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Somali Immigrant’s Violent Attack on Ohio State University


A Somali-born man named Abdul Razak Ali Artan didn’t need a gun to carry out his evil attack on Ohio State University students on Monday. With his car and a butcher knife, Artan managed to injure nine people, one of whom is said to be in critical condition. Artan was ultimately shot and killed by a police officer, and now law enforcement authorities are trying to determine whether the attacks were inspired by Islamic ideology.

According to Ohio State Police Chief Craig Stone, Artan launched into the attack by driving over a curb and into students who were standing around outside a classroom building.

“It just hit everybody who was in front,” a student named Angshuman Kapil told the AP. “After that everybody was shouting, ‘run, run, run!'”

Artan reportedly exited his vehicle with the knife and began stabbing people at random.

The attack might have lasted longer had a police officer not been nearby. The officer was on campus due to an unrelated gas leak and was therefore able to quickly kill the assailant and undoubtedly save many lives.

Asked if authorities were investigating the attack as terrorism, Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs said, “I think we have to consider that it is.”

According to the AP, the attack fits a profile:

In recent months, federal law enforcement officials have raised concerns about online extremist propaganda that encourages knife and car attacks, which are easier to pull off than bombings.

The Islamic State group has urged sympathizers online to carry out attacks in their home countries with whatever weapons are available to them.

ABC reports that Artan is a “legal permanent resident” of the United States and was a student at OSU. The network also said that law enforcement officials were trying to determine if Artan wrote a message on Facebook foreshadowing the attack.

“I am sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters being killed and tortured EVERYWHERE. I can’t take it anymore. America! Stop interfering with other countries if you want us Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks,” the post says.

The story is still developing, but it already seems pretty clear what this is.


  • SouthernPatriot

    A Muslim ISIS terrorist coward imported into this country by Obama. He has associates also that helped with his plan and his plan is from the ISIS playbook. Obama imported 100,000 unvetted Muslim rapists and terrorists into America, and Hillary would have imported 5X. Trump will stop that insanity. Who in their right mind wants to bring or allow Muslim young men into this country who will maim and kill our people? Demented Democrats. Remember this the next time you vote for any office, local, state, or federal.

  • I would advise people these days to be very aware of where you are and who is around you for this could happen any were these days. GOD BLESS ALL.

    • larry

      They also need to be prepared to defend themselves whatever form that might take.

    • Col

      I was thinking the same thing, keep your eyes open.

    • Yvonne Fileccia


  • John

    And people are questioning why Trump won? Liberals still do not get it. America is under attack by Muslim terrorist and the Obama Administration is just hiding its head under a rock — I guess for the belief that it sees nothing so it is doing nothing! We do not condemn the Islam but it seems that very few Muslims denounce such acts as they think that majority of Muslims still support the idea of overthrowing America!

  • John

    And people are questioned why Trump won? Liberals still do not get it. America is under attack by Muslim terrorist and the Obama Administration is just hiding its head under a rock — I guess for the belief that it sees nothing so it is doing nothing! We do not condemn the Islam but it seems that very few Muslims denounce such acts as they think that majority of Muslims still support the idea of overthrowing America!

  • This is going to be an every week thing from now on, everyone will be sitting ducks for the Radical Sunni Muslims to plot week after week to kill and mame people ! The only way to stop this is to round up every single Muslim in the US and boot their asses back to their goat humping third world sand box ! We need to destroy all of their mosques here in the IS and Deport all the Illegal Mexican and other illegals from our country. If we don’t, our country will be at war from within !
    The country of Angola just banned every single Muslim in their country and all will be deported . They bulldozed several Mosques and plan on destroying a total of 80 ! Bravo ! They can see the writing on the wall and have been riddled with rapes, stabbing, murders and major crimes by Muslims . Thrilled they are stopping this Plague called Radical Islam Muslim !

    • Very Astute Comment Ellen. Thank You. I worry for my Grandchildren Every Day.

