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Why Does ISIS Keep Insisting That Vegas Shooter Was One of Theirs?


As of Friday, the Islamic State had claimed three times that Stephen Paddock, the man who carried out the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, was one of their soldiers. Despite offering no concrete evidence of Paddock’s allegiance to their caliphate and despite U.S. law enforcement insisting there was no link between the killer and ISIS, the group continues to insist that he was one of theirs. And in the absence of any – ANY – hint of motive coming out of the investigation, more than a few observers are beginning to wonder what the truth really is.

In the latest edition of the official ISIS Al-Naba online magazine, the terrorist organization said that Paddock “converted to Islam six months ago,” changing his name to Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki and declaring himself a “soldier of the caliphate.”

“A soldier of the caliphate attacked a gathering of 22,000 Americans at a concert in the city of Las Vegas, resulting in nearly 60 killed and 600 injured,” the magazine said. “Brother Abu Abdul Barr stationed himself in a room on the 32nd floor of a hotel overlooking the concert and opened fire continuously on the crowds using 23 firearms and more than 2,000 bullets and died, may Allah accept him, after running out of ammunition.”

Nothing ISIS has reported about Paddock has been anything they couldn’t have gleaned from mainstream media news reports, leading law enforcement and U.S. officials to assume that the group is taking credit for an attack they had nothing to do with. And that may very well be the case. ISIS is on the ropes in Syria, their stronghold in Iraq is all but destroyed, and the swelling power they had a couple of years ago has been substantially diminished by the new Trump administration. To think they might want to use an attack like this for some “credibility” among their waning supporters is not much of a stretch.

“There is no indication that there is any link whatsoever. They claim a lot of things,” a U.S. official told Newsweek magazine.

But see, that’s the thing. A lot of people had the same reaction after ISIS initially took credit for the attack. “Oh, of course they did. Next, they’ll be claiming credit for Hurricane Irma.” The truth, however, is that ISIS doesn’t really have a history of claiming credit for attacks that weren’t there’s. That’s not to say they never do it – there has been no evidence connecting them to the hotel shooting in the Philippines, for instance – but it’s rarer than U.S. officials are letting on. And for them to make the claim three times, complete with giving Paddock a made-up Islamic name and setting a date for his supposed conversion…that would be well out of character for ISIS.

We have no idea what the truth might be, and we’re not about to put our faith in a group that has made its name on terrorism, lies, and mass murder. But the longer we go without any established motive, the stranger Paddock’s crime becomes. Something drove him to carry out this heinous attack – one that was thoroughly planned and well-researched. As we wait to find out what that something was, the fact that ISIS continues to insist on their claim of responsibility can’t help but make us wonder…

  • Murphmeister

    Why? because like the shooter they are the devil’s own.

  • NashvilleTiger

    Why? Because they are evil and wish they had been responsible. Why even ask? Sometimes you just don’t even question when it comes to some people/groups.

  • Why should ISIS waste an opportunity to put the fear of Allah in Americans, especially given the fact that FBI are clueless in this investigation, or do they really know and don’t want us to know, that is the question. WAKE UP AMERICA

    • DAlnB41

      I wold prefer to think the FBI is more in tune with the events that it may appear. If I was the director of the FBI ( or any fedral agency at this point) I would not say a ting.
      Every time something comes out the media and the radical left instigator’s turn it into fifteen different issues. None of it is beneficial but rather seems to be directed at creating more confusion and dispersant of the government and the justice system.
      Such was the main line efforts during the Obama Administration and it continues today at even greater pace. It seems the radical left is hell bent on seeing none of the problems inherited by Trump will be cleared up or see any “fix” as the media teamed with extreme left radicals work overtime to make mountains out of molehills and waste Tax Payers money standing in front of TV cameras complaining rather than suggesting (or offering) any help in fixing our problems. Complainers never get anything done AND that is what the Democratic Party leaders are doing; complaining and offering no action to fix the problem’s left by Bush or Obama!

  • RC

    Has anyone given any thought to the fact that ISIS might be telling the truth? That guy was a nut case who was probably very easy to indoctrinate. What he did was an act of terror and the powers that be are doing all they can to make it look like he might have just been a “poor unhappy person making a statement.” Anything ISIS says should be taken very seriously. Just the same as that fat slob in North Korea.

    • DAlnB41

      I am sure our intelligence agencies, the FBI and the media has all taken every step, and will continue doing so, to find any ting that can tie this sick minded person to ISIAS.
      More likely than ISIS would seem to be the continual efforts in our own country to build hate and discontent. It is easily seen everyday as the media takes every opportunity it can to bad mouth our government. I will be the first to agree that although the intentions are well voiced our government is not the best. That though is not because they can not do their job it is more of a fact they do not want to do their job.
      We saw it in the Obama Administration as the President took special efforts in degrading our criminal justice system, of building distrust for our government both domestically and internationally, on tearing apart fifty (+) years of improving efforts to respect the rights of all propel in this country and the Obama Administrations efforts to open our boarders to anyone who wanted to come here.
      With a congress that lacks the leadership to keep American values, integrity and respect in line, elected representatives are free to accept monetary support from those who seek personal rewards in tearing our nations values apart. UNTIL party leaders start forcing elected representatives to do their jobs, until the voters start recalling elected representatives who openly defy their job of managing the nations business in the best interest of the nation and the Ameriacn people – we will see more and more of the hatred and violence we have seen in the past eight plus years.

