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With Refugee Crime Rising, German Government Has an Unbelievable Solution


Please note, the following report comes from Reuters, which cannot be, under any stretch of the imagination, categorized as anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, conservative, right-wing, alt-right, or any other liberal pejorative you can think of. It’s a card-carrying member of the liberal elite media, and even they cannot deny the truth of what’s happening to Germany.

Read for yourself:

Young male refugees in Germany got the blame on Wednesday for most of a two-year increase in violent crime, adding fuel to the country’s political debate over migrants.

Violent crime rose by about 10 percent in 2015 and 2016, a study showed. It attributed more than 90 percent of that to young male refugees.

It noted, however, that migrants settling from war-torn countries such as Syria were much less likely to commit violent crimes that those from other places who were unlikely to be given asylum.

Okay, so here we have the facts. Refugees coming into Germany are almost SOLELY responsible for an enormous uptick in the violent crime rate. You can dismiss that part about Syria, because that’s Reuters’ attempt to deflect attention away from their bombshell lede. Make no mistake about it, Muslim migrants from the Middle East and North Africa are turning Germany into their own personal hellhole, and it is now incumbent on the German government to come up with a solution to save their country from total oblivion.

Their answer?

“The study said reuniting refugees with their families by allowing them to come to Germany too could help to reduce violence,” reports Reuters. “Such reunions look set to be a particularly contentious issue in talks about a new coalition government.”


So the answer to refugee violence is to…let MORE refugees into the country!

Folks, just take a moment to say a quick prayer of gratitude that the 2016 election turned out as it did. If it had gone the other way, it wouldn’t be long before we would be seeing this kind of insane “logic” from our Democrat Party overlords. Oh, look at all of these Islamic terrorist attacks! Look at all of the crimes they’re committing. Gee, we’d better bring in their friends and family members so they feel more at home in the U.S.! Because, as we know, the only reaction the Democrats have to their own failed policies is to double down on said policies.

With Trump at the helm, we may yet be able to avoid the tragic fate of Germany and the rest of Western Europe. We sympathize with their plight, but we can’t say they weren’t warned.

  • Jr1776

    Merkel is a twisted bitch !

    • emag

      Working for Soros and the Globalists NWO in Brussels.

      • Deborah Pratt

        Looking at that woman, I’d say she’s scared for her life!!

        • Helga Renfro

          She should be. I would cheer if one of the refugees would kill her ass. But she is surrounded with so much security they can’t even get to her.

  • Charles Covington

    The people of Germany needs to get a hold of merkle, try her for treason and then behead her for all to see.

    • Helga Renfro

      I like that. But it will never happen. You can’t even speak against he refuges in Germany or you can get arrested now and called a racist. They are so scarred of that word Nazi and racist that they allow all of this to happen to them.

      • Charles Covington

        You the people don’t need more of those leeches, that woman needs to be removed by any means, and then tried for treason, shes bad for europe

  • Capn Jack

    It’s unbelievable how that woman stayed in power…OOPS!!! Obummer ran two terms.



    • crazyfreddie


    • Deborah Pratt

      Only because of voter fraud!! Remember–his second term was when Soros installed those voting machines!!! Little did we suspect they could be ‘programmed’ to ‘favor’ one party or another!! Even then, it was so ‘close’ that Florida was asked for a ‘re-count’!! They were a ‘swing state’ and Obama only won by ‘single digits’!! They ‘refused’!! Don’t blame the voters! Even without MSM we could see what a ‘loser’ Obama was!! Thank God for Trump, who exposed the fraudulent voting practices we never suspected were going on!!

      • Robert Dostoevsky

        Are you aware that Trump disbanded the commission looking into voter fraud because it wasn’t proving any fraud?

        • Deborah Pratt

          I can assure you, I’m very aware of that fact. When I first saw that report, I admit, I experienced a bit of ‘anxiety’ about it. However, included in that report was the fact that Pres Trump had not ‘abandoned’ that investigation. What he did was simply to turn it over to more efficient groups. He didn’t do it because of ‘lack of evidence of fraud’, as you suggest. He did it because this present ‘set up’ is less than efficient’ So, if the ‘frauds’ are feeling more confident and ‘comfortable’ about their practices–they shouldn’t be. One thing I’ve learned about this man–he isn’t ‘stupid’!! I know the ‘opposition’ keeps hoping for that but, it isn’t ‘happening’!! Every time they think they’ve ‘out-smarted’ him, he turns the ‘tables’ on them. Think they’d learn?!!

