Why Does Trump Continue to Appeal, and Why Might He Actually Win?

Brash, unrefined, politically incorrect and ready to “Make America Great Again.”

Donald Trump has taken the political establishment by storm in recent times, speaking out of turn and sending not just ripples, but earthquakes through the world media.

From proposing the building of a wall along the border of Mexico to banning Muslims from entering the USA for a set period of time, just when you think Trump can’t up the ante any further, he does just that, and just when you think he’s finally gone too far, he comes out higher in the polls than ever.

What is behind Trumps meteoric rise, and why do I believe he stands a real chance of winning the next election?

First of all, you have to remember that Donald Trump is beholden to no-one. There’s something in the American psyche that respects and admires this trait. After all, wasn’t the nation founded on precisely the basis of not being beholden to the old powers of Europe?

This partly explains why people respect Trump, even if they don’t like him or agree with everything he says. It also partially explains his domination of the media, since he can keep saying more and more outrageous things, and get away with it, since he relies on nobody for sponsorship.

Secondly, you’ve got to understand the kind of man you’re dealing with. Donald Trump is not a politician by nature, but a high-stakes, all-in businessman who isn’t afraid to lose absolutely everything in his quest to conquer the next challenge. This is where his rivals inevitably lose out, because they play not to lose, whereas Trump plays to win.

A true master of the media, Trump has every channel marching to the beat of his drum. As all great businessmen know, no press is bad press, and Trump has played his hand perfectly in this respect.

So that explains his fame and why he behaves as he does, but why do I think he could actually become the next US President?

It comes down to good old fashioned honesty.

The American people are tired of being lied to by endless smiling politicians mired in falsehood and deceit, beholden to corporations who don’t have their interests at heart. They are just about out of trust and hope, and Donald Trump represents everything a large portion of the country craves; someone who speaks in plain English, someone who doesn’t edit, filter and deceive, and someone who doesn’t bend over backwards to seek favors and play the political game.

Trump isn’t perfect by any means. He needs to learn manners, for one, and he needs to understand that running a democratic nation is not the same as running a company. In these areas he sorely needs work, and if he loses the presidential race, it will be because of failures on one of these fronts.

Donald Trump may just win the presidency by doing the simplest thing in the world, which virtually every other politician including his rival Hillary Clinton seems incapable of – telling it like it is, even if it isn’t nice to hear.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is here to stay. He has the most powerful weapon in the world on his side, honesty, and in today’s political climate that makes him not only powerful, but revolutionary.

So what do you think? Will Trump win in 2016? Can he beat Hilary? Why do you love or despise Donald Trump? Share your opinions in the comments below.

Written by Andrew

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