House Conservatives Rallying for Ted Cruz in 2016

Ted Cruz has had a rough time during this year’s presidential campaign, garnering zero endorsements from United States Senators during his campaign. But many activist conservatives in the house have rallied for Ted Cruz as president in 2016.

Steve King of Iowa along with Mo Brooks of Alabama are attending Cruz’s rallies, and are acting as surrogates during his debates. These two representatives have also lent their names to fundraising appeals, and have talked on radio and television in an effort to boost Cruz’s credibility amongst voters.

Cruz’s numbers continue to rise in the polls, as endorsements have come in from many of the like-minded parties that are beginning to support the presidential hopeful.

The Iowa Progress Project will be funding a $200,000 media campaign targeting Cruz this week. Many opponents of Cruz state that he has been trying to cater to different crowds by saying different things to different audiences. During a New York fundraiser recently, he stated that he would not prioritize the opposition to gay marriage in an attempt to bolster polls.

King and Cruz have been linked together since 2013. King wanted to drastically change the country’s immigration system, and held an eight-hour event, which Cruz also attended. The two were then seen eating at a restaurant together just two days later. King stated that he will do anything he can to help Cruz during his campaign.

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