Republican Super Pac Targets Clinton in Christmas Advertisement

A Republican super pac, Future45, targeted Hillary Clinton in their latest ad. The day after the Christmas holiday, the GOP group will be using an ad to bash Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. The ad be shown to independents and holiday shoppers, and will be web-based.

“A Very Clinton Christmas” will be a 30-second video that focuses on the biggest controversies following Clinton in recent months. The ad is accompanied by a rhyme that goes on to further bash the presidential hopeful. One such rhyme states that around the Clinton house, there was a “new server, a mouse.” The phrase touches on the point that Clinton tried to cover up emails that she used privately.

The video also includes a paper shredder to indicate the potential cover-up from Clinton as well as a Christmas card from Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president. The ad even mentions “classified emails” while showing papers burning in the fireplace.

Future45 does not associate itself with any Republican candidates, but its major backers are currently backing Marco Rubio. Efforts from super PACs have been targeting Clinton relentlessly in an attempt to hurt the presidential hopeful’s poll numbers.

The advertisement ends with the statement that “We all must agree, we can send Clinton back to DC.”

Written by Andrew

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