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U.S. Congress will Debate $1.15 Trillion Spending Bill

The United States Congress will be debating a $1.15 trillion spending bill as well as $650 billion worth of tax breaks which were discussed during Tuesday’s meeting. A surprise repealing of an oil export ban that has lasted 40 years was also discussed.

A vote will begin as early as Thursday, which will allow increased military and domestic program spending through September 2016.

Many Republicans will be fighting against the bill, with Tim Huelskamp stating that he would not support the bill due to Planned Parenthood funding being included. Ann Wagner said that Democrats were allowed to add in tax breaks for both solar and wind power development in exchange for repealing of the oil export ban.

The proposal also includes a $650 billion package that will allow tax breaks to exist for 10 years. Approximately $560 billion in permanent tax break extensions will be included for the business research and development sector.

The visa waiver program has also been changed that will make travel more difficult for people that are traveling to the United States from Iraq and Syria. Puerto Rico was also mentioned in the bill, and the country will not be bailed out although it is experiencing fiscal difficulties this year.

First responders to the 9/11 attacks of the World Trade Center will be happy to know that a five-year renewal has been granted to help those suffering from illness and exposure following the attacks.

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