      • Name

        I am sorry you put so much faith in our intelligence community. I have found they will only tell you what they want you to believe.

        • Christopher Wolfe

          Goes for more than just intel. The establishment is selling us out not just the alphabet groups. Our elected officials could stomp this out in a second. Really think about this. If we were so easily fooled and we were really this weak in defense then why have our enemies from other countries not defeated us already. This was called in from the top and given the go ahead. If we are not overrun already then how did this occur. This is a falsehood.

    • Jonathan Brooks

      RC, he maybe evil but may not be a nutcase, but a fanatic. He spent his time checking out other venues, where he could do mass killing, and appears to have a real desire for high kill count.

      • RC

        Jonathan Brooks, your reasoning is exactly why I feel that guy is an ISIS convert. A person can be nuttier than a fruitcake but still act like he’s sane. A terrorist has one thing in mind. How many innocent people he can kill. If someone in ATF had been doing his job that guy would have been turning on red lights and waving red flags for quite a while. His girlfriend ins Filipino. She went back to Philippines. He sent $100,000.00 there. The Philippines has a pretty large Muslim population and reportedly has had problems with ISIS. Then, as you say, he scouted were there’d be crowds in both Chicago and Boston. We might not agree but I feel it all fits together and he was a terrorist. Of course those investigating the Las Vegas slaughter won’t admit anything like that.

        • Mauricette Demoor

          I think you are right RC. I said to my boyfriend a few days ago that maybe he met a terrorist group in the Philippines face to face and this is why there is no trace whatsoever.

          • RC

            Hadn’t actually thought of it that way, but you really could be right.

          • Christopher Wolfe

            So this man works his whole life for all he owned then went to philipines and had the mind to say I am giving up all I have to kill and then die myself. Plausible but extremely unlikely. The more plausible is his woman being the snake in contact with perpetrators to use him as a patsy to pull off the massacre and people working for the hotel being the operatives acting as victims being alerted when to stop shooting because the one watching cameras alerted him when to stop and shoot himself knowing he would receive immediate medical attention as not only a victim but a lone witness to events and how they unfolded but a snake none the less.

      • David in MA

        He had money and he had help.

    • Christopher Wolfe

      Then the transparency of the case better be presented to the public in every sense of the word transparent videos, recordings and proof or I do believe certain agents will find targets on their back ricky tick.

      • RC

        I must agree with you to a point. There are some things we simply don’t have the need to know. Other than that, we really should be kept informed by people telling the truth instead of a bunch of news media entertainers getting all excited over things that makes no sense and they don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s a known fact that we have terrorists in this country and they’ve been here quite awhile just waiting for a chance to cause trouble. If that happens I like to feel I’m prepared. Of course I live out in the sticks but those in the cities are the ones who really have to watch their backs.

        • Christopher Wolfe

          Actually the bible says what will happen in the sticks will be just as bad if not worse. The exodus of the city dwellers to the woods will be like walking dead not knowing the fear caused by a hord of starving thirsty escaped citizen will be a terrifying experience for any in their path minus the ones who have automatics and homemade claymoor. You can tell I’ve given this a little thought right. If the people do not come the government will with heat signature detecting satellites to impose their will of chipping everyone or kill them. Not fear mongering just points to ponder.

    • texan61

      Add that to the fact he was taking Diazapam, known to cause way bad side effects

  • USN Vet 31yrs Svc

    I place my confidence in the fbi, cia or homeland security. You have got to be kidding me. They don’t even go after known criminals with boat loads of documented evidence. They are extremely proficient at cover ups. Very proficient at investigating zero evidence cases over a year. Very proficient at running guns to drug cartels.

    • DAlnB41

      Most of what you point out is well known and was openly voiced during the Obama Administration and continues on into the Trump administration.
      Much of it continues today as those we entrusted the management of our nations business seem to fear the media and lean toward the monetary rewards of financial influences over their duties and obligations.
      We need to take advantage of the “recall” to remove elected representatives who fail to do their jobs. Fail either by neglecting to do their duty and obligations, and spend their time outside their duties doing things indifferent to the their duty (and their duty only) by ignoring the best interests of their obligations or the nations integrity.
      NO ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE was elected to go to Washington to create hate, discontent, confusion or stall the repair of important issues of seeing the nation remains the greatest in the world!
      We should not have to postpone recalling ANY weak, ineffective or indifferent elected representative. If they are not doing their job or are found to be accepting rewards for supporting ANY ectivity or actions indifferent to the natiosn best interest they need to be REMOVED IMMEDIATLY!

      • Bill Hutchens

        wrong, all officials from kalifornia and new york were elected by people who hate America

        • Mustafa Curtess

          I don’t agree about “hate” – they just have a different idea about our future as a country. It’s a waste of time to TELL them. All we can do is to SHOW them .- and we are not doing that.

