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How The Media – NOT TRUMP – Betrayed Israeli Intelligence Sources


The Washington Post and The New York Times were so hungry for a juicy story with which they could continue their assault on President Trump that they wound up doing exactly what they accused the president of doing. Namely, they put our Israeli allies in jeopardy, compromised national security, and made it that much more difficult for the U.S. to protect the Western world from the Islamic State.

In rushing to press with their (anonymously-sourced, likely bogus) story about Trump sharing highly classified “code-word” material with the Russians, the American media apparently went a lot further than Trump in providing the identifying details of the information. For instance, while Trump has acknowledged sharing info with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about ISIS’s plot to take down an airliner with a laptop explosive, he did not share with them any material that would have exposed the source of the info or the method with which the material was gathered.

But the media, eager to paint this as a HUGE story that would put lives in danger, was all to fill in the missing details. Through public reporting, then, we learned that Israel was the source of the information, which automatically made it that much easier for ISIS to identify the mole within their midst.

“Trump may not have provided enough detail to the Russians to damage that source,” officials told the Wall Street Journal.

Oh, but the American media did. Because without identifying the ally, how could they dance around and scream gleefully about the damage Trump had done to our international relationships?

And once again, we’re back to the main problem that has plagued this administration, which is the constant flow of leaks to the media. These leaks are illegal, unethical, and, frankly, anti-American. The media loves them, of course, because they get a big ratings boost every time they can lay another explosive SCOOP on their viewers. And, as an extra added benefit, it gets them one step closer to their ultimate goal, which is to take Trump down by any means possible.

But these leaks aren’t just hurting Trump; they are now hurting our allies and jeopardizing our national security. They aren’t just deteriorating the people’s faith in Trump; they are ruining the people’s faith in our government institutions – to say nothing of the free press. They aren’t just drumming up drama; they are clouding the U.S. in a fog of disruption and allowing our enemies the breathing room they need to plot against us.

They MUST stop, and they must stop now.

  • nancy miller

    I believe that as we have a majority of Republicans in both houses that it is time for a “TRUTH IN REPORTING LAW” as England does.
    There should also be serious repercussions for endangering the country both financial and security and jail time for the reporter that committed the offences. The editor, too.

    • 2 parrots and a dog

      Excellent ideas.

    • Richard Bagenstose

      well if you take away the rino’s we don’t have a republican magority,because they are working with the democrats

      • Betty


      • tombitconcerns

        I intend to let Graham, McCain and Ryan know that we’re onto them and will be voting them out ASAP. If enough of us do just that we may see some improvement.

        • Richard Bagenstose

          i agree but the idiots in their states keep re-electing them , just like they keep re-electing pelosi and waters in cal. mccain is owned by soros , the same guy who owns oboma and hillary,untill we get rid of the corruption there isn’t much hope anything will change

          • deejay02

            The only reason McCain got re-election is because we did not have a strong Republican challenge him in the primaries. We had 3 people run against him but none got enough votes to take him out.

          • Richard Bagenstose

            don’t leave out the communist soros who funded mccain, mccain is not a republican , another self serving idiot who will sell his sole to the devil to keep what he has

    • Thomas Duncan

      I think these reporters should be held liable for aiding our enemies. As in treason.

      • tombitconcerns

        Love the way you’re thinking here! Keep it up!

        • Thomas Duncan

          I’m just a humble servant and a thinking man’s filter.

      • Tiger

        If we got them then we most assuredly would need to get Obama who we see aided our enemies in every way he could from day one in office. Now with our President telling the Middle East that Iran is the enemy, which they always have been and the “Deal” was bad, it is proof positive, because they agree with him that Obama did commit Treason.

        • Thomas Duncan

          I agree,and have been saying it all along Comrade Barry should be arrested for treason. And Comrade Hillary, too. I just doubt any of these communist politicians wil ever be made to pay for their crimes against our constitution and country.

          • Tiger

            My friend it appears there are many more of them than us in charge of what happens to them. So vengeance is mine sayth the Lord, we might have to wait for it.

    • David Sondergeld

      I agree however, I have little confidence in either party, most are all members of the elite and we are mere peasants or ants perhaps to them…

    • Camille Gilliam

      This sounds very good, they need to have the proof! Sick of their lies and then no consequences.

    • Mary Stinnett

      Absolutely. It is out of hand. No longer is it about freedom of the press but dishonesty, lies and distortion of the press.

