Obama to Use Executive Authority on Guns in Final Stretch of Presidency

With President Barrack Obama now in the final stretch of his presidency, many analysts and commentators have been wondering, how will he attempt to leave his legacy?

They’ve got their answer. Obama has announced that he will use executive authority to force gun reform in America, stating that he believes he both has the legal authority to do so, and that such a move is not in conflict with the second amendment.

The President announced the upcoming measures during an address to the Oval Office on Monday.

“I’m… confident that the recommendations that are being made by my team here are ones that are entirely consistent with the Second Amendment and people’s lawful right to bear arms,” Obama claimed.

While the details of the actions have yet to be revealed, reports claim they will include background checks and could potentially see Americans who have been placed on the government’s no-fly list barred from any and all firearm purchases.

Many Republican lawmakers have vocally opposed the proposed measures, calling them unconstitutional and accusing President Obama of behaving like a dictator.

The President claims that the majority of Americans, including the majority of gun-owners, support the proposed reforms.

Written by Andrew

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