carry licenses are higher than they have EVER been.

  • raygun

    We have had a terrorist threat from the WH for the last 8 years. The Terrorist are, the IRS, the DOJ, the BLM, the NLRB, the DOE and Obozo himself.