GOP Candidates Slam Trump for Bill Clinton Attacks

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is under fire again, as fellow GOP candidates condemn him for his most recent attacks on Hillary Clinton. Trump associated Clinton with her husband’s treatment of women.

At a recent round of interviews conducted by MSNBC over the weekend, GOP candidates largely rejected Trump’s focus on former Pres. Bill Clinton’s marital infidelities and alleged sexual crimes.

Jeb Bush remarked that Trump should be focusing on the present and the future, reminding the presidential hopeful that Hillary Clinton is running for president – not Bill Clinton. John Kasich, Ohio Gov., remarked that he had no interest in running for president if that meant going after Bill Clinton. Chris Christie, New Jersey Gov., reiterated that Republicans cannot win if they focus on President Clinton’s conduct rather than Secretary Clinton’s conduct.

Trump recently made the remark that voters should consider President Clinton’s “terrible record of women abuse” when considering Hillary Clinton for president. After Hillary Clinton responded to a personal attack from Trump, calling him out for his “penchant for sexism,” Trump remarked that Hillary cannot unleash her husband and his “terrible record of women abuse” while also playing the women’s card.

Adding to his statement on Trump’s attacks, Gov. Chris Christie noted that “everything is fair game in today’s world,” and that Hillary will have to live with those things.

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