          • Robert Dostoevsky

            I wasn’t aware that it was passed on to others. What agency or group is continuing the investigation?

  • suerobb

    The refugees are not working and yet the Germans citizens have to support their numerous wives and children to attempt to stop the rapes????
    How about deporting them?

    • jemb

      that would be too easy. Oh, and it would probably work!

      • crazyfreddie


    • Rob D

      How bout they fire up these old ovens from WW2?

      • SNUFFER


      • crazyfreddie


        • Deborah Pratt

          If they don’t, the ‘Muzzies’ might be using them for the Germans!!

      • Helga Renfro

        I think Merkel should be the first one going into the oven. After that they should deport all the rest to their country of origin.

    • emag

      Today I read in the German paper “Die Welt” Merkel is going to raise the taxes of the German working citizen. Well, Let me tell you, most Germans that wrote in the discussion column are very upset because they know why and who they are paying for.
      And now with more family coming in (which means the other 6 or 7 wives and 20 children) the Germans are going to get soaked even more.
      This is insane. I give it 2 years and it will be another Middle East-African hellhole.

      • homer1057

        AND as GOD is my witness, this same thing will happen to any nation that is inhabited by Muslims! There are 57 Muslim controlled nations and every freeking one of them is a 3rd world nation! Germany is soon to join them as well as any tha tpromotes Muslims as Germany is now doing! That Stupid Ignorant woman is sealing her and Gemany’s fate, and she is to Ignorant to see that! read a Koran and the Sharia Law! They are against mankind and against women!

        • crazyfreddie


        • Deborah Pratt

          The only reason Muslims ‘allow’ women to even live is because they’re considered ‘breeding cows’!! If their men could figure a way to increase their population without them, all women would be killed at birth.

      • cubuff62

        Merkel is basically East German and always has been.

        • Patricia Anderson

          The Holocaust they perpetrated on the Jewish people is coming home to roost! Merkel is unwise!

          • Deborah Pratt

            Make that ‘an insane idiot’ and I’ll agree!!

        • Helga Renfro

          Merkel is a damn communist.

      • Franie

        They’ll be looking at their own civil war!!!

        • Belcara

          By the time the citizen have enough gumption to resist and have a civil war, the country will be another Iran. Unfathomably tragic and sad.

      • Krow361

        Either a hell hole or the German ppl are going to get up on their hind legs and there will be a violent purge of the governing body and that of the foreign invaders to their country. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

      • Diane Smith

        German politicians who won’t put a stop to these are the same as CAlifornia, USA who allow illegal aliens in to increase the number of their votes …and extend their power. In Addition to that California law makers are also using taxpayers’ dollars to pay for the illegals’ education, medical, social needs …AND LITIGATION. and to heck with the native citizens.

        • Belcara

          I was wondering if anyone was going to make this comparison… Californians are in woeful trouble with that nutcase at the helm of their existence. They must back a Republican… in next election, grassroots actions.
          Back to Germany. They are too far gone. Wonderful people, but governed by a woman Hitler. Maniac.
          Did you read that the government is setting up brothels … animal brothels (beastiality) for the immigrant men? Why do these men have mental problems and illness with their sexuality’s???

      • michael a

        Shithole you mean???? Lol

    • crazyfreddie


    • Deborah Pratt

      With Angela Merkle at the helm–Germany is doomed!! They’d better ‘dump’ that woman while there still ‘is’ a Germany!!

      • Helga Renfro

        It’s too late already. They just don’t k now it yet. Merkel is a traitor to Germany.

    • Helga Renfro

      Merkel is the dumbest politician ever in Germany. It’s the German’s own fault for even voting for her at all. They will see the full effect of their mistake for letting millions into Europe in years to come. Just like here in USA. They will take over these countries in time and kill the traditions of the countries that took them in. I have family in Germany and they are building Mosques even in the smallest communities. Pretty soon they wont allow catholic or protestant churches to exist, because they offend their religious beliefs. Sharia law is already taking a foothold in Europe. To allow chain migration to reduce rapes is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Europe is turning into the Middle East and Africa.

