Bernie Sanders Destroys Clinton in Latest New Hampshire Polls

In an eye-popping development, Sen. Bernie Sanders was revealed to be leading by a long way over democratic rival Hilary Clinton in the latest New Hampshire polls.

Poll results revealed that Sanders holds close to a 2-1 lead over Clinton, holding 60% to Clinton’s 33% in the crucial state.

Other polls showed that Sanders is viewed favorably by 91% of likely voters, and a minuscule 7% view him unfavorably.

Andrew Smith, director of the center which conducted the survey said that this is the highest rating he has seen for any candidate in all of his time polling presidential races.

Clinton’s ongoing legal issues, political flip-flopping and foreign policy record may be coming back to haunt her as the primaries fast approach.

So could we see a Sanders nomination in 2016?

Not so fast, analysts caution. Clinton is still hugely popular among female, black and latino voters, where Sanders has still to make inroads, and is still viewed favorably by 65% of likely voters, and unfavorably by only 24%.

Whatever happens, Sanders has transformed from a novel candidate with serious image issues ranging from his age to being a self-professed socialist to a credible threat to the once-considered unsinkable Clinton campaign.

Written by Andrew

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