    • Tiger

      We would have to have Acts of Sedition in acted and being as we are most assuredly at war and have been with Radical Islamists for years, it would be a good thing to shut this bunch down. But you can’t stop them they have Freedom of Speech and you can’t get blood from a turnip just as you can’t get truth out of a liberal, media or otherwise.

  • Sal Belardo

    Certain Media should be taken to task for Treason! A free press doesn’t mean you can put peoples lives in danger just for a story! The Media is so full of hate for President Trump that they put our country and peoples lives in severe danger! This must stop!

  • jim

    truth in reporting law great thing tool against the liberal media

    • mangins

      jim- proofread…

    • mangins

      wHICH IS IT???

  • Randi Amundsen


    • 2 parrots and a dog


  • Jmanjo

    We have said it before. There is a difference between freedom of speech and messing with classified information. In that case the media needs to be investigated for revealing classified information as a crime upon the nation. Unidentified sources won’t cut it in this world when you are accusing others of what you yourself are guilty of. With that said, the NYT and WaPo need to be charged! CNN should be disbanded and you can do whatever you want with Rachel Maddow, we don’t care!

    • tombitconcerns


  • Eric Hartman

    Oh Lord Andrew author of this article. Keep trying to rationalize trumps blunders. It would actually be funny if it weren’t for the fact that some sheeple buy into it.

  • Clayton

    I think it’s time for Trump to start having the idiot reporters arrested that leak info that come to them though a leak and if it info like this treat them as a spy.

  • My country

    It is time to stop the beating up of our president on a constant basis . Trump must stop giving them any news other than flowery stories.They behave like idiots and have no Americans safety or interests at heart . They are trying to destroy our country with constant made up lies of which they never retract . How one can stop this trash is “do not give them anything at all “. Have no White House briefings at all . When and if they get to a point they can behave like real journalists and quit destroying this country by pleasing the democrats. And the republicans who are obstructing our business of the country with their constant need to be on television then and only then should they get a small morsel of anything at one time !

  • Joe Pewter

    ya think by asking em to stop ..all of the sudden they will listen to reason?the scum are doing it by deliberate design

  • zrevtom

    If the media continues to expose our allies to ISIS or other enemies of our country
    the spys that may be exposed probably will take efforts to protect themselves and
    just as the Clintons and Obama have done, these media or traitors will have an
    accident or an explosion in the printing rooms of some papers. The United States
    will play by the rule of law, other nations WILL NOT. check the closet of Bill Clinton
    and the skeletons in there, Obama was just as bad but Obama was more of a traitor
    of our country than the media, Democrats are not intelligent enough to actually do
    fact checking or to read about who these people were who had information to take
    down Clinton and Obama, they are weak minded who follow Democratic leaders
    blindly and maintain their ignorance and only repeat the lies of their leaders, Where are
    these leaders who want to ACTUALLY IMPROVE THE LIVES OF AMERICANS
    all they do is obstruct and lie, the offer no solutions because they do not have any .
    Schummer spent all his senate years telling New Yorkers how good a job he did in
    front of the cameras, probably is he did NOTHING BUT TALK, just like he does now
    Pelosi, Waters, Warren, Schummer, all weak, all talk, all obstructionists and they
    are ALL DEMOCRATS. You heard “lock her up” now it should be “THROW THEM OUT”

  • Peter Smith

    Every time a MSM journalist publishes a story with classified information in the story, they have broken the law and the 1st Amendment does not protect them. These journalists should be rounded up, charged, prosecuted, and imprisoned with max sentences. They are not above the law ….

  • Richard Bagenstose

    i would fix them , i would tell the person , that i am going to lie to you and the press to prove my point ,then when we are alone i will give you the truth, so let’s get this witch hunt over with

  • irene

    I haven’t read a newspaper, nor have subscriptions to them for many years. I could see through their “lies & over emphasis” on situations that were printed in an effort to “control” the public’s thinking! Being a “thinker”, not “sheep”, I have the intelligence to see through the BS and the only “use” I’ve had for newspapers is to wrap the garbage in !!

    • tombitconcerns

      What a wonderful example it might set for the rest of them!

  • mrp15

    Instead of calling for impeaching our president, the media should be impeaching itself. Not only do they commit treasonous acts, but they embellish their lies by attributing these acts to President Trump. They are in the tank for Hillary, Obama and Soros–all enemies of our country. When do people wake up to this and do something about it.