  • Ted Duke

    Politicians apparently believe the illegal aliens will vote for them in gratitude, before they practice jihad.

    • KingDon

      You stated it exactly. The same is true over here in the United States. Politicians and, for that matter, political parties have only one goal and that it to remain in power and expand that power. The next politician that I meet who has our best interests at heart will be the first politician I’ve ever met with that commitment. I say this as a fact because I have never met Trump thus far and during my career I did meet many other politicians. Biggest bunch of self-serving phonies on earth!

      • Debra(bogene)

        Trump is not a politician,, he is a business man. That’s why he is different. Thank goodness. You’re right about the politicians, ‘self serving ‘to the bone’.

        • Helga Renfro

          Trump is different, that is true, but he is learning that he can not get anything done if he doesn’t play and give in to these crooks. He is already folding on DACA. The Dems are never giving in. They will get their way and the swamp is way deeper than Trump ever imagined. Not just Dem but also many Rep. I give up, it is sickening and my hope for changes is quickly evaporating. Chain migration, Daca , anchor babies will stay even the lottery will more than likely remain. I have seen how many Republican’s are not running for re-election and that will make it impossible for Trump to survive. They will take over the House and the Senate next mid-term election and than Trump is over. He will just be a figure head with no power, because he will not have to votes to pass anything else.

          • Debra(bogene)

            You have some good points there, but i’m hoping he will figure a way to still be able to get his agenda done or at least most of it. I wish he would start the wall. I don’t understand why it’s not already been started. That is one of the most important thing a country can do, ‘is guard their borders’. We don’t go to work each day and leave our doors and windows unlocked and open and we don’t go to bed at night leaving our doors and windows unlocked and open. It’s just common sense for safety. And I sure hope we don’t lose any Republican seats,, we still have alot that needs to get done. This is like sitting on pins and needles.

          • Helga Renfro

            Debra, the reason the wall has not been started is because the Democrats are not appropriating any funding. They have Trump in a dead lock. This Daca crap is their most important issue and the hell with the safety of our citizens. They coddle these illegals because that is the future for the Dems (votes, votes) is all they care about to keep them in office till these old geezers drop dead. I think we will lose the majority in the house and in the senate this coming election. I am appalled at some of these Republicans for now choosing not to run for re-election. The rats are leaving the ship. The Dems are going to take over these new open seats and replace them with Dems and than the Republicans will not be able to pass anything that Trump promised the voters.

          • Debra(bogene)

            You’re right. That’s what we’re looking at, if things don’t change. But i keep hoping Pres Trump will be able to somehow keep things on track. He is a head strong person, that’s why he has what he has. I don’t think he would give up easily. If he goes down, he will be going down fighting. What ever happens to our country effects him and his business as well as effecting the rest of the country. He has a huge stake in how things turn out. It will effect him when he is no longer pres, and goes back to his business. Keeping my fingers crossed that he will get and keep things moving forward for the good of our country.

          • Helga Renfro

            Debra, I so hope you are right. I envy you for your positive outlook and hope that Trump will be able to accomplish what he wants. I have lived a long time and seen C A turned into a lousy State that we are now. There are so many truly bad politicians that believe in their extreme liberal outlook and fight against their own citizens to benefit their highly priced illegals. It is disgusting and I don’t see how it can end well for the American people.

          • Debra(bogene)

            I’ve never been to CA but have always heard that there is quite a mix of people out there. Never had a desire to go there. I am a born and raised Ga girl. I’m 64yrs old and never wanted to live anywhere else. I’ve been as far west as Texas and been to Canada for a ‘day’ visit. I went to Michigan to visit my aunt and decided since i was that far up, i would just go ahead on up and visit Canada. I went to Washington DC so i could see the Vietnam Wall, the White House,,etc. Anyway, I think about how nice it use to be here, in the US, until things started changing about 5 yrs ago. There has been crooked under handed things going on in this country that are meant against the US citizens. Somebody wants American people out of their way. We are stopping someone from taking over our country. Trump knew this and knew he had to run against Hillery because if she had won, this country would be in grave danger. He has slowed down her plans for right now. But her and the Dem’s are still working against this country. Hang in there, we can make it and get thru whatever they dish out as long as we watch closely and know what’s coming ahead of time.

          • Tim

            He has started the wall!

