Des Moines Register Declares Cruz and Trump as Iowa Front Runners

The GOP had hoped that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would be marginalized in Iowa, but recent polls demonstrate that the of them are front runners in the state. Polls from Quinnipiac and Des Moines Register have both of the opponents just 2 to 3 points apart.

Mark Rubio is the closest candidate behind Trump and Cruz by a staggering double-digit figure.

Steve Schmidt, the strategist for John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008, stated that the Republican nominee as of today would be either Trump or Cruz. Mr. Schmidt also believes that Trump has the odds in his favor of winning the Republican nomination in Iowa.

There has been fierce competition between Jeb Bush, Mark Rubio, John Kasich and Chris Christie, but none of these presidential hopefuls have enough of a following to win. Other presidential hopefuls will need to go on the aggressive in other states in an attempt to overcome the popularity of Cruz and Trump. Candidates will need to act quickly, according to Purple Strategies president Bruce Haynes.

The polls indicate that Trump and Cruz have Iowa wrapped up, but other Republican candidates do have a chance to overcome the duo in other states.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump continue to make jabs at each other, while other candidates are looking in from the outside.

Written by Andrew

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