    • pappy450

      Probably you will find that OSCUMBAG (the head MOOSLIME) and his “deep state” operators were “in charge” of the whole affair. I for one, do not believe this man was even ALIVE during the shooting. (collateral damage control to give the illusion of a “lone wolf”) This was NO “bump stock” weapon firing as the “elites” in the press and so-called “officials” are opining. (I have lived near Fort Drum N.Y. all my life, and have heard and Watched sustained full-auto weapons of different calibers being fired) I also believe the shooting was done by HIRED “trained professionals” NOT an overweight gambler that was supposedly on the floor for 10 hours straight “playing”. This whole thing STINKS to the high heavens of yet another “false flag” event to attempt to disarm LAW-ABIDING citizens. People will find that the “deep state” will go to ANY extreme no matter how many lives are lost to “push their sick, twisted, CORRUPT, COMMUNIST “agenda”

      • jug

        You are exactly right, especially there at the end. Except for one thing!
        I too, first thought exactly as you do, he was dead even before the shooting started.
        But, someone shot through the door and wounded the hotel security guard. That guard then lay there watching the door until swat blew it open. No one came or went, and there was only the dead man inside.

        So, if anyone left, it had to be before the security guard showed up, leaving ONLY the live or dead guard!

        Damn the Comminrcrats, anyway!

        • muymalo

          Not quite. The guard was shot 10-20 minutes before the shots on the crowd. He survived and reported the shooting, so it was known early that a shooter was present. 72 minutes elapsed before anyone entered the room. Why weren’t the cops responding to the shooting of the guard before the mass shooting. If the shooter went through 2,000 rounds, the place would be littered with spent casings. I only see a handful in the pics. Also, a 30-round magazine goes by real fast in autofire, but it seem like the fire was sustained longer than 30-rd bursts. I am inclined to believe ISIS is correct on this one. If not, what was the motive?

          • David in MA

            Because the real shooter was hiding, IN THE APARTMENT?

          • Christopher Wolfe

            Several. More than one on the ground to cause diversionary tactics

          • ARTPSYCH

            It’s all starting to sound like the gunman on the Grassy Knoll epilogue November
            22, 1963: Death of the President – John F. Kennedy …

          • Christopher Wolfe

            The security guard and maids were probably in on it along with multiple shooters on the ground also the wife probably scapegoating husband or possibly bureau involved in gun running. Only god and the perpetrators know.

          • Elaine Blackman

            Or had already left. I don’t believe that Campos guy at all, or the other one, either.

          • george briar

            yup a bunch of men went in to find the guy dead then a bunch of men left including the other shooters. It’s a setup by our very own liberals

          • Christopher Wolfe

            If that version actually happened remember we are dealing with people who believe in redundancy and outright lies. WACO, RUBY RIDGE, TIMOTHY MCVEIGH. IF IT WALKS LIKE IT AND TALKS LIKE IT IT PROBABLY IS WHAT IT IS.

          • Elaine Blackman

            But no shots were seen coming from that window that I saw. They shot him before the shooting began and he was able to warn everyone that they were on the 32nd floor? Does that sound funny to anyone but me?

        • pappy450

          BUT how do YOU or I know that it wasn’t just one of the “insiders” that did this BEFORE the police got there and made to LOOK that way? MANY unanswered questions and the COVER-UPS have started already. You can bet security tape will be edited and altered (easy) and THEN the “doctored” ones will be “shown” to the public after the so-called “investigations” are done

          • jug

            Because the hotel security guard was shot 6 to 20 minutes BEFORE, the shooting at the crowd even started!

            That guard lay there from the time he was shot, until the swat team got there to blow the door into the room.

            And NO ONE, left or entered in all that time.

            Cant be shots fired from the room, if the only person in the room is already dead!

            My only problem now, is why the “lack of interest”, between when it was first known that there was a shooter in the room, before he even started shooting at the crowd!

            Yet the sherif praises his men!
            I dont think so!
            It looks to me like they and/or someone else, drug their feet for at least an hour!

          • pappy450

            Welcome to yet another “false flag” event organized and carried out by our “government” and the “deep state”… “players”… Intent on pushing their “gun Control”…”people control” agenda in yet ANOTHER attempt to turn this country into a COMMUNIST-RUN HELL-HOLE. Don’t you find it UNUSUAL to say the least, that high-level officials were “on scene” almost immediately (like they were WAITING for this to happen?)
            When has THAT ever happened…WAIT I can tell you (all the other “false flag” events) Ruby Ridge, Waco, “school shootings”..ETC. ETC. The “list” goes on and on.

          • jug

            No, I dont think there even were “high level” people there for a considrrable time!

            And like muymalo, below says, it even took the police and swat “eons” to get there!

            The guy who “got there first”, spent the next hour waiting for someone to even show up.

            No matter how much the sheriff praises
            his people about “fast response”, me thinks that they stunk on this one, big time!

          • pappy450

            According to “reports” from “witnesses” the FBI supposedly was there immediately, and didn’t do anything. (probably coordinating the whole thing with “deep state operatives”) The “reports” that were posted on other websites I read seem to have “disappeared”. Check out infowars though, (that is unless that was “pulled off” also) there was an interview with a Navy Seal firearms expert that says after listening to the recordings of gunfire there were “other shooters” present. I would send you the link, but it seems when I TRY, the link doesn’t seem to go through. Blocked I guess.

          • george briar

            yeah they left with all the others, they were in the room all the time and the fat gambler was the patsy they killed to take the blame. Our very own feds were in on it.

          • Christopher Wolfe

            Unless the shooter was the security guard and the maids brought the guns in with a cleaning cart. Why would the shooter leave the guard alive and kill everybody else?

          • jug

            My god, what a dumb question!
            He had been holed up there 3 days already! WITH A DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door! I am 81, and could eaisly move way more equipment that far in that amount of time!