          • Debra(bogene)

            Thank goodness !! Thanks for letting me know. I had not read that anywhere or heard it. It’s about time.

          • Tim

            Trump always has a plan don’t think for one min. that he has gave up on DACA

          • Helga Renfro

            Is he willing to shut own the Government? I think the Dem will force him to shut the Government just to force him to give amnesty to Daca. They keep saying 800 thousand Daca, what about their families that are here too? We are taking about millions now and all the social services they use. Can he deport them? Hell no, the Dems will scream and go back to their talking points about not breaking up families as being racist and will play right into the hands off all the immigrants that are almost all De mocrats. And that means votes for the Dems.

    • homer1057

      Politicains are “ALL” Stupid to actually believe anything a Muslim says! Actually, Shari Law #1 says it is an OBLIGATION” for a Muslim to lie to further Allah’s commandments! Sharia Law starts w/a Lie and ends w/LOSS of free speech!

    • Helga Renfro

      Ted, of course they will vote for them Just look what it I happening in CA where I live. I don’t recognize CA any more compared to what it used to be. Dems will always win in CA They even let the illegals get away with murder.

  • CRLH

    And this frightens us as my husband has siblings there and speaks with them every week. Merkel deserves to be hanged to allow open borders to a once great country!

    • emag

      I know what you mean, I still have some family there and speak to them.
      Its even worse than we know.

      • Deborah Pratt

        Exactly what I’ve been trying to tell people ‘here’!!! They don’t believe me and, true to liberal techniques, just call me names! Our MSM doesn’t seem to be reporting any of that!! They had better start—our people NEED to know this!!!!

      • Tim

        You nee to start telling your friends and family’s story to all of America and post it to Germany also!

        • emag

          Except posting anything negative like that in Germany is ‘verboten’ and might get my family in trouble.
          They know.

    • Helga Renfro

      CRLH I am from Munich. Came in 1960 and I am totally loyal to USA. But Germany is a beautiful country and I am heartsick because I know what Merkel has done to my birth country. My intention is to never go back to Germany or even to visit. Because to me it is no longer the country I once knew.

  • tes d’aless

    and democrats in America want them to continue coming here too – screw that! we already have our hands full with illegals, and the like

  • Cadfael

    They should send Merkel on a visit to Iran – with a sealed letter to their leader, declaring her a present from the German people to him! Then she can be all the muslim she always wanted to be.

    • Glenn Jacobs

      Good! Good! The “fate worse than death”! And not just Merkle, but every lying politician who helped bring this about.

      • Deborah Pratt

        LOL!! Wondering how Michelle Obama would make out there. They don’t have any use for he/she’s!!!!

  • Jackson Action

    Merkel is insane as are the rest of the “government” officials (nutballs) who are there. I will never understand how people like them get into positions of authority.

    • bytheway4

      Jackson, it’s because the votes are set up , the voting machines are set up, the democrats that work at the polls are paid off to throw the conservative votes out, the democrats are satan’s family now. This has happened since the day that Soros decide to push his NWO and he has the money that he stole from other countries before the kicked him out. Soros has bought into media, TV stations, newspapers, so they al do as they are told by the devil himself, Soros. Trump should get rid of Soros ASAP then go on from there, he should have done that one year ago.

      • Jackson Action

        thank you. Soros is truly evil and demented. How does Trump get rid of Soros without arranging “getting rid of him”?

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well if yous elect another democrat president , in 2020, it will happen all over again here , the deep state ain’t going to quit ,just look at at all the illegals and refugees draining our tax dollars ,i’d like to know where it says in the constitution that government has the right to tax us to support others , and they don’t even belong here , once every american has what they need , then you can think of helping others , the way it is now , they help others before they help their own citizens , instead of screwing up the heath care system they could have just put the few million on medicare and saved billions , the problem with health care is the cost , because of lobbiests and corrupt pharma , because they don’t have price controls on things any more ,if these hospitals are doing so badly , how can they keep spending millions on expanding , it just doesn’t add up

    • TrueAmerican

      if the DemonRats get into power in 2020 there WILL be a CIVIL war, Very much UNLIKE the last one, it will not end until all of the Socialist/Liberal/DemonRats and Communists are DEAD

      • crazyfreddie


  • don lavrich

    maybe they need real conservatives running their government, not wimpy liberals!

