Hillary Tells NH Crowd That ISIS Christian Persecution is Genocide

Hillary Clinton discussed the current situation of the Islamic States’ persecution of Christians and other religious minority groups in the Middle East on Tuesday night at a rally in New Hampshire. The presidential hopeful stated that the persecution should be labeled a “genocide.”

Clinton spoke at a town hall meeting in Berlin, New Hampshire.

A voter asked Hillary Clinton if she would call what is happening in the Middle East a genocide. Clinton states that there is enough evidence now to call what the Islamic State is doing a genocide, but she had been reluctant to make this statement in the past because of broad implications.

A brutally violent campaign is taking place in the Middle East, and it is an attempt to rid the Middle East of Christians and other religious minorities that are currently under control of ISIS.

The Obama administration has come under pressure recently as politicians are calling for the administration to declare the actions of ISIS a genocide against Christians. The declaration would put excess power on Obama to try and help protect victims of the terrorist group. The State Department has spent months debating whether the actions of Islamic state are indeed a genocide.

Obama did make a remark during his Christmas Day message that “many church bells that have rung in the Middle East for centuries are now silent this year.”

Written by Andrew

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