            When the security guard showed up, he put 200 rounds through the door! (Likely where most of the brass came from that stayed in the room. Most of it from shooting at the crowd likely went forward, and out the window.)

            Then the wounded guard layed there, watching the only door, and no one came or went! He was lucky that he even lived through that barrage, let alone only being hit once!

            But, the question is, while after that, and 10 more minutes of active shooting, and NO ONE, except the guard has found the room???

          • Elaine Blackman

            There were 2 doors. Adjoining rooms. And a neighboring room had at least one person to leave when they heard the shots, supposedly. Sometimes, “witnesses” make up stories when it comes to publicity.

          • ralph

            Who counted the 200 rounds? Where are all the bullets from that round of shooting? Where is all the damage that 200 rounds “made”? Should the evidence of expended bullets be of interest as to from which weapons they came? No given data as to finger prints on any of the room and weapons. THIS SMELLS VERY BADLY !!!

          • Elaine Blackman

            There were 2 adjoining rooms. Was it near a stairway? Since it was at the hall, my guess is that it was. Would he know if he passed out? Maybe not.

          • jug

            Possibly not.
            And he was bleeding steadily.
            I would imagine that if he had passed out, he would have likely have still been that way when found.
            But it wasnt, he was able to report, “no one, in or out”!

          • Elaine Blackman

            I just remembered a story I heard a day or 2 ago that he was there to fix or check on a squeaky door or something about a door. I would think that would have been a public doorway. Then another guy was saying that he was coming towards Campos and Campos yelled at him to take cover while bullets were flying past this guy.

            I’ll have to see if I can find that story, but I think Bombard’s Body Language was doing it a day or so ago.

          • jug

            The perp had blocked fire doors shut, is why the repair man was on that floor.

            And yes, he and the wounded “security” guy made contact.

            But now there are reports out that Campos is not on the hotel employee list. And, “just ran out” of a scheduled TV interview!

            Talk about Keystone Cops routine!

          • Elaine Blackman

            LOL It really is Keystone Cops routine. I used to like watching them because they were funny. This is more worrisome than funny, though.

          • shamu9

            And Nobody Heard AR-15 Rounds going Off? In a Hotel Hallway??They are LOUD as HELL! I played Guitar in Many, Many Hotel lounge gigs,, with rooms included! If an AR 15 was being fired, in the hallway, you would hear it all over the Property! There had to be other guests there! They would be running OUT of the Hotel like Fire Ants out of a Kicked Ant Hill! This was N.W..O. False Flag [Gun Ban] OP,! I have 18 yrs, exp. as a LEO!

        • Sue

          Why was the guard only wounded in the leg. A shooter with any brains wouldn’t have been shooting that low.

          • jug

            Well, I supose we can safely assume that you have never wanted to kill someone behind a baricaded door!
            Cant see him, dont know if he is standing, sitting or even laying down, or crawling away!

            So, he punches 2 hundred holes in said door. All over it!

            Still think it makes sense to only put bullets out from waist to head level?

          • shamu9

            Yeah, and like I said Before!! No one heard all the LOUD Gunfire?? AND! If Anyone called Police and said “I think some guy in the Mandalay Bay Hotel has a Gun, and is shooting up the place, The Keystone Cops would BE There, Before that person hung up the Phone!

          • jug

            Well now, aint that funny!
            It turns out that IS EXACTLY what happened!

            With the exception being that those “Keystone cops” FAILED to show up!

            Somewhere around 200 bullets through the door, wounding one unarmed “Hotel Dick” in the leg! He called the front desk, asking them to CALL THE POLICE!

            Almost immediately, a work man trying to fix a jammed fire door, (jammed by the perp, of course), ALSO CALLED his super with the very same information!

            Six minutes later, the crowd was being shot at. That continued for 11 more minutes, and still no cops! 17 minutes now!

            It was another 70 plus minutes before the door was breached. Time enough for the blood to congeal!

            Yet, the “Sheriff” is proud of the “fast work” his guys accomplished!

          • jug

            Now, to all the conspiracy therorists:

            Some of you compared this to Ruby Ridge, or Waco.
            Nothing even remotely the same!
            Both of those pertained to people that the Feds had been fueding with for years!
            This guy was never in any of the alphabet agencies sights!

            If they had helped, (or set him up), things would NOT have went down the way they did, by any means!

            Lets see, the mystrey note, hand writen, turned out to be just calaculated balistic data.
            A “set up” and they would have furnished “him”, either published or computer generated balistic data. This was something he, himself had overlooked and did by hand while awaiting the precise time.

            OK, last for now but not least, he put at least 2 bullets “onto” the two fuel tanks a bit farther away, hoping to set off an explosion! They held jet fuel, not gasoline, (possibly a mistaken idea of his), BUT, if it had been set up by the Feds, or any other such outfit, they would have used weapons/bullets that wouldnt have failed as his did!

            Its almost as if he wasnt sure he was hitting said tanks at all, and gave up on even trying pretty quickly.

            (I wonder just how many bullets might have went over, or impacted short of them?)

            Now, ISIS, (usualy doesn’t claim what
            they dont do), but this time has not only doubled, but tripled down on claiming it.

            The guy was very much into antifa, just recently declared a domestic terrorist organization, possibly seen by him, even as an ally of ISIS. (Or vice versa.)

          • Elaine Blackman

            Still think it only makes sense that only 1 bullet out of 200 hits him?

