Obama Attempts to Cement His Legacy in Final Year as US President

United States presidents often reduce the responsibilities during the final year of their commitment to the country. President Barack Obama is trying to preserve his gains as president by pushing through final key issues that have yet to be implemented by the government.

Obama is hoping to finish his US carbon emissions plan as well as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal.

A senior official stated that new agendas do not start on January 1, and that the Obama administration hopes to get a lot done during the finish line this year. Obama wants to strengthen the health care system in the country, implement the Iran nuclear deal that is surrounded by criticism, reform the criminal justice system and normalize relations with Cuba. The president also hopes to expand his clean energy agenda.

Obama will have his final State of the Union address on January 12, and will attempt to discuss the major issues that he still sees within the country. While officials do not believe that a long list of items we discussed, it is believed that he will take a big picture approach to issues currently facing the United States.

President Obama will be visiting San Bernardino, California before he leaves for his two week vacation in Hawaii.

Written by Andrew

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