Somali Immigrant’s Violent Attack on Ohio State University

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  1. зачем нужны лайки на ютубе The country of Angola just banned every single Muslim in their country and all will be deported . They bulldozed several Mosques and plan on destroying a total of 80 ! Bravo ! They can see the writing on the wall and have been riddled with rapes, stabbing, murders and major crimes by Muslims . Thrilled they are stopping this Plague called Radical Islam Muslim !

  2. but don’t blame ozero and his policies for it ,ozero is the one who brought these animal into the country, ozero might as well build his presidental library on top of a cemitary , all he has to put in it are dead bodies, how many thousands have died because of his failures

  3. I have said this so many times I feel like a broken record that keeps replaying. Here it goes, muslims / Islamist are at war with all the non-muslims of the world. This war is a shooting war, a bombing war, a beheading war, a car and knife war with rapes and outer murders and mass killing attacks. Dos anyone get the picture. America and the American people are involved in this war whither or not they want to be. Again, this is no joke, it is not to be taken lightly. This is a SHOOTING WAR IN WHICH ALL AMERICANS MUST BE READY TO FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES! We better be because all the muslims are training with at least AK 47 rifles. Every Mosque has a large armory with enough AK 47 rifles to equip all the muslims in their Mosque. Several Mosques have hidden bunkers with RPG’s and other shoulder fired rockets capable of taking down air planes. Islam is not a religion it is a political ideology. One in which They are the dictators and the rest of the people serve them. This includes you daughters and wives being used a sex slaves until they are tired of them they kill them. Search the internet about muslim countries especially the countries that were taken over by muslims. We had better start taking this seriously and get rid of the muslims not bring them in. There is no such thing as a peaceful muslim. They do not exist!

      • God help them, because no body else will.

        when are the German people going to have a belly full of Mercal and send her the way of Mussolini and Hitler.

        Far as I am concerned any country that let the bastards in is on their own.

        While we have FAR too many here already the bright side is they have 48 days left to have a good time here. After that it’s going to be a whole ‘nother ball game in a revitalized Judaeo/Christian country. Like we said in Vietnam. XIN LOI. (Sin Loy) (GI translation “Sorry ‘bot that)

        In case everybody hasn’t noticed,,,,I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.

        DOWN WITH THE NANNY STATE and God bless President Trump.

  4. He is not an Somali Immigrant! He is an Muslim Terrorist and, like other Terrorists from Somali, hates Western Civilization and Americans in particular.
    Obama is responsible for this violence and the blood is on his hands. Obama knows what he is doing and it is an deliberate effort on his part!