  • Sol_of_Texas

    Yet another reason I have little confidence in the EU.

  • Donald Kilb

    The German claim of Arian superiority must not apply to the current powers that be that are lower then our Demonrat low information, low intelligence voters brainwashed by the MSM and handouts.

    • MajorPain

      The Aryan Race escaped to Argentina and Egypt in 1945 there is no proof that Hitler died in Germany and the Grand Mufti Mohammed Amin al-Husseini escaped into the middle east after he was briefly held by French Military. Husseini is responsible for rebuilding the Muslim Brotherhood credited for Hamas and Hezbollah and Arafat was one of his disciples. He commanded a 20,000 man Army of Armenian Muslim’s that also escaped into the middle east so what do you think they’ve doing in the Middle East up until now???? Might today’s Muslim be an Invasionary Force because they didn’t bring a whole lot of women and children with them when supposedly escaped from where ever did they.

      • Donald Kilb

        I am aware of what you say. My statement is based on “Queen Angela’s ” arrogance expecting the German populace and all of the European Union to bear the brunt demands.

        • MajorPain

          Ah yes sits on the board and is second in command at the Buildeburg group. What a piece of Excrement she looks like one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets with mouth being operated by George Soro’s.

    • Helga Renfro

      The guilt that the German’s have because of the Nazi’s and what happened in WW2 is mainly in my opinion where this appeasement and allowing millions of people into Germany came from, because they do not want to be called racists. Otherwise a nut job like Merkel would not have been in power. She is a total communist anyways. She was raised in the once known East Germany. She was groomed to open the borders and hand over the country to foreigners. It is done to break Germany because they are the biggest economic power in Europe and the rest of the countries are afraid Germany is getting to strong.

      • Donald Kilb

        Guilt of left-wing ignorance? Angela Merkel is an obnoxious left-wing Soros fellow traveler or stooge.

  • dosadoe


  • billy mack emmons billy mack e

    This is crazy they need to get this woman out of office . and send these people back to there home lands . this would had happened in us the real Amricans would have not put Mr Trump in office it would have been war .here again with the blue hats and Obama’s Army

    • Helga Renfro

      Billy where do you live? I live in CA it is already no longer part of the US here in this once great State. Sanctuary State now. So many illegals are here now they are cared for by our politicians and the hell with the Americans. It is a State for illegals and foreigners.

      • billy mack emmons billy mack e

        Ms renfro I have been to your state mam back in the late 80 s working in the oil refineries there at that time mam it was like it is today so many different people . there’s good people in your state mam and after reading some of your post mam I think myself you are one of the true American left in California the Dems run your state mam .I invite you to move to Mississippi my state mam where or state government and governor has made laws against Obama sanctuary cities or states this is not one yes there were some here but they we moved out .mam I have worked all my life since the age of 13 working with my hands .I worked in new York mam it’s like your state but worser more illegal people there then you can throw Rocks at mam and no disrespect ma’am but I was raised to say yes ma’am and no ma’am yes sir and no sir yes I am one of the 65 million that put Mr Trump in office . and proud of it eight years under darkness of Obama administration took this country down . and the left wing nuts still are crying about Hillary not being president this is how come the left won’t s to get Mr Trump out and our own party the Republicans some have sold him out with other good people who are fighting everyday for us look at the congressman form South Carolina mr. Terry who is fighting against the left over from Obama and Hillary’s people he is fighting against the FBI and there cover-ups for Clinton and Obama but it’s all turned on them now the truth is coming out I with you ms renfro not against you . your friend in freedom always and to make America great again

  • homer1057

    Germany LOST WW1 and 2 because of stupidity, so now that same stupidity continues! That logic is the same as Obama did w/the money situation here, instead of fixing the dollar w/Gold and silver, they just printed more and made matters worse! Germany has their head stuck somewhere, and they can’t see anything! Guess where?

  • homer1057

    I’ll tell you another thing that “IS” happening, in not only Germany, but in any nation w/a woman at the head, that nation is on it’s way to the scrap heap! WHY? Because according to “Exodus 18:21 KJV says the requirements for a Judge or leader, in Govt is 1. ABLE MEN 2. Men that Fear God 3. Men of TRUTH 4. Men that hate coveteousness! there is NOT one women here, and this does not nor is it intended to degrade women, BUT it is there due to the FACT that women are emotional and EMOTIONS have NO place in LAW etc!!