  • hdrider

    Pres Trump should put out a memo to all White House staff that if the leaker(s) are not identified ALL persons hired during the obama years WILL be terminated in one week!

    • Libs R Loons

      He can start with the 100 WH staffers that Obama hired before leaving office, who all thought they’d be working for Hillary.

  • Libs R Loons

    Trump should have fired the 100 WH staffers that Obama hired during his last months in office who all thought they’d be working for Hillary.
    That’ll plug a LOT of leaks right there.
    As for media leaks, the NYT leaked a lot of info on American troop movements and US strategy during WW2 to give Hitler and his Nazis time to implement counter-strategies.

  • John

    Time to remove both the NYT and WaPo from the news industry for being proven liars and causing problems with the american public

  • Pat Prybil

    These leaks have gone on for months. What does that say about this particular mole? In my opinion it says this person has to have high clearance to be privy to these classified discussions that are being breached. In today’s technology it shouldn’t be so hard for to find them. They should get life for treason when found. These leaks are a security issue that are endangering lives. This isn’t media’s normal MORONIC leaks like how Trump had an extra scoop of ice cream, or that he had a diet coke when all the other dinner guests had water. HEAVEN FORBID, the President’s requests were honored.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      All they need is general knowledge, they can fabricate the rest. OK Trump likes 2 scopes IC and diet coke, Russian Ambassador comes and stays for lunch and has a closed meeting (Not unusual) with POTUS, All the Press corp knows this info, BINGO

    • Patricia T.

      Any bets these leakers are holdovers from the Obama administration? President Trump needs to purge ALL Obama holdovers. The Dems in Congress are no doubt using these holdovers to aid them in trying to destroy our President. The leaks will, no doubt, stop if the holdovers are removed.

  • Don Taylor

    may be time to bring down the lying media . they wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit them in the ass .

    • Jeanne Stotler

      Need a VERY GOOD PI to go undercover and find where these leaks are coming from.

      • mangins


        • Jeanne Stotler

          P I Is Private Investigator, they work under cover, infiltrate and get to core of problems, sorry you don’t understand but I come from large family with law enforcement members.

    • mangins

      Don–with “rare” exception!

  • Cookie Vranish

    They will never stop until the liars and traitors fear for their lives and the lives of their families! If they felt that they would be killed or their wives and children would be executed for their deeds, there would be much less of it. The same holds true for the corrupt judges and politicians!

  • Edgar Duvall

    Not only does the swamp need to be drained but the world needs to be cleansed.
    We have believed lies because we believe in our fellow man.
    We are awakened from our ignorance. Although it may be too late to retrieve our past freedoms but from now on it is going to take all they have to get the rest of them.
    We have caught on to the blame game. President Trump is turning out to be the most truthful man alive.
    That’s why the evil can’t take it. President Trump believes in telling it like it is and all corrupt politicians are in fear of loosing their Million Dollar Jobs.
    We have even read about insider knowledge amongst Senators and told is isn’t the same as an private investor.
    A private investor would be thrown in jail, but not a politician. There are so many different standards that govern us all.

  • Janet

    I am beginning to think that media that discloses unconfirmed reports that are damaging our relations with other countries, disclosing information that is confidential or that could cause America to be more vulnerable to attacks of terrorism, and jeopardize America in any way should be charged with treason. This is not just an attempt to discredit Trump and get rid of him, it is putting America and others at great risk. Any media outlet that condones this behavior and allows these articles to be published or released needs to be prosecuted and this needs to stop now!

  • Rose Weleski

    Secrecy is a must during war time…..and this is war time, people! Leaks to the press should be prosecuted to the highest degree. (Sure…I want to know about things which may or may not affect me as an American, but not at the expense of our National Security.) We should all be asking the press to PROVE what they print…if they can’t prove it…don’t buy it!

  • Rosech Levy

    Time for us to drain Congress of establishment creeps, RINOS, DINOS, traitors all because they are desperate and afraid of Trump taking away that huge donor money that makes them rich! Contact and tell Trump to remove as many Obama creeps from the WH and close down as many departments as he can legally do. Be sure and check that everyone and I mean everyone with whom Trump comes into contact should be body searched for wires, or other electronic devices. Enough already!

  • Betty


  • Robert LaBiento

    Not only fake news but, vicious manufactured news!

