Sanders and Clinton Intensify Feud Heading Into Iowa Caucus

With the Iowa caucus just three weeks away, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are intensifying attacks against each other. The two presidential hopefuls have both stated that they respect and like each other, but they have been focusing on the differences both of their campaigns have.

The differences are not serious in comparison to what is being seen in the GOP field.

Winning over voters is not the only reason for the increased intensity between Sanders and Clinton. Both parties are trying to create a sense of urgency and encourage their thousands of volunteers to further push their causes. Clinton went on the offensive, attacking Sanders by name and often portraying him as a socialist that is wrong on both gun and healthcare laws.

Sanders, the Vermont Senator, also went on the offensive by criticizing Clinton for close ties to Wall Street. Sanders also stated that Clinton’s campaign is in trouble during a rally on Monday, and Clinton has responded by stating that there needs to be a “spirited debate” between the two presidential hopefuls.

A new poll released on Sunday shows that Sanders has closed the gap in the polls against Clinton, trailing behind by just 3%. Clinton’s campaign has lost five-points among Democratic caucus goers since October.

Written by Andrew

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