Cuba Welcomes Obama, Warns President Not to Meddle in Country’s Affairs

A senior ministry official for Cuba stated on Wednesday that the United States president Barack Obama is welcome to visit Cuba, but warns that the country does not want him to meddle in the affairs of Cuba.

Wednesday marked the one-year anniversary that put an end to the Cuban embargo.

Director of US affairs, Josefina Vidal, reaffirms that Obama will be welcomed in by Cuba. Vidal also stated that Cuba will not negotiate matters of its internal system in an exchange for normalized relations with the United States.

Bilateral relations is the cause for the president not visiting Cuba yet. Obama stated that he would like to nudge the Cuban government into a new direction, but Cuba does not want the United States to have an effect on the internal workings of the country. Obama states that he would like to visit the country, but he will not do so until progress is made between Cuba and the United States.

The Cuban embargo lasted for 52 years. Barack Obama has just 400 days left in his presidency, and there is potential that the next president will not be supportive of the new Cuban policy that has been put in place. There’s an urgency to advance interest between both countries as the Cuban president Raul Castro has only 800 days left in his presidency.

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