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Jeb Bush Takes on Donald Trump in Tuesday’s Debate

Jeb Bush engaged in a fierce debate over national security on Tuesday with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. Last week, Trump surprised everyone when he proposed a ban on all Muslims entering the United States. Despite the statement, Trump’s numbers continue to rise in the poll.

Bush stated that Trump is good at one-line comments, but that he would be a president of chaos.

Jeb Bush was the only candidate on stage out of seven other candidates that took on Trump during the debate. Trump further commented that he has fully committed to the party, and that he’s very proud and honored to be the frontrunner.

Ted Cruz questioned Donald Trump’s ability to control the U.S.’s nuclear arsenal last week, and seemed to mend the friendship between the two presidential hopefuls on Tuesday. Cruz stated that voters are looking at all candidates based on their experience, vision and judgment to be commander-in-chief of the United States.

No mention of his comments about Trump were uttered, and Trump showed his appreciation with a slap on the back. Trump also went back on his statement that Ted Cruz is a “maniac,” and stated that he is just fine during Tuesday’s debate.

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