Trump Takes on Sanders’ Supporters at Vermont Rally

Donald Trump’s Thursday night rally in Vermont made headlines as the Republican presidential hopeful took on Sanders’ supporters. The rally, held just outside of Sanders’s campaign headquarters, attracted protestors and unsupportive Republicans, whom Trump has had difficulty swaying.

After taking the stage, Trump, who has largely been a critic of environmental regulation, complemented Vermont on its clean air. But just like many other Trump rallies, his remarks were interrupted by protestors, including some who began chanting “Bernie” over and over again.

What was Trump’s response to the chanting? He asked security to “throw them out in the cold,” and suggested that they confiscate their jackets.

Trump took a stab at Bernie Sanders’ platform, claiming that if he is elected, Americans would be forced to pay a 90% tax. He also relished in the idea of running against the Vermont Senator, stating that it would be a “dream come true.”

Although Trump has generated support from Republicans in most regions of America, Vermont continues to holdout. A September poll showed that just as many Republicans supported Bernie Sanders as supported Trump.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders released a statement that welcomed Trump to Vermont, and encouraged him to learn more about the state’s values.

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