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ISIS: Istanbul Shooter was “Hero Soldier of the Caliphate”


The Islamic State claimed responsibility Monday for the brutal Istanbul terrorist attack that resulted in the death of at least 39 people on New Years’ Day. The shooter, they said, was one of their own.

The attack on the Reina Nightclub, the statement said, was “in continuation of the blessed operations that the Islamic State is conducting against Turkey, the protector of the cross.”

They reported that “a hero soldier of the caliphate attacked one of the most famous nightclubs, where Christians celebrated their pagan holiday. They used hand grenades and a machine gun and transformed their celebration to mourning.”

ISIS warned that Turkey’s involvement in the Syrian civil war would invite further attacks.

“The government of Turkey should know that the blood of Muslims, which it is targeting with its planes and its guns, will cause a fire in its home by God’s will,” the group wrote.

While ISIS is trying to get Turkey out of Syria, the country’s current problems with terrorism have less to do with the civil war and more to do with how they enabled jihadists for years. While the Arab Spring was heating up across the border, the Turkish government pretended not to notice as Islamic State fighters built support networks inside their country. The Erdogan regime’s current attitude towards ISIS is a relatively new one.

Hopefully, that attitude remains strong because we will never defeat Islamic terrorism through appeasement. This is a global sickness that must be eradicated from the planet. With Donald Trump taking over as the U.S. commander in chief, we must re-ignite the true war on terror and finish the job that Obama didn’t have the guts to take seriously. In that fight, we’ll need all the tough allies we can get.

For too long, the Obama administration has treated ISIS as something we can slowly defeat over the coming years and perhaps even decades. No need to rush. Everything will turn out all right if we just exercise patience.

But every day that ISIS continues to exist is another day in which free people all over the world are in mortal danger. If there was another 9/11-sized attack tomorrow, the Islamic State would be history by the end of the week. Do you doubt it? So why must we wait for a disaster of that magnitude before we do what needs to be done?

The United States and its allies have the capability to turn ISIS into so much dust and blood. The time to make it happen is now.

  • The hard lesson is coming.

    A leader, who stands up for America, is essential to the way back from global fecklessness.

    Adios Barry.

  • Glen Cheramie


  • Rob

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  • Rob

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  • LL

    ISIS: Istanbul Shooter was “Hero Soldier of the Caliphate”

    All normal people everywhere: Istanbul Shooter was “a brainwashed clueless idiot who performs tasks as if manipulated like a puppet”

    I prefer the second one myself……………

  • Dennis

    Every time ISIS attacks the west we should attack them with double the ferocity until they get the message that they will never be able to intimidate or repel or defeat us. We will fight back…and KEEP fighting…until terrorism is extinct on this planet!

    • Roy Fredrichsen

      If we want civilization to survive, we have no choice but to completely eliminate all ISIS leaders just like they did Hussein. Once all the leaders are dead, the rest will begin to disappear Knowing that if they are caught they will be executed.

  • Angie

    Annihilate them before they do it to us!!!

  • Jim

    We are not fighting a group here. We are at war with an ideology. Islam. They are invading Europe, Asia, and the US. Islam is not a religion, it is a political theocracy.

  • Greg

    Make sure we kill 50 of them for every innocent life they take.

  • Ron Costlow

    A “Heroic Solider”? What B.S., he was a “Cowardly”, murdering “Brain Washed”, S.O.B, Killing “Un-armed” INNOCENT people celebrating “New Years”.. and that’s what the ISIS Terrorist leaders call a, “Heroic Solider”, I doubt that there is even one, HONEST, person out there that is, “SANE”, and haven’t been “Brain Washed”, by their “Religious B.S. who would agree with them.

  • Earl thomas

    The Usa, Russia and China as leaders plus other more moderate countries like Turkey and Italy should bomb or have an all out war on these Isis killers to wipe all and I do mean all off the face of the earth.

    Any country found to be supporting Isis like Iran and others should have their nuclear capability bombed so it will never be used to attack anyone. Cancel all trade agreements , take all their oil and pump their country dry to eliminate future finance support for terrorist. Take away everything and set them back 100 years to desert people.

    This is bad but the only thing these people and their leaders understand .

  • Carl Ferrigno