    • Bill

      Your going to be labeled a racist.Welcome to the club. I agree with some of your comments. The problem is you can’t get them all. This guy was an American citizen that fell for isis bullshit. It’s here to stay. Learn to defend yourself with firearms,knives,swords whatever you can afford.

    • kg

      Ellen! I am with you, Let the U.S. citizens order Trump to begin, forthwith, to get these barbarians out of this country now, and John Kasich with them. What an absolute fool he is! Now, we have to do this!”I would advise people these days to be very aware of where you are and who is around you” Thank you jackass John Kasich.

      • Mathew Molk

        Hey KG, Go easy on the asshole. He said we may never know what motivated the stinking moslem to run over and stab those people. Don’t forget Rob the RINO Portman next election too.

        Remember, There is no sych thing as a moslem terrorist and they do not want to kill everyone in our country who will not convert and submit to sheria law…..

        Hey, I’m all set to show him just haw bad it can get on his Islamist Brothers in this country….T]It’s obvious they do not like it here and I’ ready ti send tham back where they came from,,,in a box if necessary.

        The sooner people face facts that It’s us or them the better off we will all be. All the PC horse shit in the world will not change the fact that peaceful coexistence with them is like peaceful coexistence with an aggressive malignant cancer.

        • Yvonne Fileccia


        • Nellie

          Obama hired an X FBI, MUSLIM who wouldn’t arrest another MUSLIM. Obama hired him for HLS as an advisor. De he advise HLS to hire the transport company to transport illegals from the borders? Who hired the Orlando terrors for the transport company. How did he get clearance and WHY was he taken off watch list.
          Obama again and again! Against our country.

    • Mathew Molk

      Remember to wear a flack jacket if you have to go into any gun free zone too. You are a defenseless sitting duck there and that is where the attackers are likely to strike.

  • Ted

    NOOO, it wasn’t terror. It was good will and an attempt to assimilate and show his appreciation for his good fortune and education. He claimed to have felt uncomfortable or afraid to pray at school. Well, don’t feel like the fvching “Lone Ranger” dueche bag. Just look around and see what is done to Christians and Jews. Muslims are the chosen filth in the country these days. They line all the right pockets in DC and their leader is the fvching president….

  • Jeffrey Cahoon

    We the People need to do the same thing! Ban ALL MUSLIMS and any influence at all! Make them know that they are not wanted here and to hell with political correctness! We need to make it known that their being here, is going to be trouble for them! We will TAKE our country back!!! FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!!

  • Grizz Mann

    I’m sure he was vetted by the Obama administration after his trips to ISIS University.

  • Blaine

    They all need to be deported. It’s obvious that they are all here to harm us eventually.

  • Donald

    And obama and the democrats want to allow more of these people to immigrate!

  • William D Manners

    This is just further proof of the violent nature of the Muslim religion!

  • William D Manners

    This is just further evidence of the violent nature of the Muslim religion!

  • Don’t let any of them into OUR COUNTRY. PERIOD. Keep everyone out and when borders are opened up again, VETTE the living crap out of anyone that comes here. If there is a question about them, they DON’T come here. PERIOD. Anyone trying to penetrate the WALL, Shoot them. PERIOD


  • Rakoonstinks

    @ Jeffrey Cahoon and Ellen…Where do you start? The Military and the Police? The Military has thousands of Muslims as well as the police so You must be more insane than the 18 year old student who committed this dreadful act. America is a nation of immigrants! It doesn’t belong to one race or religious group. Some of you seemed just as hateful as these cowards committing these acts. Who are you taking your country back from? Native Americans or Africans that were brought here against their will? Or is it the Mexicans that were recruited to come here and do manual jobs that most of us wouldn’t do? With the exception of Native Americans, every other citizen of this nation came from some place else…It might help greatly if most of you would think before you talk

  • Laura Goodridge

    It was reported early on the day of the attack that the fire alarm had gone off and students and others in the building exited and were milling around outside when the attack occurred shortly thereafter. If this is true, who set off the fire alarm and isn’t the timing too convenient to be coincidental?