            If they weren’t looking at him from inside the room, why think someone is there? If they are looking through the peephole, why NOT know where he is?

      • Brenda Sinclair


        • pappy450

          October 10, 2017
          Experts Confident There Were Multiple Shooters at Vegas Massacre

          There’s overwhelming evidence there were multiple shooters at the Las
          Vegas massacre – and Special Forces veterans who spoke to Infowars… Read More ›

          I tried to send the LINK, but I guess the “powers that be” are blocking it.
          Try going to “infowars” ans see if you can get the video.


          • David in MA

            Soon, like the alleged school shootings, this will fall from view and be covered up. It’s allabout impact to cement in the liberal mind the need for “gun control”.
            I ask that people read the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, it is online. Than check out the UN Agenda 21, it’s all happening and America is in the dark. Little by little so we do not catch on to what is happening to our Devine inspired country, America.

          • Hawk

            I just read the other day that the deep state had a plan to get rid of trump and bring nato closer. Its a sure bet, this was it. They think we are all so stupid. Sad thing is, they are about half right. (Democrats)

          • shamu9

            Another False Flag event STAGED as a Reason to Confiscate our Firearms! Anyone actually SEE any DEAD Bodies?? No, Cause there weren’t any! Except for the ‘Patsy’s,There should be footage of LOTS of Ambulances, and dead/dying folk on stretchers, being loaded up and taken to Hospitals! Lots of Bereaved crying relatives, on the News! NADA, ZIP! I wonder how much the Actors were Paid? Union S.A.G. Scale?? No Matter, We The Sheeple Paid for it all!

      • bytheway4

        pappy450, you are 100% right.

      • texan61

        I have seen a bumpfire stock. I doubt it would function more than a clip before jamming. It is a unusual toy, but very unreliable.

        • pappy450

          THAT is why I have been posting all along that the firing you heard on the videos was a full-auto weapon, not a “bump-fire stocked weapon, AND there was more than ONE weapon of different calibers also firing. I have also posted, that I BELIEVE that the man that was “supposedly” doing the shooting was DEAD long before the shooting started, murdered by the “deep state” operators hired to do this “false flag” event in another attempt by the “progressive” communists to disarm Law-abiding citizens no matter HOW many lives it takes to push their corrupt “agenda”.

          • ARTPSYCH

            that’s what I told my liberal moron friend– it jams a lot! just like the liberals who don’t own an effing gun!..they wouldn’t know anyway..hey hows Hillary doing? I hear she’s crying soapbox tears that her effing book flopped..just like her effing campaign! hahahahaha!

        • Mustafa Curtess

          Don’t you mean “magazine”?

      • Mustafa Curtess

        I am not convinced that ISIS even made the claim. Any competent hacker can do it – just to stir up more anti-Muslim hysteria. First clue is in the phony “Islamic” name. “Bar” is a common Hebrew name (I have never seen it in a Muslim name before. “Bin”, yes – but not “Bar” ( or “BARR”. as stated repeatedly).

      • Btwxdncs

        This is a reasonable theory, but you must go deeper that Barry (BHO). Who has the $$$ to finance something like this, and who needs America to ‘lose’ its’ guns … none other the George Soros, who wants America to collapse so he can form his NWO – New World Order.

        • pappy450

          THAT is why I cannot for the life of me understand WHY Soros and his whole “operation” as well as oscumbag, and HIS “ofa” organization.haven’t been brought down as terrorist groups. They are ALL doing what they do OPENLY and NOTHING is done about it.

    • Name

      I agree that this looks more like a FED set up but also that fed moles/plants are easily swayed/influenced by outside forces. So it could be a combination of a Fed set up and an ISIS member triggered by the Feds all to push for gun control/confiscation. It is known that all the other mass shootings were done by mental Democrats.

      • jug

        Not necessarily mental, and certainly NOT democrats!

        They are Commiecrats!

      • jug

        Commiecrats, NOT democrats!

      • David in MA

        Obama moles at work?

      • Elaine Blackman

        I’m not sure about that. Charles White might not have been since he’d been discharged from the military prior to his killing spree. That was 1966 after he’d been in Nam.

        I’m not sure those kids that have done mass killings, like the one in Charleston or the school in CO, had any affiliation, either.

    • sally

      USN Vet31yrsSvc
      I agree with you just another coverup and we all know that. Than we will get all different stories from people who I guess are attempting to find out what really happen. That leaves us not 100% sure of what happen!! Need to get rid of these “deep state” traitors in the FBI and CIA also the MSM.

    • pedro

      I agree. The “investigative services” have been completely subverted by Obama (puppet) and Soros (puppeteer.) They had to be in order to turn them into a political weapon to be used against their “enemies.” The swamp is so much wider, deeper and more traitorous than most think.

  • USN Vet 31yrs Svc

    They say he liked to go on cruise ships. Do you think he may have met with isis at sea??? I am leaning more to him meeting with the dnc.

    • DAlnB41

      It certainly did not take Hillary long to suggest the shooter was influenced by the GOP and a lack of gun controls.
      BUT then, Hillary has shown a lack of integrity in about everything she has tried. Voting on important bills without reading them, without knowing for sure what she was even voting for, for failing to emplace security at Benghazi and good men died, for lies, for using an illegal server similar to the one she forced a U.S. Ambassador to resign for using, for releasing highly classified national secrets in a fashion that anay hacker could obtain and sell to any nation. We can not expect much more from her when her past shows a total lack of responsible or intelligent action.