  • buffalobob826

    This looks like the end of the German people at least in Germany. It’s their own fault.

    • crazyfreddie


  • NickinATL

    Our great Pres.Trump is doing everything in his power to stop this European madness from happening here and the Nancy Pelosi–Chuck Schumer lib-dimm cartel is doing everything in their power to thwart his efforts !!! Illegal alien Democratic voters poring across our southern border are more important to the DIMMS than our national security !!! Changing the demographics of America is the only thing the LIBTARDS are interested in !!!

    • Deborah Pratt

      Then WE need to do everything in OUR power to get these traitors out of office and out of our government!!! Legal or not–they need to GO!!

      • NickinATL

        Thank you for agreeing Deborah—nice to know there’s still a few people out there like you that live in the real world and can see things clearly !!!



    • crazyfreddie


  • sally

    I feel sorry for Germany but we have so many issues in our country. They have to get Merkel out. I know what she is just by what I have heard her say and I have seen her actions (just from watching C-SPAN) The Germans are smart people I don’t understand how they put up with this!! I cant believe that all these people have no common sense and buy into that crazy rhetoric.



  • Michael Paul

    The solution is simple. Return Syrians to Syria, Somalians to Somalia, Mexicans to Mexico, Yemenites to Yemen and so forth and so on and any other refugees or illegal aliens to their own country and let their country handle the crime problem. After the Berlin Wall fell, Germany did a fine job of reuniting East and West Germany into one economic powerhouse of a country. Now they have set themselves back 50 years by opening their borders to these people who have no intention of becoming Germans but instead to turn Germany, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, etc. into just other Muslim countries. The goal of Islam is to take over the world by birth not by war because they would lose any war.

  • GuardianFlame

    Merkel was a FOOL, A COMPLETE FOOL, allowing thousands of those fake refugees into her Country. Who was paying her unknown monies to make this happen? George Soros? Think about this.

    Soros and his One World Order minions need every Nation that is strongly native population to be reduced and integrated by a culture so opposite and savagely animalistic that it destroys that Nation’s foundations and weakens its ability to protect itself and its people. In other words, the Muslims are those savages sent into Europe to level the OWO’s playing field so they can walk in and take control of the European Nations and rule our World. Merkel had to have someone pay her huge amounts of $$ to open her borders to those savages. She has taken the savage muslims over her own Nation’s people, gladly and foolishly, even though her countrymen/women are being raped and brutalized by hordes of horny muslim barbarians. Why is she doing this? Betraying her own people to protect a bunch of animalistic males who hate her and her countrymen and are not afraid to attack any German female, no matter what age and/or any child, male or female? For unknown huge amounts of $$, that is why. Greed kills all guilt…

    Soros, OWO, and NATO almost accomplished their “integration” goal of becoming the controlling factor of our World – except for one thing. America’s current President is the one thorn in their side because he refuses to bend to their wishes and allow thousands of muslims into our Nation.

    Hungary is also a Nation that refused Muslim access as well as a couple more countries. But the U.S. is the most powerful and determined of them all and the biggest adversary for them to overcome. And they will not as long as you and I stay informed and directed in fighting their actions and supporting our President Trump! The day we stop fighting Soros, the OWO and NATO, will be the day America is no longer free!

  • hillbilly

    I believe it was in the movie Forest Gump sad “YOU CANT FIX STUPID” poor, poor Mrs. Jerkle she just can’t seem to understand….If you think its bad now wait for next year….Germany, France,, and England are beginning to sound like something I read in the BOOK of REVELATIONS…..

  • KenKadz1

    Politicians all over the world are just plain stupid when it comes to illegal immigration, do not accept them, send them back or kill them, end of problem.

  • MacZ

    Insanity begets more insanity? My god! They make me thank god for Trumps common sense pragmatism.

