Obama Administration Asks Supreme Court to Overrule Texas Abortion Law

Monday marked the first day of the new year for the Obama administration, and the administration used this marked occasion to request that the United States Supreme Court overrule a Texas abortion law that will result in more than 75% of Texas abortion clinics being closed. The administration states that the current law harms women’s health more than it helps protect it.

New Texas rules for physicians and clinics are far too restrictive, according to the administration.

If the law is allowed to move forward, it will close many abortion clinics in the state as well as force tens of thousands of women in Texas to travel over state borders to seek an abortion. The law would result in more than 75% of the clinics in Texas closing as a result, according to US Solicitor Gen. Donald Verrilli.

The Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) has initiated a lawsuit against Texas, stating that this is no more than a “pretext for restricting access to abortion.” Republicans have long voted for the restriction, while Democrats have sided with doctors and women on the matter.

Major concerns exist with the Obama administration with the fear that further states will initiate the same abortion rules if the state of Texas wins their case against the CRR.

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