Hillary Clinton Responds to Trump’s Insults

Hillary Clinton responded to Donald Trump’s most recent insults in a recent interview with the Des Moines Register. Trump made derogatory remarks when describing Clinton’s loss to Obama in 2008.

Clinton stated that she “deplored” Trump’s campaign tone, calling his rhetoric “inflammatory.” She noted that the Republican candidate is dividing people, and his rhetoric is both hateful and incendiary. Clinton went on to say that nothing surprises her, and she questioned whether Trump had any boundaries “at all.”

Trump defended his remarks, stating that it wasn’t vulgar and his use of the word “schlonged” was intended to mean that she was beaten by Obama. Trump blamed the media for being dishonest and distorting his comments.

Clinton did not comment on whether she believed that Trump was attacking her because she is a woman. She noted that she would not respond to him directly because he “thrives” on such exchanges. Ultimately, Hillary believes that Trump will answer for his insults and remarks, and she’s not sure that anyone is surprised that Trump continues to push the envelope.

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton responded to a young girl’s remarks about bullying, taking a subtle stab at Trump, her own bully. Clinton noted that there needs to be more “love and kindness” in American and bullies should be stood up to.

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