GOP Debate: Candidates Rip Obama, Trump & Cruz Go Toe-to-Toe

Republican candidates in the Fox Business Network GOP debate slammed Barrack Obama’s positive state of the union address, claiming America is nowhere near as rosy as Obama is making it out to be.

Everything from gun-control measures to economic policy came under fire at the debate, with contender Mike Huckabee calling the president’s gun control policy “insane”.

The former Arkansas governor claimed that the gun show loophole was a myth and that Obama keeps presenting policy which won’t work. Huckabee also slammed the administration’s policy in Afghanistan, claiming it was “the land of the Flintstones”.

Donald Trump and rival Ted Cruz also exchanged blows, with Trump telling Cruz the question of his citizenship leaves a big question mark over his head. Mr. Trump also attended a rally recently where he played the song ‘Born in the USA’, which many have interpreted as a sly jab at Ted Cruz.

Cruz chose not to focus on the question of his eligibility, but rather defended himself against controversy surrounding his campaign finances in 2012.

The debate clearly indicates that with Iowa caucuses just two weeks away, Mr. Trump and Sen. Cruz’s amicable avoidance of each other is now over.

Expect the gloves to come off as the first round of voting approaches

Written by Andrew

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