Hillary Clinton Nearly Claims Obama Endorsement, but Fails to Answer Email Questions

The Democratic debate last night was rather flat, but Hillary Clinton came close to saying that Barack Obama has endorsed her for president. Obama did remark that he believes Clinton is ready for office, and she said earlier in the day, “I think he’s saying… That I’m best prepared.”

Clinton is trying to use Obama’s support in Iowa to further her campaign. There is currently a 91% approval rate for Obama among Iowa Democrats in the state.

The presidential hopeful continued to sidestep questions about her email scandal on Monday. When asked about the emails, she stated that she had only the intention of a convenient way to communicate. Clinton didn’t even state that she used an error of judgment on the matter, and still reaffirms that she did nothing wrong. Clinton says that the usage of email was “not in any way prohibited.”

Bernie Sanders made it clear that he knows what is hurting his campaign in the Democratic primary, and these matters include: gun-control and Planned Parenthood. Sanders has routinely stated that he stands up for the National Rifle Association, but the presidential hopeful reaffirmed that he has a 100% pro-choice voting record during the debate. Sanders sent out a news release following Hillary Clinton’s remarks. The release celebrated the indictment of activists who took videos at Planned Parenthood illegally.

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