Trump is “Very Smart” States Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders spent the most time on the floor on Wednesday, and stated that Donald Trump is “very smart.” Sanders and Trump are running for two different parties, but Sanders states that Trump knows how to “play the media.”

Sanders was asked on CNN why Trump’s numbers keep rising.

The answer was simple: “You need to ask the media.” It’s no secret that Trump has become the golden boy of the media since starting his campaign. Straightforward and often rude when debating, Trump has found a way to enter into media spotlight to help boost his poll numbers. Whether he bashes Bernie Sanders for being a “socialist” or he targets Hillary Clinton for going to the bathroom, Trump seems to be in the spotlight at all times.

Sanders does believe that Trump is very smart for the way that he approaches his campaign to utilize media to its full advantage. He stated that the media loves his silly and bombastic remarks, and his influence has grown as a result.

Trump has even boasted that he doesn’t have to advertise his campaign because the media has him playing at all times. Sanders went on to say that the media plays Trump for “81 minutes on the evening news, and just 20 seconds for Bernie Sanders.”

Written by Andrew

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