Bernie Sanders Takes 60-33 Lead Against Hillary Clinton in NH

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has taken his widest lead against Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, according to a new poll. The WMUR/CNN poll released on Tuesday shows the Vermont Senator taking a 27 point lead over Henry Clinton, 60-33%. The poll numbers represent a 10 percentage point gain for Sanders since December and a 7 point decline for Clinton.

The New Hampshire numbers mark Sanders’ widest lead and highest support in any state poll so far in the campaign. Sanders also has remarkable support in the state, with 91% of Democrats favoring the candidate.

The shifting poll numbers comes at a time when Clinton has pulled out all the stops to win over voters in New Hampshire since the start of 2016. Thus far, Clinton has held events at a number of town halls, organizing events and rallies in the state, and she’s brought along quite a few high-profile surrogates, including Sen. Al Franken, Abby Wambach (soccer star), Lena Dunham (actress) and her husband Bill Clinton.

Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, states that the poll indicates the campaign is gaining momentum, and that the American people are looking to go beyond the current established economics and politics.

Many experts are saying that Democrats are holding off on supporting Sanders because they don’t believe he’ll do well in the election. But if that sentiment continues to change, as recent polls indicate, more voters may actively show their support for Sanders in the coming weeks and months.

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