Trump Threatens to Walk Away from Scotland Golf Course Deal

The UK government held a debate on Monday on whether or not US presidential candidate Donald Trump should be banned from entering the country.

A petition aimed at getting Trump banned from the UK reached the minimum amount of signatures required to have it officially debated in parliament after Trump made controversial remarks stating he would ban Muslims from entering the US.

Activists call the remarks hate speech, and claim that Trump should be banned from Britain as a result. Critics of the petition claim that Mr. Trump was exercising his right to free speech and that the UK is in no position to ban big investors like Mr. Trump, no matter what he says.

Trump countered by threatening to walk away from additional plans to pour another $1.1 billion into a lucrative golf course owned by Trump International Golf Links in Scotland, with a representative stating that it was “absurd” that the debate was even taking place.

Whether or not Mr. Trump will walk away from a multi-billion dollar investment on principle remains to be seen, but either way his controversial and often offensive remarks have officially made an impact across the Atlantic.

What do you think? Should Donald Trump be banned from entering the UK on the back of his comments or is he entitled to say what he feels?

Written by Andrew

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