      • Jonathan Brooks

        Hillary is a psychotic who wants Paddock to be a white supremacist so bad, she can taste it. He is not. Steve was a democrat, went to Antifa rallies with apink shirt and hat, and the video of him there, had someone call him “Steve”. Paddock was involved with CIA, as well as Russian Mafia, and his dad and family are scetchy.

      • Richard S.

        And the sad thing is Hildebeast comment is “what difference does it make now”. She is such a sorry ass excuse for a human being.

        • ARTPSYCH

          Hillary keeps up her charade of how she lost..but plain and simple-“she didn’t have a real message to the working class” end of story.

          • Elaine Blackman

            And all of her lying certainly didn’t help win any confidence. I think mostly, they were depending on the fixed voting machines and the voting by illegals that Obama actually called for publicly to win the election.

    • muymalo

      He travelled to several muslim countries within the past year, so did the girlfriend.

      • David in MA

        Is the girlfriend a muslim?

        • Elaine Blackman

          Yes, from what I’ve read. Lots of Filipinos are.

    • Elaine Blackman

      His girl friend Mari Lu Danley had her picture taken in Dubai pretty recently, it seems. Radical ISIS members can be anywhere, though, and they are in league with the ANTIFA and socialist / commie Dems.

  • Raymond Miller

    There is some video out there that supports the theory of two shooters. You can see shots from another location, on a lower floor. You can also hear a different sound of the gun fire, like it is coming from two places. Could he have been the patsy to supply the stuff and real ISIS did the dead and shot him to cover their tracks. Just a thought.
    There are people who claim to have heard and or seen fire coming from a lower location.

    • bttrap

      interesting thought

  • George E. LeFebvre

    I believe that ISIS is definitely behind the Vegas Shooting. Another reason that we Americans should insist that any Muslims who entered this country since the Day Obumbo became president should be deported immediately.
    I wouldn’t trust a single one of them . They entered and then these shooting began with more regularity. Its called destroy us from within and Odumbo appointed many Muslims to key positions to begin the destruction from within.

    • shamu9

      Boot ALL the Damned Hadjiis the Hell out of the U.S. WTF are they good for?

    • bttrap

      It’s the old trojan horse again

  • DAlnB41

    Whether he was an ISIS supporter or not is some what irrelevant; what is more oncerning is the fact that over the past eight years this nation has become far more criminally inclined. With the loss of respect for musch of our governemetn and our criminal justice system we have seen and can expect more and more significant criminal activity.
    This nation has always respected laws that were made through deliberation and respect for our constitution. Through enforcement and respect for our laws the people of this country have enjoyed a freedom and contentment few people throughout the world can enjoy, or appreciate.
    However, when enforcement of laws becomes selective and those responsible for enforcement of the laws begin picking and choosing what laws they will or will not respect and enforce or prosecute those who violate the laws based on who they are and who they know; we are becoming closer to becoming a lawless nation.
    Fore eight years, Obama turned his back on the immigration laws and immigration program that had served several president before him. In doing so he opened the door for the greatest invasion of illegal immigrants in our entire history.
    When an armed robber was killed by a police officer, Obama sided with those who protested the killing. When a friend of Obama was cited for driving while drunk Obama not only went on national TV stating the police were wrong in citing the offender but he (Obama) even set up a beer party at the White House for the offender. Similarly Obama made it a habit of siding with those who ignored our laws and carried out criminal acts. Obama also sided with the illegal immigrants working in this country (in violation of federal law) when he and the Democratic party leaders turned their back on the 30 million American workers in need of jobs that were being taken by immigrants, legal and illegal.
    Since Obama left office the Radical and extreme left has been doing all it can to prevent ANY improvements in the mess and problems left by the Obama Administration. Instead of jumping in and accepting their job as part of the nations congressional duties to manage the nations business, the Democratic party leadership is allowing the extremist Democrats to create a deadly attitude in an almost daily barrage of efforts to see the nations problems are never fixed, to see that any attempts to fix or improve our nations problems is not only fought off but continually increase efforts intended to broaden the feeling of hate and discontent throughout the nation.

  • William Glass

    ISAS is insistent that the shooter was one of their’s.
    ISAS “usually ” doesn’t take credit for something they don’t do.
    ISAS has “targeted” Las Vegas as a primary site for attack.
    Argument that ISAS is “on the ropes” and is trying to stay relevant by falsely claiming this IS plausible.
    Official explanation is that this is the act of a “single shooter” (sound familiar) who went off the deep end.
    This wack job planed and prepared for this in advance and did not just “snap”.
    The FBI has not been forthcoming in giving details on the shooter because they say “there is no track record”
    (give me a break).
    The FBI says we should “trust” them ( reminds me of the scene in The Outlaw Josey Wales “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.”)
    Las Vegas has CCV Systems out the Kazoo. Why have these not been released?
    Why has not the young lady who reported to a Channel 3 reporter that “45 min before the shooting began a hispanic woman was warning the crowd that “You will die tonight.” and was escorted out by security” not been questioned by the authorities or pursued by the “media”? Was she just trying to get her 15 min of fame ,or was she telling the truth? The authorities and MSM are totally ignoring this? WTF!
    A lot of unanswered ( and unaddressed) questions remain.
    “I have a bad feeling about this.” STAR WARS
    Me too.