  • TadhgMcLir

    I would vote FOR the government throwing Senior Media Officials (on down to the lowest involved) in Jail with a Felony charge of Espionage against the United States.
    Maybe, just maybe, that would make them think of what the outcome of doing that would be.
    We want to “drain the swamp” in Wasington, I say drain the swamp in the Media as well.

  • Jeanne Stotler

    There are several, incl. Dana Milbank, of WAPO that spiel all kinds of venom about Pres. Trump and any other Good Republican. This started before he was elected and has kept on. I find most accusations are unreliable, but these LIBS know that there are many who are willing to believe anything that is printed, good or bad.

  • hillbilly

    I do not pay much attention to MSM tv/newspapers, I Believe they are conspiring with the liberal party to overthrow the Presidency of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I also think conspiracys are illegal and people should be going to jail. When MSM & newspapers print lies and twisted truth they should loose their license!!

  • Nina Ferguson

    The MSM doesn’t care what they say if they think it will in some way diss President Trump. That is the only thing in their little pea brain heads. They are still so mad that Hillary didn’t win the election that they will do anything and everything to try and push President Trump.

  • barbarakelly

    What about this idea — Why don’t we fine the media when they don’t tell the truth., along with the source of their information. Some how the media has to pay a price for their false reporting. Because what they are doing is getting out of hand.!!

  • deejay02

    There is a lack of integrity in the news now. They use to know when to keep some info secret so it would not warn the enemies but that is now gone.

  • rick meek



    Doncha wish we could sue irresponsible Trump hating ‘reporters’ all with average age and IQ of 23-29?

  • rothgar

    The problem with your argument.is twofold. First, the President did release information to the Russians, it may have been incomplete but it was still TS/SCI level info which he did before there was any reporting. The President is legally entitled to release whatever information he seems should be released but usually these releases are part of a coordinated intentional effort to help an ally or friendly​actor not an impromptu mention as appears to be the case for this release.

    Second, the press has no legal or ethical limit on their fact-finding or journalistic pursuit of information. See WikiLeaks for ample evidence of this truism. You don’t get to pick and choose which leaks you like. Given the shifting stories about this release of information from the White House the continued pursuit is on the White House. Cleared folks are not supposed to confirm or deny sensitive information even after release – those are the rules.

    I wonder what other sources of information, theory or commentary would be limited if we breached the First Amendment to stifle the release of classified material. You might find this change allows shutting off media you trust.

  • rick meek

    Hmmm – espionage and treason are still punishable by hanging —– time to get to it…..Hmmmm – The dems GAVE immunity – 5th – disappearance – cover up – missing 411 – removed 411 – destroyed computers and records – classified 411 —– to everyone that ws in their pocket during the other investigations !!!!! Trump – declassify – and release the 411 in reference to these investigations to the people —- Let’em see just what the swamp has been doing for the last 8 years….

  • Tiger

    Pretty evident Israel not upset with Trump, just look at the welcome he got from the President of Israel and also Bibi. Bibi doesn’t mince words and surely would have let Trump know a thing or two, bad enough Trump went back on his promise to put the Embassy in Jerusalem and told Bibi he couldn’t come with him to the Western Wall because he didn’t want the visit to be political, well got news Trump, but I feel he knew what the message was he sent to the world by being the first sitting president to have the fortitude and guts to do this, the Western Wall is Jewish, of course it is no matter how the Bullies with rocks, guns, suicide bombers and swords to hack heads off with scream otherwise.

    I transgress, so anyway we know the Mantra of the Lying Scumbag Main Media, “If at first you don’t succeed, if many times you don’t succeed, even if you get caught lying to succeed, lie, lie again and again.” They will never go away, this will continue til someone puts an end to it.

  • Joseph Gutowski

    I always thought that treason was a death sentence

  • Nelson De Los Santos

    My humble assessment of all comments made by all patriots, constitutionalist are in essence demanding for the eradication of the enemies of freedom. The socialist, liberal agenda will require unfortunately “the shed of innocent blood” to be reexamine . For the third consecutive time Trump was stopped from protecting our country. Next, the Supreme Court. Meanwhile our country remains the Islamic terrorist bullseye.

  • Ernest_T

    That is the first thought I had! Sharing information with allies in a secure area like the White House is the presidents prerogative . Printing classified information in a news paper is a security violation and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Lose lips sink ships!

  • Marcus Montalvo

    Jail all them trader sonsabitches