  • Laura Goodridge

    On day of attack it was reported students and others had evacuated the building because of fire alarm. The attack occurred shortly after building evacuated; coincidental? Timing seems suspect and who pulled the fire alarm?

  • rbentrdr

    And obama just let in 1800 more that Australia had turned down. Why can’t anyone stop him????

  • Chief Charles Schmidt

    THE BLACK EXTREMIST THAT CAN GET THEIR FACE ON THE MEDIA ARE ALREADY SAYING THE WHITE COP WAS A RACIEST BECAUSE THE TERRORIST HE SHOT WAS BLACK. If the cop had been black and the terrorist white we would here heard nothing from the media or the black raciest who i speaking ou, t nor
    if the cop were white and the terrorist a white Muslim terrorist. It is time we treat terrorist as we did spy other wars. After they are the spys of ISIS. If We need to capture them , try them as spys and then hang them. We can let those whose family has been attacked pull the handle. If we must shoot them don’t shoot to kill . Just shoot them in the knee of somewhere so we can keep them alive until a proper hanging can be arranged. I AM NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT BUT I AM RIGHT.

  • As per Ahmadinejad Islam is at war with the West (this includes the United States of America). So we, America, are at war with Islam. Islam is not a nation or a people, but encompasses all Islamites (or Muslims) of the world. Our men and women in uniform are fighting an undeclared war against a country. They are fighting an enemy that comprises people of a “religion” from many countries that are at the same time receiving financial and military aid from U.S. TAXPAYERS. Islam is not a creation of the Arabs, Arabs created Islam. Not all Islamites, or Muslims, are Arab and not all Arabs are Islamites of Muslim. Then why are we taking in all these Islamites, or Muslims? Why do we have special “refugee” programs for people that are at war with US? Why do we have a special “refugee” program for these Somali and Syrian Muslim “refugees” and not for Christian REFUGEES?? Our military is fighting an enemy that is funded by our American government with these special “refugee” programs the American government is bringing into our enemies that are funded with taxpayers’ money. What did these Somali “refugees” do to be rewarded with permanent residency in the United States of America? Kill American citizens? How many Saudi Arab “refugees” have been rewarded this right after Saudi citizens slaughtered thousands of U.S. citizens on 9/11? With his hate and rage “Agenda of REVENGE” has our Muslim Arab president, Hussein Obama, collaborated with the radical Islam Jihadists of the world?

  • Kathie

    I agree no more illegal immigrants unless they are well screened and seeing that is hard to do since none of them have papers and you can’t check it out, I say no more. We are tired of them killing good Americans. Let them stay where they are and do what they want there. It will NEVER stop. All Muslims believe Allah is there God/leader which means they need to kill Americans. I am sorry but it’s their belief not mine.

  • NavymanBill

    The good thing is that they killed him. No B.S. trials, ACLU, etc. Game over. While I know you can’t paint everyone with the same brush, I find that the Somalis bring very little to the table here(if anything.) Most have no skills, can’t speak the language, don’t want to learn, don’t want to be American, complain about the lack of halal meat at the free food pantries. Why do we want them here? It will take 3-4 generations for them to assimilate-and we will have to pay for them!! they should be sent to Saudi Arabia or Yemen or elsewhere. I’m sure they will find the food and conditions more to their liking!!

  • If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck…..it must be a duck! Why are nearly 100% of all terrorists acts in recent years committed by Muslims? The only other killer sect I can think of was a band of killers or assassins originating in India if I recall correctly……this sect was finally wiped out after years of suffering by civilized societies.

