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    Kamala’s Biggest Accomplishment

    While a President is alive and well, the only real constitutional power the Vice President has is breaking ties in the Senate, a power that Vice President Harris has now used so often that she is a mere six votes away from breaking a 200-year-old record for using the Senate tiebreaker. When Harris cast her […] More

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    Trump, Epstein, and the Return of McCarthyism

    Monday marked a new level of political vendetta by the Democrats and federal agencies as President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was raided by dozens of FBI agents under the pretext of searching for classified documents. The faces behind this political attack are already being unmasked, an important one of these being of the judge that authorized […] More

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    AOC’s District Seeing Soaring Crime

    A new study revealed that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s solidly Democrat 14th District in New York saw a 57% spike in major crimes — including murder, rape, robberies, and assaults. Former New York City Police Department Inspector Paul Mauro unveiled the findings in a Fox News opinion editorial published Monday, where he emphasized that policies forwarded […] More

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    Video: Prominent Dems Not Supporting Biden for 2024

    President Joe Biden, whose average approval rating sits at just 39.6 percent, insists Democratic voters want him to seek reelection in 2024. Several members of Biden’s own party, however, are refusing to back the 79-year-old president. “I don’t want to answer that question because we have not—that’s not—yeah, I don’t want to answer that question,” Rep. Cori Bush (D., […] More

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    10 Criminals Arrested 485 Times Since NY Bail Reform Law Began

    New York’s bail reform laws went into effect in 2020, and the law currently eliminates bail for most misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies, meaning that most criminals arrested for these crimes are freed without restrictions, usually within a few hours of their arrest. Not surprisingly, this has led to wild rates of recidivism, as criminals play the justice […] More

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    FBI Top Terror List Dominated by Leftists

    The FBI has sounded the alarm about white supremacists and far-right extremists, but the bureau’s own Top 10 “most wanted domestic terrorists” list includes at least two Communists, three black nationalists, one anti-war activist, and a vegan eco-terrorist. While the diverse roster doesn’t purport to capture the breadth of domestic terror, it seems at odds with federal […] More

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    You Won’t Believe What Kamala Had to Say About Brittney Griner

    Vice President Kamala Harris was accused of hypocrisy after she decried Brittney Griner’s conviction by Russia on cannabis smuggling charges — despite Harris prosecuting thousands of similar marijuana possession cases in her earlier career as a prosecutor. Griner, 31, was sentenced on Thursday to nine years in prison after she admitted to bringing vape cartridges containing cannabis […] More

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