Jason Chaffetz to Endorse Rubio

Jason Chaffetz, House Oversight Chairman, has made the decision to endorse Marco Rubio for president, according to sources familiar with the chairman’s plans.

Chaffetz will campaign with Rubio at a town hall meeting in Concord, New Hampshire on Friday. The Utah Republican called Rubio a “conservative leader,” stating that he understands many challenges that American families face today, and that he’s looking forward to hitting the campaign trail with the presidential hopeful.

It’s been a tight race for Republicans, with Rubio being just one of many center-right candidates, including Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and John Kasich. However, Rubio appears to be gaining more support from Congress than any other Republican presidential candidate. Bush may have gained an early lead with congressional supporters, but Chaffetz joins a growing group of high-profile officials who are backing Rubio.

Marco Rubio has gained the support of 17 House and Senate Republicans since early November, including Darrel Issa (former House Oversight Chairman) and Trey Gowdy (Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman). Issa campaigned earlier in the week in New Hampshire. To put things in perspective, Bush has only gained support from two House members and Senator Thad Cochran.

Now that Lindsey Graham has dropped out of the presidential race, Republican lawmakers and congressional aides believe that Rubio will receive more Senate endorsements.

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