  • george briar

    Lets face it Muslims belong where they came from and allowing them to come to your country is just insane as they bring with them all their bad habits and stupidity and have no respect for the new country or the people of it. These are the same assholes that are burning our flag and hating us where they live so keep them there. We have been generous enough to foreign countries even the ones that hate us. Trump is correct in cutting foreign aid they don’t deserve it. We elected a dumbass Muslim from Kenya and what did we get, lies and racism. Barry and Moochie stole and lied for 8 years and tried to turn this country into a third world nation and had we elected the idiot Clinton she would have continued his sick agenda and would have put that asshole on the supreme court. We must never elect another democrat to any of the three houses. They have shown their cards and it’s time for them to fold and leave the game. Trump 2020 the real choice.

  • cathylovesyou

    Liberal America zzzzzzzzzzz wake up and try your brain as something new, open your eyes, read, listen and then join us fellow Americans if you are one. Germany is giving away the richest country in Europe, to rapist. Is that what you want for America. Stand up to Schumer and Pelosi and the rest of the Daca lovers another illegal moves by Obama to hurt America, as part of his goals.

  • Robert Uda

    Remember what Germany did to the Jews?

    • mrpoohead

      Nazis, not specifically all German or representative of all Germans.

  • Jmanjo

    The first thing Germany should do is to get rid of that idiot Merkel who is allowing these refugees to harm the German people in spite of their offering sanctuary to these pigs! Send them back to Syria where they belong!

  • Ron Dapo

    Germany can get rid of Merkel, or watch Germany turn into another Muslim,poverty stricken, criminal infested third world hell hole.

  • jack

    we must stand firm to the immigrants coming into OUR country stop them ! how much has changed since they came in ? gun confiscation THERE GOES THE 2ND AMMENDMENT , tax dollars go to give them FREE health care , cities protecting them from the rules of OUR GOVRERNMENT , the chain migration ( isn’t that a hoot ) and to allow murders to skip out of jail after killing a citizen ! what would have been said if one of the true Americans had fallen into that ? JAIL FOREVER lets make sure the Democrats understand that this CANNOT be put up with anymore ! if they like there ideas than let the immigrants live with them and they pay for everything ? or reduce their salaries to make up for tax dollars used for this HEY LETS ALL GET BEHIND THIS ( IT IS OUR CONSTUTIN WE ARE LETTING SUFER < AND OUR COUNTRY !!! )

    • Helga Renfro

      Trump will have to fold on DACA because the Dems will destroy this country if they do not get their way. They are too strong and too many Republican are not even on the same page with Trump.

  • Paulus

    Hey, the very same thing is happening in the US with the DACA idiocy–all as a result of RAT/Obumma’s unconstitutional policies! If Trump and RINOS do not build the wall, find a way to track illegals coming in by air and sea, stop chain and lottery migration, the Republic is is cooked, just like Germany is right now.

    Deport the millions of DACA and other illegals or make them self-deport via fines and jail for those US companies hiring them. Go after the drug cartels now operating and bribing officials openly in the US and eliminate them by force of arms. Anything else, and we are also cooked.

    • Helga Renfro

      We have been cooked a long time ago. Merkel just allowed Germany being invaded last year or 2 years ago and we have allowed it so many years that there is no hope for us no matter how we deny it.

  • Kevin S

    Does everyone now see why such draconic gun control laws are in place in Germany now? The self-appointed rulers knew that under such circumstances in Europe, the Germans would have been the first to rise up against such total insanity. If the old Third Reich Weapons law of 1935 were still the law of the land there, this insanity wouldn’t be happening. Most people don’t know that the aforementioned law created by Hitler was modeled upon the US Militia Acts of 1793 and 1795, with the only significant difference being gun registration, to prevent “undesirables” from owning guns. I know this will draw trolls the way feces draws flies, but in truth, the German people had more personal freedom under the Nazis than they have now. Well, except for degenerates, who have unlimited freedom.

  • Richard

    I remember when Germany and the German people were admired. Than they put their faith in a Merkel. Now we are laughing at them.

  • Mo

    God Bless President Trump for having the backbone to tell the UN to go to hell when they tried to push more refugee’s to be allowed into the US. obutthead tried to import his own Muslim Army to wreck havoc upon America from within so he could declare Martial Law and become our Dictator. We were very fortunate that he did not succeed and that Donald Trump was elected to put a stop to that completely.

  • Lance Charles Sr

    Face it! It was a Dumb decision to allow so many refugees to go to any country-Unvetted. Merkel was/is a bad politician. She should have been fired.

  • McFerguson

    Hell, the liberal democrats have been doing that for years! How else did we end up with some 30,000,000 ILLEGAL aliens?

