Trump, Cruz Call Off Truce in Bitter Republican Debate

Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz ended a truce on Thursday night, engaging in bitter exchanges during what may be one of Trump’s strongest debates yet. The debate ended with a split decision, signaling that little could be done to derail Trump’s lead in Iowa.

Aside from Trump’s and Cruz’s theatrics, Marco Rubio launched attacks on NJ Governor Chris Christie and Cruz. Jeb Bush served as a voice of reason against Donald Trump.

A snap poll on Google showed that Trump won the night, with his number at 37.3%. Cruz snagged 26.6%, while Rubio grabbed 12.1%.

Until the debate in North Charleston, SC, Trump and Cruz had been friendly. Now that Cruz is doing well in Iowa, Trump is going on the offensive, pushing the issue that Cruz may not be qualified to run as president because he was born in Canada.

Cruz bit back at Trump, stating that Trump’s lawyers checked out Cruz’s birth in September, and found no issues. In a jab at Trump, Cruz noted that the Constitution had not changed since September, and the facts and law were clear.

Trump stated that the Democrats would sue if Cruz were named VP, and would put the Republican Party at risk.

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