Clinton and Sanders Debated Over Doctors, Money and Guns

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took stage on Sunday night in Charleston. The two-hour debate became heated after 50 minutes, and Sanders went on the attack, stating that he does not “take money from the banks.” He also stated that “he does not get personal speaking fees from the likes of Goldman Sachs.”

The jab is in respect to Clinton’s 2013 tax returns, which showed that she was paid $675,000 by Goldman Sachs for three speeches.

Clinton responded by stating that President Obama took donations from Wall Street and helped lead the country out of a recession. Clinton remained on the attack for most of the debate, and went after Bernie Sanders for not releasing details of his health care plan until just two hours before the debate started. Clinton further defended the Affordable Care Act.

Sanders went on the attack for gun laws, stating that he has a “D-“ grade from the National Rifle Association, and that he supports background checks and Obama’s efforts to close loopholes in gun laws.

Bernie Sanders was on the attack for most of the night, but he kept the sexual behavior of Bill Clinton’s past away from the debate. Sanders even stated that “I’m going to be debating on issues facing the American people and not on Bill Clinton’s personal behavior as president.”

Written by Andrew

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