  • Carl Pyzowski

    Yet another fine example of liberal thinking. Gee, I am taking dope so much that I can’t work. I got it! I’ll just take more dope. That will fix it!

  • Jerry Hughes

    Well Germans now, you know why American citizens refuse to allow themselves to be disarmed..
    Better start smuggling weapons in, you can’t argue with the government when the government is the only with guns

  • Eric Backens

    If the Hill and her gang were in our white house what do you think would be happening here. Never give up the second amendment, no matter what.

  • cp123

    The Germans better be in the streets real soon. They are being crushed by their leadership.

  • Richard Oswald


  • Paul

    just wait until the German people find out that their pension funds are supporting the economic migrants

  • harold

    Hey honest German citizens, vote some more morons like Merkel into office and there will not be any room for the German people.

  • What_no_change???

    I think the libs are trying to get all the muslims out of their oil filled countries then invade their old places steal the oil, nuke the country that has them and pat themselves on the back for solving the crime, over population and sharia law problem while increasing their own wealth in oil. When that happens fossil fuels will be the “new” green energy and and the scientific studies will THEN show that we have not been burning ENOUGH carbon so viva la oil and coal. It will place the former citizens of the country that is being taken over and will be nuked into subjects and usher in the “NEW” Communism.

  • Colin Bell

    God Bless President Trump for having the backbone to tell the UN to go to hell when they tried to push more refugee’s to be allowed into the US. obutthead tried to import his own Muslim Army to wreck havoc upon America from within so he could declare Martial Law and become our Dictator. We were very fortunate that he did not succeed and that Donald Trump was elected to put a stop to that completely

  • Diane Smith

    “With Refugee Crime Rising, German Government Has an Unbelievable Solution” ; this was the headline. Where is the “unbelievable solution”????

  • RSM

    The increased crime numbers in the study are probably lower than they really are. I lived in Hattersheim, Germany for a few years, so I notice news about it. Muslim refugees have created havoc there. Mobs attack local Germans for not complying with Sharia law. If a refugee attacks a German but the German defends himself, a Muslim mob arrives and puts the German in the hospital.
    If a Muslim attacker is arrested, mobs of Muslims riot, loot, and destroy things. Earlier reports about several incidents in Hattersheim stated that a few refugees were detained by police – but were released and not charged. Articles about later incidents do not mention detentions or charges, but, they do detail how the German victims were forcibly relocated for their own protection.
    Perfect! No arrest is documented and there you have it. No Muslim refugee crime!
    Germany did the same thing with the thousands of New Years attacks on women by Muslims. Only a few Muslims were detained by police. Those detained were released and not charged, so officially, no crimes occurred. 
Initially, the German government tried to deny the attacks happened, then hastily published tens of thousands of comic book style pamphlets trying to educate Muslim refugees not to attack women, because over 90 percent of the ‘refugees’ are illiterate.


    I’m surprised they aren’t paying them not to kill Germans like the U.S. DOES WITH IMMIGRANTS. Thanks Obama. More of our tax dollars wasted.

  • cowcow

    By the time the citizen have enough gumption to resist and have a civil war, the country will be another Iran. Unfathomably tragic and sad.

  • Brad Fisher

    The solution is to give Merkel her walking papers and them start deporting the trash.

  • joe joe

    And democrats think TRUMP is not sane??? Now this idiot Merkel is off her rocker!!!

  • Doug

    What they would really like to do is send them to the US but alas, Obama is no longer here thank God

  • 4Pip

    The muslims are quick to call Jews ugly animal names but it is they who act like animals. A country has a right to tell them they can only have one wife,if they go other places they should adhere to their laws. That is common sense not racism or any other name the liberals come up with.

  • Antonio

    Deport them to s@$& holes they came from

  • Antonio

    Oh and take Linsey graham with them he loves ms 13 and muzzlims so much

  • Liberal ideas just don’t work at all. I am amazed that they don’t read the Quran for themselves.

  • Ernest_T

    Deport all criminals that are not citizens. Do a Castro and throw in one citizen criminal for every one non citizen they need to pay to send back.

  • Betta

    Why not just shoot them down? All citizens of Germany should be packing, locked and loaded to put a stop to it. Or were all their guns confiscated?