Trump and GOP Reach Agreement on Access to RNC’s Voter File

Donald Trump’s campaign has come to an agreement in the past few weeks that will allow the presidential hopeful to gain access to the Republican National Committee’s voter file. The agreement between the two parties marks a new level of cooperation for the front runner, and will be beneficial for both sides.

The agreement will allow Trump to gain access to 200 million Americans’ information that is within the RNC’s database.

Trump will be able to use this information to his advantage while also providing the RNC with information about Trump supporters. Many of Trump’s supporters are not traditional Republicans, and this information will be used for future presidential hopefuls.

Many have questioned Trump’s ability to pull strong numbers in key states. Questioning his infrastructure, the agreement will allow Trump to garner more votes. News of the agreement was surprising, as Trump has sparred with the RNC in the past.

The agreement does not require Donald Trump to pay for access to the database. The agreement also suggests that the campaign invest some cash into the data operation, but no figures have been listed.

The RNC did offer Trump access to the file in June, but the agreement is just being signed in December. No news has been released on why there was a delay in the agreement between Trump and the RNC.

Written by Andrew

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