  • shamu9

    The Philippines are FULL Of Moslems! That’s where the Nutcase had been! There’s the Connection!

    • bttrap

      wasn’t his girl friend a philippine?

      • shamu9

        Yes! I believe so!

        • bttrap


  • Robert Kahlcke

    I believe the FBI, is being less than honest, the numbers found on the notepad and their explanation is laughable.

  • viking nation

    How do we know this guy wasn’t with Isis?

  • Don Lindsey

    Isis is all about lies…They must be Democrats!

  • Jonathan Brooks

    Problem with this article, is that Paddock did an ISIS video, and was trafficking guns as an occupation, with some contacts in the Middle east, as well as Russian Mafia. Even his gambling apperas to be just a money laundering device, since he seemed to have access to unlimited funds. Do not insult me by claiming he was professional gambler. Those guys all go broke with time. The House eventually wins.

  • Carey Gilbert


  • Alex Burford

    ISIS is only interested in Attention and Fear. They will do and say whatever they want just to be getting attention.

    • GaylePutt

      Let them claim credit. All the more reason to destroy them.

  • phil

    This wack job doesn’t fit with ISIS.
    1. He didn’t have a Muslim name or beard
    2. ISIS would have been in the crowd yelling that islam phrase while shooting, this puke did not do that. He hid.

  • Mo

    The FBI can no longer investigate their way out of a brown paper bag let alone figure out what turned this nutjob loose on those people in Las Vegas. Everybody already knew he had supported ANTIFA, so Hitlery and all of the other loud mouth liberals screaming for more gun control or the out right repeal of the second amendment need to SHUT THE F**K UP and quit trying to politicize tragedies. They are disgusting people who if they don’t like America and what it stands for, leave, no one is forcing you to stay. I find all of you Liberal blowhards offensive, but somehow your rights are more important than mine. Take all of your Political Correctness and LEAVE!

  • Robert Kahlcke

    This will be a cover up.

    • Robert Uda

      Not will be. It is a cover-up!

  • Robert Uda

    I have absolutely no confidence in the corrupt, incompetent NSA, FBI, CIA, DoJ, and DHS and all their Deep State Obama holdovers who are keeping President Trump from achieving MAGA quicker than how things are currently going. Obama had all the positive help from the LSM, Hollyweirdso, BLM, a corrupt DNC, RINOs, Establishment Repugnants, and Deep Staters and, yet, he couldn’t do anything because of his personal incompetence. President Trump must fight all of these corrupt organizations/people including the Never Trumpers, yet he still is accomplishing a lot as compared to the Obungler. To, President Trump. You are the Greatest POTUS in U.S. history!

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bd38bf33d49709cf39520988b015359cd9e769639c825e8b6b30acb4ce6ac775.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/64f7c6124cdd59eed9d4d86fe20beb94b0894501bea21627249ef380a5fabc40.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/15d2c5cd619a6ae0da92dae14a2e2166c8448d0bcfc753ac2e6208f6aea79cfe.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a3da0f4cb8bb6bd3378268682f2ee8f8a11a4ad90a144ca0a1fed2d94b553b96.png

  • Richard Schmidt

    The 4th estate is rapidly becoming the American secret police.

  • Buckeye conservative

    Such claims by ISIS enhances their stature in foreign lands where they are recruiting. They have lost ground and stature over the last six months or more. If they can convince some people they were involved with such a terrible attack on U.S. soil it is to their marketing advantage.


    Look to George Soros first!

  • sassy frasse


  • GuardianFlame

    Could this be a setup by the antigun drones to make people think that guns must be removed fron our Nation? There are enough fruitcakes walking around that if paid enough $$ would do anything…including killing indiscriminately.

    Whoever instigated this atrocity is without Soul or emotion. They have been infiltrated by evil in its highest power and this is just the beginning. The only weapon we humans have against this evil is God, God the Almighty and our desire to defeat this evil. Knowledge of our enemies is the beginning…

  • Panamajax

    Incredible that a publication has someone writing ‘articles’ who don’t even know basic English. For the dope that wrote this, it’s not ”taking credit for attacks that weren’t there’s”, It should be ”taking credit for attacks that weren’t theirs” Got it?

  • Nice_Cat

    IMHO, ISIS would welcome additional infamy of the shooting, whereas ANTIFA would not. Someone said that the shooter was seen in a videoed ANTIFA rally.

  • Gene Moser

    When will you learn to call that scum “Daesh”? “Isis” is a good word to them – “Daesh” may be translated as “asshole fools.”

  • Lexus 500

    He probably was in cahoots with ISIS. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit

  • Brenda Sinclair

    i choose to believe wikileaks who has never once put out one lie./ he said the fbi set up this las vegas shooting, for sole purpose of forcing gun control on people wanting to take our guns away so we can not defend ourselves and come nov4th ANTIFA and soros made a statement they will go to 6 major cities, NOV 4TH and will kill every cop and men in uniform they can then kill citizens, please google up ANTIFA nov4th to see truth then prepare yourself if you are in austin texas, Philadelphia, san Francisco ,new york, there are two more cities i am in austin, our governor is asking president trump for martial law to be used https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a09fa7b5d7fd344659397c411231249b1305f43197f0a495eeaa664d4d15f0f5.jpg

  • Angelswatchingoverme

    The FBI and the CIA are the only ones that need to give up their guns.



