Bernie Sanders Has Been Accused of Breaching Hillary’s Voter Data

Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, has been accused by Hillary Clinton of breaching voter data. The breach led to the firing of top staffers, and breached the Democratic National Committee files.

Clinton is currently the favorite for the Democratic Party, and Sanders is trying to overcome Clinton in the polls. Sanders currently has 29% support while Clinton has 50% support according to Reuters polls.

Sanders campaign is scheduled to make a news announcement this Friday at 1 PM Eastern time from his campaign headquarters in Washington. The bridges that occurred on Wednesday when a campaign staffer was able to view confidential information that was on this permitted to be seen by the Democratic National Committee.

The committee blames it on the software vendor for the committee, and states that the information that was able to be accessed only included past support and donation histories. The campaign blames the data breach on an incompetent vendor that failed to put the proper firewall in place to block the data from being retrieved.

Requests from Sanders campaign to access any DNC files have been suspended. The DNC states that axis will be restored once the issue that led to the data breach is fixed. Sanders will need to prove that the data obtained has been destroyed appropriately, and that the actions that lead into the breach are fully explained to the DNC.

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