John Kerry: “No More Business as Usual” with China

In an official reaction to North Korea’s claim to have tested a hydrogen bomb this week, Secretary of State John Kerry has claimed that Chinese policy regarding North Korea had failed, indicating that Washington sees China as having a large degree of control over how North Korea behaves.

In his statement yesterday, Kerry claimed that China’s policy on North Korea “hasn’t worked” and that “we cannot continue business as usual.”

What exactly this means was not made clear, but the Whitehouse is feeling the heat as Republican presidential candidates continue to slate the Obama-Clinton and Obama-Kerry policies and claim that Washington is responsible for North Korea’s bold and reckless actions.

“China controls them, and we control China” Donald Trump said, while other presidential hopefuls labelled current foreign policy as weak and ineffective.

One thing that was made clear was that next steps would involve cooperation with the UN security council.

State Department spokesman John Kirby confirmed that Kerry and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi had agreed by telephone that they would coordinate with the UN security council to “take appropriate action”.

North Korea’s claims to have successfully detonated an H-Bomb have not yet been verified, but have drawn global condemnation from world leaders including those of Russia and China.

Written by Andrew

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