  • Patriot47

    Whether or not, there is no downside to claiming such.

  • David in MA

    “Why Does ISIS Keep Insisting That Vegas Shooter Was One of Theirs?”
    Doesn’t anyone realize the fear factor this is supposed to induce in Americans? The: Who, When, Were emotional anxiety it is supposed to induce, (the Alfred Hitchcock effect of the expectation of the “bang”, is greater than the “bang” itself.)
    ISIS is using this as a PR/photo shoot vehicle.

  • CJ

    Where there is smoke there is fire.

  • george briar

    guess they will never really figure it out if they keep denying the obvious. But then again Hillary was breaking the law right in their face and they couldn’t see it and let her go. she was begging to be locked up and they kept saying nope and sorry it’s got to be the Russians. those fools couldn’t catch a cold and have lost all credibility. this shooter could have been dressed in Muslim garb and had his camel in the room with him and they still wouldn’t see it. So yeah this is another mystery that will go unsolved much like How did Hillary lose? when we all know the answer except them.

  • george briar

    unfortunately this incident has the same stench of the lone gunman that killed JFK when so much proved that wasn’t possible and to date is still a mystery that happened over 50 years ago. yeah this will remain a mystery with just a bunch of theories and ideas like that and that’s what they want to happen but in reality the purpose for it happening is really what matters not who. Was ISIS involved? maybe or was it our very own CIA OR FBI? maybe but a lone gunman? doubtful especially the guy they are blaming a fat non military excessive gambler that lived only to gamble.

  • Antone Cafe

    Likely a gun running sting on ISIS gone bad. FBI coverup. Note first picture they used of alleged killer had a 13 tattoo on neck. The dead body didn’t! Whoops

    Don’t believe the news on this.

  • Christopher Wolfe

    This is ultimately a very frightening prospect knowing that your own government who under Obama administration claiming to help isis forces can at anytime turn anyone of us Americans into a patsy scapegoat terrorist with an “official” story to corroborate what they want the citizens to believe. There are stories of citizens being injected with plutonium, citizens having weaponized mosquitos dropped over head and not to mention waco, ruby ridge, 9/11, sandy hook, columbine, james holmes colorado shooter etc… the list continues. It is easier to fool the people than it is to convince people they’ve been fooled. The patterns speak for themselves. We have enough enemies outside the country and we certainly have enough inside the country as well. Get ready for unconventional war like none have experienced before or good bye everybody. Nice knowing ya. Our own government officials helping to tear down the country to get our hatred up for the narrative they would like us to believe in order to wage war because the evil ones want us to destroy each other. No religion, no race, no sex, no age, no creed and nobody is exempt from this proccess. We are foreign occupied and being deceived to weaken and destroy us. If this isn’t apparent to everybody already then there is very little hope for recovery or a strong defence. I just pray that our heavenly Father come soon. God bless the righteous and anybody else trying to become righteous. I leave you with this most obvious proof we have enemies within the country. Governor Brown out of california trying to make it easier on those that knowingly infect others with H.I.V. by reducing the charge from felony to misdemeanor. If this does not wake American citizens up wide awake God damn all of you. You deserve what you get. Homosexuals must be expelled from the country or we face punishment for their sins as we condone their actions. It is directly from scriptures king James.

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw

    That evil man Paddock’s style is similar to the Islam jihad. I hope he is roasting now on a flame of fire.

  • Christopher Wolfe

    The shooter in the hotel was probably security guard and alerted by some devise when to shoot himself and become victim. The guns smuggled by maid with cart.

  • donl

    Cover-up City, they are good at it in Harry Reid’s state.

  • RockyMtn1776

    Why ? Because there is a good chance he really was. Not that WE will ever hear the entire truth in this case.

  • peanut butter

    I believe ISIS over our government on this one. We have had way too many attempts at cover-ups over the last 8 years. And many of barry-o’s people are still in place. They have to know more than they are telling us.

  • Eye of Horus

    A friend of mine is from the Philippines. She said that the link my be his girlfriend. There are Muslims in the Philippines who have pledged allegiance to ISIS and she doesn’t look like a Filipina but more like the Muslims that she’s seen.

  • William Glass

    I am still waiting for the charge that “The Russians did it.”

  • Teresa Crisp


  • Meg

    Maybe because he was!!!!

  • Sharon Melvin

    I don’t believe for a second that we know the truth. Democrats are not interested in finding out. It is a crisis to support gun control. I would not be surprised if George Soros is somehow involved. Of course ISIS wants to claim it. Their caliphate is dying thanks to Trump. They need the publicity.

  • rivahmitch

    Perhaps because it was and the Obamanoids remaining in government are continuing to maintain the “protect muzzies at all costs’ policy.

  • Debbie

    He could have been a member of several things we will never know

  • Alan404

    Might be that they feel that “victory” must be claimed somewhere.

  • I have heard that Paddock was with FBI and involved in a gun running plot with ISIS. It was mentioned that his airplanes were used to fly in the guns for FBI. It is also alleged that the ISIS gun buyers were 2 shooters involved in the massacre shooting from 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay Hotel. It is suspected that Paddock was shot by one of the ISIS gun buyers before they fled the hotel room. It would be extremely embarrassing if it got out that this was an FBI activity that went way off script! The TRUTH is being withheld and refabricated due to cover up!

  • Greg

    If someone drops a bad fart “ISIS” would claim it.