  • bagster53

    but don’t blame ozero and his policies for it ,ozero is the one who brought these animal into the country, ozero might as well build his presidental library on top of a cemitary , all he has to put in it are dead bodies, how many thousands have died because of his failures

    • Wildmann

      Boot the Hadjiis, Boot ’em out! Listen to them Rant an’ Shout! Boot the Hadjiis, Boot ’em all Winter, Summer Spring an’ Fall! These Savages are Incompatible with Western Civilization! They need to Leave or Be Killed! It’s gonna come to a Civil War, before too long!

  • Bruce Andrews

    I have said this so many times I feel like a broken record that keeps replaying. Here it goes, muslims / Islamist are at war with all the non-muslims of the world. This war is a shooting war, a bombing war, a beheading war, a car and knife war with rapes and outer murders and mass killing attacks. Dos anyone get the picture. America and the American people are involved in this war whither or not they want to be. Again, this is no joke, it is not to be taken lightly. This is a SHOOTING WAR IN WHICH ALL AMERICANS MUST BE READY TO FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES! We better be because all the muslims are training with at least AK 47 rifles. Every Mosque has a large armory with enough AK 47 rifles to equip all the muslims in their Mosque. Several Mosques have hidden bunkers with RPG’s and other shoulder fired rockets capable of taking down air planes. Islam is not a religion it is a political ideology. One in which They are the dictators and the rest of the people serve them. This includes you daughters and wives being used a sex slaves until they are tired of them they kill them. Search the internet about muslim countries especially the countries that were taken over by muslims. We had better start taking this seriously and get rid of the muslims not bring them in. There is no such thing as a peaceful muslim. They do not exist!

    • Col

      Although I do believe there are peaceful Muslims, they will not stop the radical ones, so it doesn’t really matter, in fact, they will most likely cover for the radical ones. This is not true across the board, there are some Muslims, (very few) that fight against the radicals, but they are on the hit list with us infidels. Since Muslims are 5000 times more likely to be a terrorist than the average citizen, we need to protect our country and not let them in, it may not seem fair, but life is not always fair. If we want to help the refugees, there are ministries that set up refugee camps over in the Middle East, please support these organizations that are helping the refugees over there, it costs way less to help them over there than it does to bring them here, and way less risk. Many of these refugees want nothing to do with Islam, because they have seen it’s destruction first hand, and have lived the night mare, and believe me it’s a night mare of epic proportions.

    • kg

      German Courts Begin Ruling According to Sharia Law …
      German Courts Begin Ruling According to Sharia Law. … man did not have German citizenship, Sharia law applies to the … use of Sharia law in German courts, …

      • Mathew Molk

        God help them, because no body else will.

        when are the German people going to have a belly full of Mercal and send her the way of Mussolini and Hitler.

        Far as I am concerned any country that let the bastards in is on their own.

        While we have FAR too many here already the bright side is they have 48 days left to have a good time here. After that it’s going to be a whole ‘nother ball game in a revitalized Judaeo/Christian country. Like we said in Vietnam. XIN LOI. (Sin Loy) (GI translation “Sorry ‘bot that)

        In case everybody hasn’t noticed,,,,I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.

        DOWN WITH THE NANNY STATE and God bless President Trump.

  • I agree with all of your comments.

  • Donald

    Further, obama and the democrats want to open our borders to more like him!

  • edward Shick

    This has got common in Columbus as Obama brought in these Somalian Pirates , I have a Great grandson that was attacked by and robbed with a ball Bat , that was in Sept , he is still in the hospital and for maybe 10 dollars , They study their Koran and they see nothing weong with Killing Infedels , That is Americans !!

  • edward Shick

    Columbus had about 30,000 Somalians in 2012 now that has gone up to 45,000 ,https://safeshare.tv/x/w5oLoW0jZjc#v and tthis is Dearborn today !

  • BillF

    He is not an Somali Immigrant! He is an Muslim Terrorist and, like other Terrorists from Somali, hates Western Civilization and Americans in particular.
    Obama is responsible for this violence and the blood is on his hands. Obama knows what he is doing and it is an deliberate effort on his part!

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