Pres. Obama Eyes Gun-Control Measures in 2016; Plans One Hour Discussion on CNN

United States President Barack Obama is starting the 2016 year by making his case for gun-control measures directly to the American public this week. The president will engage in a one-hour question-and-answer session on gun control on CNN on Thursday at 8 PM Eastern time.

Obama will be pushing for tighter gun-control measures in an attempt to curb the violence in the United States.

Fatal shootings in San Bernardino, California just last month will be a major part of the president’s plan to convince the public of tighter gun-control measures. The president wants to make it harder for the public to purchase guns in an attempt to curb domestic terrorism, and hinder any efforts by the Islamic state to pursue terrorist attacks in the US.

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton also backs the Obama administration, and has stated that she will take executive actions against guns if she is elected president. She has even praises the president’s action, and believes that background checks are necessary prior to selling guns in the country.

The White House has yet to discuss the measures that Obama wants to implement in detail, but it is expected that gun sellers will need to be licensed dealers, and background checks will be required if the measures are approved through executive orders. Many Republicans do not like that Obama is circumventing Congress, and state that they hope the executive order will be overturned by the courts.

Written by Andrew

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